Posted on: May 7, 2008 9:04 am

Dear Mike & Mike - from a hockey fan

Gentlemen, I was listening to your program as I usually do on Monday morning, and you were talking about the NHL playoffs. After I cleaned up the coffee I spit all over my dashboard, I listened to what you said. You (specifically, Golic) said that the NHL needs Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup playoffs more than they would have needed New York, because the NHL needs a "face" to market their product. You then said that "this sport is dying" and "this sport is in trouble". Greeny did not say much because he was too busy thinking about that 5K he ran over the weekend.

I have a few issues with what you said. First, while I commend you for actually including hockey in your football-lovefest that is your radio show, maybe if you actually took the time to talk about it more, you would have some credibility when discussing the state of hockey. I find it laughable that you say "this sport is in trouble" when attendance, tv ratings and revenue are up pretty much across the board. I don't really care what you have to say about hockey since you NEVER TALK ABOUT IT. Perhaps part of the reason that hockey "is in trouble" is because your very own network refuses to give it even 5 minutes of airtime in it's 4 hour marathon Sportscenter shows. Game 2 of an NBA basketball game ends, and we get 2 hours of coverage. But Game 6 ends in a 4 OT thriller, and we get a casual mention of it. Plus, when you have Barry Melrose as your "face" of hockey on your network, we all know you don't take hockey seriously. Please, for the sake of hockey fans everywhere, either learn something about the sport so you can talk about it intelligently, or don't mention it at all. If I want true NHL coverage and analysis, I'll stick with TSN.CA and the NHL Network. Just continue to talk about what you know best: football, baseball, a tiny bit of basketball, and Roger Clemens.

A True Hockey Fan

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