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Posted on: September 15, 2011 4:21 pm

Week 2 predictions and FF advice

Well I finally found my freakin blog access..boy do I feel stupid!!

Anyways, on with the show!
I'm not a big fan of the Start 'em Sit 'em format..far too often players get overlooked on those and leave fantasy owners wondering why their guy wasn't mentioned at all.  But i do like to mention one guy that not many will consider starting and one guy that everyone will say start 'em no matter what, that I owuld say is a bad play that week.   Ranking in a list is always fun, but those rarely if ever actually pan out.  I go game by game, rate the major fantasy players in each one 0-4 stars according to a standard 10-12 team league and let you go from there.  0-1.5 sit 'em, 1.75-2.5 play 'em but look for better options first, 2.75-3.25 surefire starter, 3.5-4 expect big numbers.

Start of the Week
LeGarrette Blount.  The Vikes D might contian him to a point, but they won't stop him, this isn't the old Willaims wall anymore.

Sit of the week
MJD-ok, so picking a player vs the Jets isn't really that much of a stretch, but in most circles fantasy players get stuck in that "never bench your studs" mentality.  This week, you bench this stud.

Waiver pickup of the week
So I found my blog entry a bit too late for this to be relevant to many people, but since I'm takign the time to do the whole thing, i might as well stick this on there too.  Randall Cobb.  When lightning is on the field, you give it the ball and let it go.  Rodgers will too.  Nelson who??

KC at DET   
So first off, week one told us that Detriot's front four is no longer a good matchups for your RB's.  But Jamaal Charles isn't the same style runner as Blount.  If Todd Haley doesn't design the vast majority of his running game away from Suh in the middle, he should really reconsider his chosen careeer.  Charles should be a decent play this week as the area of the defense he's best at attacking is sitll a bit of a weakness on the Lions--the LB's.  But that's about where the fun stops for KC players.  Cassel will be under pressure all day long form Suh and the rest of the DL, and there won't be very much time to get the WR's involved.  If Cassel couldn't move the ball vs teh Bills..he's probably not going to get it done vs the Lions.  In deeper leagues or return yardage ones, McCluster MIGHT be worth a start if your hard pressed
Cassel- 0
Bowe- 1
all other Cheifs- 0 
Also in week one we saw that the Lions are really pretty good offensively, and that the Cheifs without Eric Berry around, really aren't very good at all defensively.  You can start all Lions with confidence.  I wouldn't go so far as to say bench a stud player becuase a Lion that's normally on your bench has this matchup, but in any close calls, I'd probably be giving the Detriot player the edge.
Stafford- 4
Calvin Johnson-4+
Best- 3.5
Burleson- 3
Lions D-4
Hanson- 2.5 (should get too many XP's and not enough FG's)
My gameday prediction- Lions 31, Chiefs 13

