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Posted on: August 18, 2008 8:44 pm

My Wonderful Rant About the Olympic Events.

Ok, well I'm not the biggest blogger, but I'm PO'd and feel the need to rant. Lately people have been making fun of some of the Olympic events. Things like "Shooting is a Joke," "I could play ping pong/badminton in my basement/backyard," "(Insert event here) sucks/is boring/is stupid/is easy," "Why is that even an event????," "No one cares about that event!," and of course, "I could do that event better while standing naked in my yard chugging a 12 pack of beer."
It all started when someone said that Beach Volleyball was cool, but should not be an Olympic event. If that's their opinion I can live with it. They continued by saying "What is next...other fun beach activities, like sand castle building."  I jested that they could add Sand Sculpture as an event- It does already have international competitions. But then, Other people had to chime in with (I quote) "I mean seriously, badminton is a joke, table tennis/ping-pong is a joke, weightlifting is a joke, shooting is a joke, just to mention a few. ... Beach volleyball takes more athleticism and skill than all of those combined." For whatever reason, that set me off. Who are they to say that Table Tennis isn't a good Olympic sport but something like Soccer is? The Ping-Pongers work just as hard at their event as the Soccer players do theirs. If we should throw out 'X' event, how can we fairly say that it is less deserving than the ones we're keeping? This conclusion led to this rant.
  • "If Table Tennis and Badminton shouldn't be a sport then why stop there? Let's go ahead and take out tennis. They are so similar and it wouldn't be fair to take out one without the other. Why have Trampolining? Its like the floor part of Gymnastics, so there's no need for it, right? Speaking of Gymnastics, the judges totally ruin that sport so let's throw it out, and all the other judged sports as well. There goes Fencing, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Diving, Equestrian, and Sync. Diving/Swimming. Weightlifting is stupid, so strength shouldn't/doesn't matter. So neither do Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing, Wrestling, Cycling, Swimming, Track and Field, Pentathlon, and Triathlon. Shooting is quite obviously retarded, so logically Archery is too. Baseball, Softball, Basketball, and soccer are already seen enough in the US. If golf and football (American) aren't events, why should they still be? Take them out too! Beach Volleyball sucks, and the beach part makes it harder than Indoor Volleyball right? If we can't have Beach Volleyball then we certinly can't have the easier version. Sailing doesn't take any skill at all! The boat does all the work for you. And if no one likes big boats why on earth would anyone like small boats?!? So we should also throw out rowing, Canoeing, and Kyaking. Baseball and softball are being thrown out because 'Not enough countries care about it to make enough competitive teams' or some such BS, and I'd say that there aren't enough competitive teams in the US for Handball, Water Polo, and Field Hockey- so they can go too. According to the talking heads, no one will EVER beat or even match the opening ceremonies by China, so let's just go ahead and skip that too. The flame is being protested everywhere it goes, and its hard to pick who gets to light it- Why bother with it? The Parade of Nations is boring and they just skip over the little countries anyways, so there's no need to bother with it either. That leavs us with no opening ceremonies, and a grand total of ZERO (0) events to medal in. There's no need to have closing ceremonies for the nothing that just occured- Cancel them too!
    You know, since we all hate all of the events/athaletes/countries/NBC/each
    other/everything, Let's just skip the Olympics all together! I say its all pointless! We should just sit at home and do nothing! YEA GO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The responses, though few, were good. That, however, was late last night/this morning. By mid-afternoon, a new thread had appeared. "Worst Olypic Sport" I knew it wouldn't end well, but I just had to look. They had strike #1 already. Its called 'The Olympic Games' for a reason. Opening message? "I had to do this.  Sorry.  I love the olympics, but some of these sports are just awful." Again if that's your opinion, great. I can live with it. At least he tried to be polite about it. The post that followed weren't about people's opinions though. They were whiney, P!ssy post about the "crappy" or "Worst of the worst" events. Even things like "anything that you can play in the lobby of a college dorm room, a pool hall, or in your basement at home should not account as an olympic 'sport' lol" That one leaves us with Equestrian, rowing/sailing/kyaking, and unless you are totally loaded, swimming/diving. Although according to other people, equestrian sucks even worse. Some because the horse does all the work, some because of the judges, some because it is boring, and one person because the horse pooped (God forbid anyone might poop). People were even making fun of curling. Can't we at least wait for to winter Olympics to come around? I got PO'd again, and decided to rant again. This time I'd make one about a sport most people in the US actually like, and find ways to make it sound like a bad event for the Olympics. Just to illustrate how A) Any event can be made to look stupid, and B) How stupid their post look. I chose basketball. I think we can all agree that basketball is a sport, right? You know what the sad part of this is? I think my rant on basketball was more truthful and better argued than anyone else with any sport...
