Posted on: January 15, 2008 5:24 pm

Miami Hurricanes "A 3 Sports School?"

As everyone knows, Miami has a great tradition of winning in football and in baseball. Many national titles in Football, with an incredible tradition, and many College World Series runs in baseball. But could they become a 3 sport school?

Well, my belief in the 'Canes,started last year when we upset Maryland in the ACC Tourney. We didnt even make the NIT that season and we were last in the ACC, but I knew something good was gonna happen to this team. Frank Haith is one special coach. Since hes from North Carolina, hes recruited some of our best players from there. Mc Clinton, Graham, and others. Also, when one guy has an off night, the rest step up. At least that's happened 14 out of 15 times this season.

At the beggining of the season, the " experts" picked us once again to finish last in the ACC, which is no shame. But as the first couple of games rolled in, I could see how good this team was. When we won the Puerto Rico Tipoff Challenge, beating teams like VCU and Providence, I had some hope, and you could see the chemistry on this team. They were on their feet in the bench the whole game, and they didnt care if they played or not, they just wanted to win.

Then, we played Mississippi State, which was supposed to be our first big test. We dominated the whole game and we rolled in to the Top 25 rankings as #22. We won a couple more games against weak teams and moves to #19.

And then the turning point came. We were off to face under .500 Winthrop, in our home away from home, the Bank Atlantic Center, about an hour away from Coral Gables. Mc Clinton, our star player, played a pretty good game, but made some errors towards the end, and noone else stepped up, and we lost a crucial game which knocked us out of the top 25.

We beat another weak team and we rolled back in as #25, where we are now. And that was the end of our Non Conference Schedule, which many people called weak. We bit almost every team we were supposed to beat, which many "quality" teams didnt do.

And then our Conference Schedule Started. As everyone knows, the ACC is one of the hardest conferences to play at, if not the hardest conference. We were to face Georgia Tech first. Last year, they were a great team, but lost many guys to the NBA. Early on in the game, they went on a run, while Miami shot terribly. But a couple of technichal fouls and 3 point plays turned the game around for Miami, which went into a run of their own. They ended up winning the game, with Dews shooting lights out, McClinton making lots of free throws, Graham, King, shot great from inside, and Miami ended up winning the game confortably by 10 in front of a packed Bank United Center.

So am I saying Miami will beat North Carolina, Duke, and win the National Championship? No, but they should contend, and I would not be surprised if they make the Big Dance in San Antonio. Last in the ACC? Defenetely not.

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