Posted on: December 10, 2011 4:33 pm

The Mighty Albert has Struck Out

Forget the money or how good a $254 million dollar deal will be when Pujol's is 40 years old and batting .250. He had the chance to truly be a baseball legend. It's obvious that his prodigious statistics will get Pujol's into Cooperstown, but an entire hall of fame career in one of the great baseball towns would have made him...<strong>legendary</strong>. <br /><br />St. Louis would literally have erected a statue of him. He would have never had to pay for a dinner ever again. To quote Ernie McCracken

<blockquote class="QuoteMessage">"Finally Big Ern is above the law!"</blockquote>

Rogers Hornsby, Ozzie Smith, Stand Musial, Dizzy Dean, Lou Brock...<strong>Albert Pujols?</strong> Not anymore.<br /><br />Albert already has two World Series championship rings (2006, 2011). How many more would he have won in St. Louis within the next ten years? Probably as many as he (will) for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I'd like to think it would be a little more special to look down at those big mits and see one team on all of them.<br /><br />Now back to the money. The argument from most is simply that he earned it and he is doing what anyone would do to provide for their family. No one can argue with that and I'm certainly not in this blog entry. However, at some point up in the tens of millions, doesn't money become inconsequential? <br /><br />Perhaps his wife Diedre</a> just wanted to become an Orange County housewife? Raise the kids in sunny southern California as opposed to the cold winters of the midwest? To each their own. Albert and Diedre took out a full page ad</a> in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thanking Cardinals fans and the City.<br /><br />So he earned every penny and takes care of his family, but to take what equates to an extra $3 million per year in exchange for giving up baseball immortality in St. Louis? <br /><br />

<h3><strong>The Mighty Albert has struck out.</strong></h3>

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Manny Ramirez...Please Stay Retired.

Dear Mr. Manuel "Manny" Aristides Ramirez Onelcida:

I know that you are contemplating a return to baseball at the age of 39 after retiring last year after your second violation of Major League Baseball's drug policy. I respect your decision to retire last year instead of taking your 50 game suspension and possibly 100 games if they confirmed a positive test for performance-enhancing drugs.

Mr. Ramirez. You were indeed a great ballplayer and your accomplishments speak for themselves; nine-time Silver Slugger, twelve-time all-star, two-time World Series champion, and the 2004 World Series MVP. You were prolific in the post-season with your 29 home runs and 78 RBI's topping the All-Time post-season list. Your career statistics are certainly enough to get you into Cooperstown (Average: .312, Home Runs: 555, Hits: 2,574, RBI: 1,831) that is if those staunch old-school voters overlook your "extra help".

I'm going to chalk this return to baseball talk up to another "Manny Moment", possibly brought on by a medicinal brownie. So please Mr. Ramirez, please heed my advice. Stay retired, enjoy your millions, groom your sons for the majors, hell...even play ball in the Dominican, but please don't come back to baseball.

Thank you,

Baseball Fans 

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Why All the Hate for Ohio State?

In all of college football is their a team as polarizing as The Ohio State University (tOSU)? I mean, there are teams in the Division 1 Football Bowl System that fans dislike even hate, but it seems that when it comes to tOSU you either love them or downright despise them. As many devote haters will point out, even my reference to the university as “The” Ohio State University is all the reason they need. However, there has to be something more to it than that right?

After reading numerous comments over the past several days in response to tOSU’s latest move, the hiring of head coach Urban Meyer -
, detractors have yet another reason to loathe the Bucks or for supporters…a reason to rejoice. As polarizing as tOSU as an entity is, Urban Meyer appears to be the human equivalent. I’ve summarized some of the underwhelming reasons why Urban Meyer won’t succeed (according to comments posted at


#1. Urban Meyer quit on the Gators and the players he recruited. Reason #1 – He couldn’t compete in the SEC recruiting battles. Reason #2 – Without Tim Tebow he couldn’t win at Florida.

#2. Urban Meyer’s health issues. He resigned from Florida due to burnout resulting in esophageal spasms, cysts, and severe headaches.

#3. Urban Meyer is a liar. He stated he wanted to spend more time with his family, but less than a year with ESPN and he wants to coach again?

#4. Urban Meyer is not a disciplinarian. Under his 6 year watch at UF, 30 players were arrested.

#5. Urban Meyer’s spread offense won’t work in the BIG10. If Rich Rodriguez and Ron Zook couldn’t win with the spread than neither can Urban.

All good reasons to hate a guy if you’re not a Buckeye fan…I guess. Most comments seemed like sour grapes or Buckeye hatred spilling over into Urban’s cup. Everyone has reasons for doing what they do. I find it funny how many hypocritical people post on CBS’s boards. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes. I’m sure Urban would admit he has made quite a few…as most of us have. However, none of these “Cons” seem to truly relate to the real reason people hate Ohio State and now Urban Meyer…winning football games. With that said, let’s look at a few more reasons why the hate for Ohio State will grow exponentially over the next 6 years.


#1. Urban Meyer is a winner. He won at BGSU, He won at Utah. He won at Florida (Two National Championships in case you’ve forgotten Gator fan).

#2. Urban Meyer is a prolific recruiter. Blue chippers want to play for a big name coach and a big name school. Goal = NFL

#3. Urban Meyer was born a Buckeye. People from Ohio love tOSU and always will. Every once and a while some jerk goes against the grain and roots Michigan. They’re usually the fat guy in class who’s pissed off because he can’t score with the babes, e.g. Brady Hoke.

#4. Urban Meyer is a healer for Buckeye Nation. Thanks to some stupid tattoos, national sportswriters and anti-Buckeye fans everywhere have bashed the program to its knees this year. Urban not only restores some confidence in the program, he has bandaged the wounds left by Coach Tressel’s resignation.

#5. Urban Meyer is offensive minded. That has to be music to tOSU fans ears after a decade of Tressel-ball and OC Jim Bollman. Meyer is sure to put together a combination system utilizing both power and speed unlike any the BIG10 has seen.


Anyone who thinks this wasn’t the best move by Ohio State only has to look to the south and the University of Cincinnati Basketball program. Once a national powerhouse known for attracting top-level recruits and 20+ win seasons under Coach Bobby Huggins now can’t even beat the Presbyterian Blue Hose. That’s right…the Blue Hose. It might take UC 20 years to get back to their former prime due to the mishandling of then UC President Nancy Zimpher. in fact, it may never happen. It was quite possible that tOSU was headed back to the dark ages and dare I say…an era of That School Up North dominance?

So why do so many absolutely passionately LOVE their Buckeyes or hate with every fiber of their being those Luckeyes? There’s no definitive answer, but one thing’s for sure…that rift will only grow stronger with head coach Urban Meyer at the helm…and maybe a national championship or two?

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