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Eye on Golf site news!

By Shane Bacon

So good news, and no, it has nothing to do with an improvement on your short game. All of the CBS blogs have been given a sharp facelift. 

The new site is out, and it is right here, which is awesome, but that means a few things.

First, this link (the one you might possibly be subscribed to) is dead. No more content right here. But, to continue to follow our incredible golf content, just add this link to your RSS feeds and voila, life is back to normal.  The new site is going to be sharper in both looks and content, and we’re really excited about it. So that is that. 

Change one link, stop gripping so hard on your putts, and have some fun with us the rest of 2012. 

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Video: Dustin Johnson nearly hits camera crane

By Shane Bacon

Dustin Johnson is known for a lot of things, but his length is number one. He can absolutely mash a golf ball off the tee, and the above video might be the best example of that ever. 

Granted, he wasn’t exactly trying to hit his drive near the camera crane on the par-4 18th at Doral on Thursday, but he did, and it turned out to be a pretty sweet view of a errant drive passing by. 

This isn't the first time Dustin has had issues with crazy drives at Doral. Just one year ago, Johnson hit a drive that struck his own grandfather on the fly, and talked about it after his round in 2011. 

Johnson made a bogey on the hole, shot 75 for the day, and is one of the many that has some clawing back to do for the rest of the Cadillac Championship. 

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Sergio Garcia has roller-coaster of a round

Sergio Garcia's scorecard for the first round of the Cadillac Championship. (

By Shane Bacon

Oh, Sergio. Sergio, Sergio, Sergio. He is one of the most famous golfers in the world, some because of his early success as a teenage sensation, and some because he always seems to be the guy that does the wrong thing at the wrong time. 

But as he’s grown older, the luster has gone, and Sergio Garcia has become another pro golfer that has a ton of fans, an incredible golf swing, and a putting stroke that, when on, gets him into contention. He could still win a major or two, and when Thursday kicked off at Doral, looked like he had found the form that had won him two late European Tour events in 2011.

But sadly for Sergio, golf is not nine holes. Five-under on his outward nine, Garcia looked superb. He was hitting the ball great, rolling in putts, and taking it to playing companion Tiger Woods. And then the back nine happened. 

Garcia made exactly one par (As you can see by this scorecard) on his final nine holes, one birdie, and a host of bogeys before a final triple-bogey dropped him all the way down to a tie for 54th. 

You can’t help but enjoy the comments Sergio made after his round. He was honest, saying he lost trust in his golf swing on the back nine, something any golfer can attest to. And also, this is golf. It’s a frustrating sport for amateurs, but at times, can be just as frustrating for superduperstars like Sergio Garcia. 

The best thing for Sergio? There is always manana

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Diagnosis: McIlroy has Honda hangover

By Steve Elling

DORAL, Fla. -- Tiger and Rory, Rory and Tiger.

For obvious reasons, after last weekend's scintillating Sunday at the Honda Classic, those names were thrown around in close proximity abut a bazillion times this week heading into the Cadillac Championship.

"After what happened last Sunday, Tiger shoots 62, I end up winning to go to world No. 1, obviously people are going to talk," Rory McIlroy said Thursday. "Everyone has to remember, there's 80 other players in this field or whatever it is, and it's not just about a couple of guys."

Well, call it a competitive hangover, but the two primary combatants in last weekend's shootout had something in common at Doral Golf Resort & Spa as well -- neither broke par.

While Woods was shooting 72, McIlroy never got anything resembling momentum going while playing alongside the last two players to have been ranked No. 1 before him, Luke Donald and Lee Westwood. He finished with a 1-over 73.

"To be honest I felt a little flat out there," McIlroy said. "I don't know, I shouldn't, it's a World Golf Championship, but just felt a little flat out there. But, look, I'll go out there tomorrow and try my best, try and get it into red figures and see what I can do."

McIlroy managed birdies on three of the Blue Monster's four par-5 holes, but nothing else. He has finished T5 or better in 10 of his last 11 global starts. It represented his first score above par since a 2-over 73 at Kolon Korean Open on Oct. 8.

He played in the finals of the Accenture Match Play Championship outside Tucson, Ariz., where he lost to Hunter Mahan, before wining last week in Palm Beach Gardens. Even at 22, he might be getting a little frayed.

"I mean, physically, I'm fine," he said. "But mentally, I don't know, it's tough. Arizona and you've got a chance to go to world No. 1; and then Honda, you've got a chance to, then -- all of a sudden you're there, and you're like, well, what do you do?

"I just need to go out and set myself a target tomorrow and try and post a number."

