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Posted on: December 4, 2011 9:01 am

2011 D1 Tournament 16 Teams 11 AQ Conferences

If there are going to be automatic qualifying conferences and automatic qualifing teams (Notre Dame) then  a playoff for DI college football should have all 11 conferences (holding at 11 by a thread) should have a automatic bid.  Here is my 16 team D1 playoff tournament.  I am not using the BCS rankings because I want them to consider quality wins (RPI style)  way more than the current system. 

1.  LSU  (1) Sec Champ    16. La.Tech  (39)WAC Champ
8.  Kansas St  (8) At Large  9. Wisconsin  (10) B 10 Champ

4. Arkansas(4) At Large    13. S. Miss(23) Conf USA Champ
5. Oregon  (5) P 10 Champ    12.  West V  (22) Big East Champ

3. Alabama(2) At Large  14.ArkSt (34)  Sun Belt Champ
6.Stanford   At Large    11.  TCU (18) MW  Champ

7.  Boise St. At Large  10.Clemson (19)   ACC Champ
2. Ok State  (2)  B 12 Champion  15. N. Illinois(35 )MAC Champ

There is no limit on the number of At Large teams per conference. South Carolina(8) is the best team left out of the tournament.

If you want an 8 team no automatic bids playoff then you would get the top 8 seeds.  That would be the Sec Champ, B12 Champ, P 12 Champ and 5 at large team.   Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and Houston all played their way out in the last weekend, almost every game matters with only 5 at large spots.  

I tweaked the rankings from the Palm pre BCS rankings in ( ) to reward head to head victories and Conference Championships.    I flipped OK St and Alabama, Oregon and Stanford, Kansas St and S Carolina for Strength of Schedule,  Clemson and TCU to avoid an all Mountain W first round game with Boise St .  

I would really like to watch some of these games, sadly we never will watch the 2011 D1 Playoff.   

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