The Bills fresh off thier beat down of the Chiefs, will be hosting the Raiders.  Both teams were strong vs the rush last game, and both team had success running the ball last week.  That makes for some interesting predicitons on this one.  I can see the BIlls doing a slightly better job than the Broncos did at contianing RDMC, but I still see him having a pretty good day.  Possibly even better than last week since he never hit paydirt.  He iwll find the endzone this week, but with slightly fewer yards.  And with DHB actually having a decent game last week..well at least as far as not dropping passes goes, perhaps he'll finally begin to be a threat on the outside and that can only help the running game.  Jacoby Ford looks to be a gametime decision, I'd be making alternate plans if he was my only option at WR.  Kevin Boss may make his Raider debut in this game, and they sorely missed a TE presence during the Bronco game.  Sebass finally hit that NFL record (tying) FG that I've been waiting on ever since they drafted him in the first round.  Both his own conifdence and the Raiders belief in him hitting them more often won't ever be higher.  If your league gives bonuses for long FG's, this is your guy without a doubt.
RDMC- 3.75
Campbell- 2
DHB- 1.5
SeBass- 4
Raider D- 1.5
Buffalo's backfield situation is just plain silly.  Not sure why they chose to flirt with the idea of Spiller taking Jackson's job during training camp, but it obvious who the better NFL RB is on this team.  But the sad thing is, in thier stubborness to prove that they didn't make a mistake drafting Spiller so high, he steals enough carries, in critical situations, to really screw up Jackson's value.  Oaklnad really showed some decent progress in the secondary last week.  I really was thinking that Lloyd would be able to light them up without Awesomewaa around, but they held up fairly well.  But, that was the Denver passing attack led by a John Fox system and a Kyle Orton that has apparently decided to mail it in since no one in Denver, outside of the team and coaches, beleives in him anymore.  this week will be a different animal as Buffalo has no issues throwing it around.  Fitzpatrick won't have 4 TD's, but he'll crush his 208 yards from last week. Stevie Johnson should be able to own either Raider corner that he lines up agianst.  Those few that think they got a steal by picking up Scott Chandler at TE, will be welcomed back to earth now that teams realize he's on the field.  This guy has been in the league since 2007, there's a reason you've never heard of him till last week. 
Ryan Fitzpatrick- 2.75
Fred Jackson- 2.5
Spiller- 1.75
Steve Johnson- 4
Chandler- 0.5
Lindell- 3
Bills D- 1.5
My Gameday prediction-  Raiders 27, Bills 20

So Romo blew the game last week for us Cowboys fans..that doens't mean he didn't have a great fantasy day agianst what most consider to be an excellent pass defense.  Look for Dez Bryant to be walking around wiht an IV stuck in him all week long to insure that he's plenty hydrated for this game!  The Jet's had one corner that could usually get the best of Austin and Bryant, S.F. has none.  The 'Niners will have to commit both safeties to helping on the outside the entire game, which should open up plenty of room for Witten underneath and some extra running room for Felix Jones if they get him outside or through that D-line.  Similar to what i said about the Lions, if you've got one of the main five Cowboys on your team, start them with confidence this week.  But there's no reason to even own a Cowboys kicker, far too much going on in that situation to ever be trusted in fantasy.
Romo- 4
Bryant- 4
Austin- 3.5
Felix Jones- 3
Witten- 4
Dallas D- 3
Alex SMith is just bad.  I mean really, we all know it, even SF fans are quick to admit the joke that he is.  Look for Demarcus Ware to come out of Week 2 with a comfortable lead in the sacks category.  Alex SMith takes far too long to make decisions, isn't great at reading a blitz and most defintely can't outrun Ware.  The Boy's secondary is lacking, but the front pressure will cover most of that up this week.  There might be a couple decent shots to Vernon Davis, and maybe even Josh Morgan or Braylon Edwards, but they will be too few and far between to make a big impact for your team.  Frank Gore will get his, a decent day, nothing spectacular, but starter worthy.
Akers is my pick to be the highest scoring 'Niner in Fantasy land this weekend.
Alex Smith- 1
Frank Gore- 2.75
Vernon Davis- 2.75
Josh Morgan/B. Edwards- 1.5
Crabtree- 0
Akers- 4
'Niner's D- 0
My gameday prediction- Cowboys 38, 'Niners 17