  • "Basketball. I mean seriously, we can't have football- or even baseball anymore, but basketball can stay? Don't we get enough of that during the NBA season already? Its already going on 360 days/ year. Can't football fans have two weeks without hearing how some tall dude score 30 points and the short one had 5 assists? It would be nice to hear about/ watch something new; something different. Things you don't normally get to see. I guess on the bright side, we're not sucking this year. Once was embarrasing enough. But I guess that's what you get when you use overpaid professional athletes in the Olympics. According to some, softball has no competition, so it should supposedly go. Wouldn't that also get rid of basketball then? We're only winning the games by like 40 points. We could play with one less guy and still win! The only reason it isn't ended early is because there is no mercy rule. I guess basketball likes to make you sit through every boring minute of it, which is even worse when its an obvious blowout. Even in a good match its only the last two or so minutes that matter. The rest is complete garbage. And even with those last two minuets, the refs don't have the cajones to call any fouls, especially on the good players. The whole sport just sucks! I say we throw it out!"
Next came the post "I would have to go with the Trampoline as the worst sport in the Olympics. A close second is the Equestrian, and I would have to give shooting events and Synchronized Diving a tie for third."  I asked why everyone hates shooting, but has no problems with archery. They are both precision sports, they both rely on muscle control, and they are fairly similar from a viewing standpoint. I don't get it. Several people list shooting, and no one has listed archery. Although I got a 5 star rating for my question, I have yet to receive an answer.
Once again someone mentions that "As for softball, it really needs to go, because its unfair the way the US team dominates." Are we supposed to feel bad for the other countries that suck at softball? Should we quit dominating it so their little feelings don't get hurt? Or how about option C? Make the other countries get better teams. The US sucks at field hockey, but you don't hear me whining about how unfair it is that the other big, bad countries are just so much better. If we want to medal in that event, raise field hockey interest in the US, find people with talent, then train them. I mean, at least there's the Little League World Series for baseball. We don't have much of anything for picking out young, natural talent for field hockey. Softball is also offered in a lot of high schools and most colleges in the U.S. If they don't already do that in other countries, they could too. Again, I pointed out that if softball should go for lack of competition, basketball should too. 106-57? Would you consider that domination? Maybe not to the same extent as softball, but its still pretty bad. I finally got a direct response though. They pointed out that our basketball team lost to Greece in the Athens Olympics. And that it didn't count as domination. I pointed out the Warriors over the Mavs. #8>#1. Then said that upsets happen. Especially when using a random assortment of players, though they are doing better at that "team" thing this time. There's nothing that says the U.S. won't get upset by Japan in our semifinal match. That's why they play the games. I also pointed out the classic- 1980 Ice Hockey finals. The U.S. pulled off 'The Miracle on Ice" Does that mean that the Soviets weren't dominating Ice Hockey at that point in time? They proceded to ask me, "mermental, what's your idea of this?  First you say basketball is domination and should be taken out, now you say softball might have upsets and should stay.  WTF?" My response?
  • "My point exactly. You said-  "As for softball, it really needs to go, because its unfair the way the US team dominates."  and I stated that by that logic we should throw out basketball due to our dominating 106-57 win.  If one country dominates an event its not fair for the others, right? On the other hand you countered with the fact that the basketball team lost to Greece last Olympics, showing that upsets can happen in the middle of the most unlikely circumstances and we shouldn't get rid of basketball. We are not likely to lose a softball match, but just like 1980's Hockey, it could happen. By that By that logic then, we can't get rid of softball because upsets happen, and people generally like to see them. Besides, how can you fairly say that an NBA player gets to make $MILLIONS being a professional player, and go earn a gold medal. While on the other hand you tell the softball player- 'No one in the U.S. cares enough to watch softball with the regularity of the major sports so you're not going to make any money there. Go get a job. -Oh and by the way you can't even win a gold medal any more.' "
In summation, I added-
  • "My point is, what is there to say that Basketball and Soccer are Olympic events, Baseball and Softball won't be events any more, and Golf and Football(American) aren't Olympic events? Why not Chess even. They have all the technical requirements for Chess to be an event. People study for years to get that good at chess. I'm sure they'd like the chance to earn a medal too. We can't just discount an event because its "boring" or "Stupid" or "I could do that in my backyard/basement while chugging beer".
    Since we can't all enjoy this event, it has to be thrown out, right? In a previous post, I came up with a reason why every event doesn't make a good Olympic event. So we should just throw them all out and not have the Olympics at all. Why bother if people are going to ignore all the good stuff (http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs
    /entry/8840518/9930795), and B!tch and moan about the few events we don't personally like."
That link is to another blog, which I really liked. That's the kind of stuff NBC needs to be mentioning. That's the kind of stuff worth talking about. Not the 10 zillionth replay of Phelps, or the 90 millionth interview of Phelps, or the 6 thousandth interview of Phelps' mom/sisters/neighbor/ barber/ some random guy from Baltimore. We get it already. Phelps is an amazing swimmer. Probably the best ever. Possibly the best Olympian. He broke the record. He is apparently God or something. Again, we get it. SHUT UP ABOUT HIM AND TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUETS! I may be in the minority here, but I, and hopefully others, still care about the real Olympics and not this crap they try to shove down our throats. That however, is another rant for another day.
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