Posted on: January 16, 2008 10:23 pm


They're finally waking up and smelling the coffee and/or hearing all the complaints, even from winners, about the BCS system.  If anything, it's should be easier to accomodate a playoff for Division 1 schools simply from all the money that is allegedly everywhere as opposed to all the "hardships" they claim the kids will suffer which surprisingly doesn't affect the Division 2 and 3 schools.   They can pool the money so that all schools involved get an equal opportunity to play and not make a hardship on the school financially.  They will probably get more sponsors due to the added interest from viewers.  Powerhouses, cinderella stories, undefeated teams, wanna-be's, coulda-beens, all will add to the flavor of college football instead of this "oops maybe they should've been in the title game" or "they didn't belong there" baloney that we have each and every year.  Time to play it out, people!
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