Baltimore at Tennessee
Sure Boldin had a decent day last week, but let's be realistic..he had 4 catchs and a TD.  Was the TD a great catch?  Yes.  But Boldin didn't beat the coverage, it was there and nine times out of ten, that catch won't be made.  Boldin has lost a step, and no longer gets seperation which is what made his run after the catch ability so great.  With the probability of the physical playing Finnegan being lined up on Boldin all day long, I'm not expecting much here.  But, on the other side of the field, I do expect a decent day for Lee Evans.  He may have been held without a catch in week one, but they did show a willingness to push the ball downfield to him.  Expect a few long completions to Evans as the defense focuses on Boldin and Ray Rice.  Overall that should make for a decent, above average day for Flacco.  I don't think enough can be said about Ray Rice, look for him to dominate once agian.  But be wary of Ricky Williams getting a score here, he saw the field far too often for my liking last week, and I can't imagine that'll change. I wouldn't expect too many FG's for Cundiff this week, the Ravens should be able to punch it in more often than not when they get close.
Flacco- 3.25
Ray Rice- 4
Boldin- 2
Evans- 2.75
Dickson- 1.5
Ricky- 1.0
Cundiff- 1.5
Ravens D- 3.75
I'm not really sure what the Ttians coaching staff was thinking last week.  Perhaps they thought they really got something in Matt Hasselblah??  I can't come up with any reason why Chris Johnson would have only 9 carries, regardless of "game flow".  Before last week boht Munchak and the OC came out and assured everyone that there would be no limit on CJ2K's touches, this week they're coming out and saying that they'll make a concerted effor tot get him the ball more often in this game.  While I am buying that they'll try that, I'm not buying that it'll be all that much of a success.  The Ravens stuffed Mendenhall, and they'll probably contain Chris Johnson as well.  And Kenny Britt will not be beating Willaims, Smith and Reed like he did last week to the JAX secondary.  Chris Johnson is the only Titan I would consider starting in this one.  In fact, I wouldn't be shocked to see someone other than Hasselblah finishing this game as he'll probably end up on the trainer's table.  And I would imagine it'll be Rusty Smith, not Locker.  I can't imagine they'd toss Locker into his first NFL game and have it be the Ravens.
Hasselblah- 0
Chris Johnson- 2.75
Kenny Britt- 2.0
Bironas- 2
all other Titans including the D- 0
My gameday prediction- Ravens 31, Titans 10

Cleveland at Indy
Do I seriously have to do this game??  UGHH!!  This is one where people in Indianapolis area are gong to LOVE the NFL sunday ticket.  Even die hard Coltsfans will want to turn the channel becuase this is just going to be ugly.  So lets just make this quick shall we?  Kerry Collins cannot operate the Colts offense.  The Colts can't change their offense in the span of two weeks.  Before week one I pointed out that Peyton makes all the adjustements that makes this team an offensive juggernaut and that no QB in the entire league would be able ot take this team over and have it even be a fraction of what it was, well that prediction bore true, truer than I ever thought it would.  He made the line protection audibles, he called the play according to the defense at the line, and he made quick decisions during the play that seemed to always keep his team out of third and longs.  Kerry Collins can't do any of that..other than calling an audible..he is a veteran and can recognize a blitz.  But he's not making the line adjustments..offensive lineman that have always been told what to do, now have to figure it out on their own.  Will it be a bit better than last week?  I can't see how it can be worse, let's just leave it at that.  Wayne and Clark remain the only Colts players worthy of consideration this week.
Collins- 0.5
Wayne- 2
Clark- 2
Addai- 1.25
All other Colts+the D and the Kicker- 0
Colt McCoy will be able to avoid what little pressure the two Colts ends will generate, but its doubtful that the Browns will be passing much.  Peyton Hillis should have a field day running through this sad troop.  I'd even look for Hardesty to get some decent PT.  And it wouldn't shock me to see Josh Cribbs take one to the house, just to put a little icing on the cake.
Hillis- 4
McCoy- 2.5
Watson- 2.5
Browns D- 3
Dawson- 2.75
My gameday prediciton-Browns 31, Colts 10