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Doral putting surfaces called greens for a reason

Sergio Garcia lines up a putt on Thursday. The grounds crew at the Doral Golf Resort painted the greens to make them look better on TV. (Getty)
By Steve Elling 

DORAL, Fla. -- As the day began, the thrust of the conversation centered on how much green new owner Donald Trump would be spreading around Doral to spruce it up and make it look better.

Turns out, that general notion was discussed the night before, too.

In an attempt to make the resort's splotchy putting surfaces look better on television in the first round of the Cadillac Championship, the maintenance staff threw green paint on several greens, catching players off guard when they showed up for the first round on Thursday and found the course different than what they had seen in practice.

After Hunter Mahan chipped in for a birdie from beside the green on the 14h, he and caddie John Wood noted the difficulty of trying to gauge the various factors involved, like wind, slope, grain of the Bermuda grass, and the paint that partly obscured the latter.

"You can’t really see the grain," Wood said.

Players and caddies judge grain by identifying dark and light patches, which indicate whether the putts roll up- or down-grain. The paint takes away some of that ability to distinguish between the color shades, and also can affect the speed.

As he stood behind the 18th green, Mahan noted several areas where patchwork had been done with strips or plugs of sod, and pointed out areas he suspected had been painted.

A PGA Tour media official confirmed that officials "added some color to all the greens for aesthetic reasons."

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Video: Tiger Woods eagles first hole at Doral

By Shane Bacon

There are a few interesting things about the above video showing Tiger Woods making eagle on his first hole of the Cadillac Championship. Not only was it a great start, but look at some of the other fun facts about it.

-- With his birdie-eagle finish last week at the Honda Classic and his eagle here, it means that Tiger had a three hole stretch where he was 5-under. 

-- With eagles on both the par-5s on Sunday at the Honda and the eagle to start his Thursday round at Doral, it was the third straight eagle on a par-5 for Woods. 

-- It means that the last 19 holes Tiger played, he was 10-under. 

And hey, eagle time is always fun! 

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LPGA player busted for DUI with NFL star in car

Rachel Connor (left) with Eddie George on Tuesday night. (Twitter)
By Shane Bacon

This sure is a story you don’t see everyday. A little know LPGA and Futures Tour player named Rachel Connor was pulled over on Wednesday morning and arrested because of drunken driving in Florida. 

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the 21-year-old golfer was stopped at 2 a.m. and blew a .133 and .137, and while that is somewhat news because of her status as a pro golfer, maybe the most interesting thing about the story was who was in the passenger seat. 

Former Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George was riding shotgun next to the England national team member. George was not detained. 

The picture to your right was tweeted by Rachel earlier in the night at the Archie Griffin Celebrity Golf Classic with the caption “The Lovely Eddie George.”

George, the former Heisman Trophy winner, recently published a book with his wife Tamara titled Marriage For Real

h/t Game On!

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What would a win mean for each of these players?

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood pose in China. (Getty Images)

By Shane Bacon

The WGC-Cadillac Championship kicks off this Thursday, and all top-50 players are in the field for the stacked event. And while all of the guys in the field have a chance, we decided to give you an idea of what a win would mean for some of the bigger names in the field. 

Rory McIlroy (World Ranking: 1) -- A win would really cement all those “next Tiger” stories, and show that while he’s happy to win events like Honda Classic, he isn’t exactly content with one win early in his season. Rory probably has the most pressure this week because he has to back up a big performance at the Honda, and if he can pull a victory out at Doral, it would really show his internal fortitude. 

Luke Donald (WR: 2) -- Lost in all this McIlroy-Woods chatter, we must remember that Donald was the No. 1 player in the world before Rory took it from him, and still has tons of game. A win by Donald would show that he’s tougher than we think, and is really ready to fight against the best for big wins. 

Lee Westwood (WR: 3) -- Talk about lost in the shuffle, Westwood closed with a final round 63 at the Honda Classic, but barely anybody remembered it because of Tiger’s 62. He has barely won anything on American soil, but his game is sharp, and if he won it would mean that he is finally ready to claim victory at events with all the big names in them.

Phil Mickelson (WR: 12) -- You never know what you’re going to get from Lefty these days, but his win at Pebble Beach showed he is still hungry to win, and a victory at Doral this week would show that 2012 might be another year that Mickelson goes wild. He’s the type of player that can still win four or five events a season, and if he won at the Blue Monster, we’d all have to put him first on our Masters prediction lists.

Tiger Woods (WR: 16) --  A win for Tiger? It would mean everything. He could stop answering questions about how close he is. He could finally get a real tournament monkey off his back (unlike the small field at the Chevron). He would show that he can play well back-to-back weeks and would tell the rest of the golfing world that he isn’t exactly ready to hand over the game to the younger generation. 

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