Posted on: March 7, 2008 1:49 pm

Dolphins Draft

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(1st Pick) OT Jake Long or DE Chris Long ,  we need help just about everywhere,  but at the first pick here either one of these players will help the team right away and start.  (2nd Pick) WR James Hardy or the next best CB like CB Aqib Talib could be here for us. (2nd-2nd Pick) QB Joe Flacco, will help us and give John Beck comp. at the QB position. (3rd Pick) OLB Shawn Crable, here is a player who might start right away at his position. (4th Pick) TE Craig Stevens, one of the best blocking TE this year and has some speed. (6th Pick) OLB Bryan Kehl would be a dream here if he drop's. But if not OLB Jordon Dizon or CB Simeon Castile will be here. No matter who is here we move any one of these players to SS and hope for the best at this position and maybe one will work here. (7th Pick) OT John Greco, who just might be a sleeper here or a bust. But I think Miami should take a chance on him and move him to OG position

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