Tampa Bay at Minnesota
The Buc's were somewhat stymied by an improving Detriot Lions team last week, this week they take on a team that is going the opposite direction.  The Vikes just aren't the same defensive team without the Williams Wall.  Sure the Chargers didn't have a 100 yard rusher, but that's not their style to begin with, and they did have roughly 3.5 yards per carry so its not like they were shut down.  I look for Blount to get 20 carries in this one and 100 yards, probably a score.  And just to keep them honest, 200+ from Freeman, most of which will go to Mike WIlliams and Kellen Winslow.
Blount- 3.25
Mike WIlliams- 3
Kellen Winslow- 3
Freeman- 3
Barth 2.5
TB D- 3.5
Well, as far as I'm concerned, Donovan McNabb has made it official.  He's a product of the system in Philly, and just plain sucks.  The days in Washington were no fluke, he is that guy.  He may be getting up their in age, but as far as QB's are concerned, he's not old enough to put the blame there, plus he's till got some game running the ball, so it's not physical deterioration..he's just really that bad without Andy Reid.  AP is the only Vikings player that will ever be a given this year.  Harvin is ok to play in certain matchups, but not this one.  But if your scoring system gives some weird bonuses to WR's getting rushing yards, he's probably a decent flex.  At this point Bernard Berrian and Greg Camarillo/Jenkins shouldn't even be close to sniffing your roster.
AP- 2.5
MCNabb- 0.5
Harvin 1.0
Shiancoe- 1.5
Longwell- 2
Vikes D- 2
My Gameday prediction- T.B. 27, Vikes 13

Chicago at New Orleans
This game should be fun.  A strong Defense vs a potent offense.  And a defense that lives and dies by the turnover vs a QB that seems to always throw a few in crucial situations.  I"m not expecting a whole lot from Forte here.  Take out that one screen pass, and he had a pretty lackluster day vs the Falcons last week.  And the Falcons and Saint's play fairly similar style of defenses, with similar talent levels across the board.  But, he will find the end zone, someway, somehow.  I just don't see a lot of yards there. Plus Marion the Barbarian will be active for this game so we'll get to see just how serious the Bears are at giving Forte an expanded role.  All of the Bears WR's are crap, but one of them is going to score, the problem is picking it.  hester?  Willaims?  knox?  who knows.  My money is on Knox to have the most catches of the position, but chances are the TD will be a pass to none of the above.   And becuae of this, its hard ot expect much more than 2 TD passes from Cutler, possibly only one.  I expect the Bears D to give up alot of yards, a nice handful of points, but generate some sacks and a turnover or two to make up for it.
Cutler- 2.25
Knox 2.0
Hester- 1.5
Williams- 1.5
Gould- 3
Bears D- 3
Brees will get alot of yards, there's just no way around that, and even the biggest Bears homer in the world would have to see that.  And the loss of Colston and the absence of Moore will have little effect since he's always spreading the ball around anyways.  But with those losses, I would expect an expanded role for Sproles and Jimmy Graham.  Don't think I would suggest starting either Thomas or Ingram though.  The Bears run D is solid and both of them take too much away from each other's values to be trusted in your starting lineup.  The big quesiton this week was who is the Saints receiver to have, Meachem or Henderson.  The answer?  Both, that is until Moore comes back then Henderson is nothing more than an all or nothing WR once agian.  the Bears defense will stiffen up enough to give Kasay ample FG opportunities in this one.
Brees- 3.5
Thomas- 1.5
Graham- 3
Meahcem/Henderson- 2.25
Kasay- 3
Saints D- 2.5
My gameday prediction- Saints 23, Da Bears 20

Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets
So the Jets did a pretty decent job of keeping Felix Jones in check, and they'll do an even better job at keeping MJD in check.  Why?  becuase they won't have to worry much at all about the passing game.  Wiht Revis sticking Mike Thomas in his back pocket all game, the only other threat on the team is Mercedes Lewis, and even though he's one of my favorite TE's to own, he's not good enough to beat any of the Jet's coverage schemes, especially not with Luke McCown throwing the ball.  I honestly wouldn't recomend starting any Jaguars, including MJD this week.
MJD- 1.5
M. Lewis- 1
Scobee- 1.5
JAX D- 1.5
The Jets really showed some toughness in that come back win.  Something that I'm sure all Pat's fans are more than aware after the playoffs last year.  But, I'm not buying this Mark Sanchez 300 yard passer stuff.  Jacksonville may have eliminated Chris Johnson by playing keep away most of the game last week..that won't happen this week and betwen the two of them, LT and Shonn Greene will have a great day.  But unfortunately, that's between the two of them.  Good for Jets fans, not good for fantasy owners.  Plax will continue getting the red zone looks as Sanchez looked more than comfortable going his way when the game was on the line, limiting Dustin Keller's and Santonio Holmes's prduction.  Basically this entire team is a big committee, and none will be fantasy studs all year long, but most will be good enough to warrant a start most weeks.
SAnchez- 2.5
LT- 2
Greene- 2
Plax- 2
Holmes- 2.25
Keller- 2.25
Folk- 3
Jets D- 3.5
My gameday prediction- N.Y.Jets 27, JAX 10

Seattle at Pittsburgh
Well, the Seattle portion of this one will be pretty easy.  Even in a good matchup the Seahwaks only have one player worthy of starting in fantasy and that's Lynch.  But playing the Steelers after what Baltimore did to them last week??  ouch.  Bench all Seahawks..hopefully you don't even own any to start with.  
They all get 0's just to save me the time of writing it out.
As for the Steelers, I really expect them to come out pissed off.  If every Steeler doens't have a great game, I'll be shocked.  The Seahawks defense doesn't stand a chance agianst Mendenhall, Wallace, or Big Ben.  Start every Steeler that you can, including Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown.  And the Steelers defense is basically a lock of the week in any format
Big Ben- 4
Mendenhall- 3.75
Wallace- 4
Sanders/Brown/Ward- 2.5
Miller- 2
Suisham- 2.5
Steelers D- 4
My gameday prediciton- Steelers 42, Seattle 3

Arizona at Washington
 So week one had good returns on Kevin Kolb right?  In the immortal words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast my friend!".  Okay so Kolb looked allright.  But lets be real here, the long TD's to King and Doucet were total fluke plays on some of the most horrendous coverage I've ever seen in 20+ years of watching the NFL.  I don't expect a Mike Shannahan coached team to have nearly the same problems in coverage that the Panthers did.  Plus the redskins know all about Kkolb and what he can and can't do.  Now, logic says htat the defense will be focused on Fitzgerald and that should create some things for Doucet right?  Well he was only targetted 3 times last game, I wouldn't expect much more than that this time either.  those of you who picked up Doucet will be in for a rude awakening. Never ever trust a box score..heck even the usually un-trustworhty highlight reel showed how fluky that play was.  In the NFL, running out in the open like that is a once or twice a season thing to happen to a WR.  Beenie Wells is probably the best bet for points, other than Feeley this week with DeAngelo hall and Landry bracketting Fitzgerald more often than not.
Kolb 1.75
Fitzgerald 2
Wells 2.5
Doucet- 1
Feeley 3
So if Cam Newton can shred this defense for 400+, what should we expect form Rex Grossman who put up 300 on the Giants?  I wouldn't expect more than 250.  I see the Skins getting up early and Shanny handing the game over to Hightower.  The one thing that might screw this scenerio up would be Hightower fumbling the ball away.  I'm sure that Timmy has some personal issues he'd like to take out on the Cardinals and will be running with a little extra effort this week, which in and of itself is a good thing for us fantasy owners.  But, when a RB has career long fumbling issues, its not really a great idea to constantly be fighting to more yards..thats when footballs get ripped out of hands and end up going the other way.  Plus, it's not like the Arizona coaches aren't well aware of the issues Hightower has, I can promise you the defensive practices in Arizona have been focusing on ripping the ball more often than normal this week.  It's not really a good idea to predict fumbles, but its a very real possibility that Hightower has a couple.  And if that happens, we may get to see if Helu is for real or not.  Similar to the Cowboys kickers, I wouldn't bother with a Redskins kicker either
Grossman- 2
Hightower 2.75
S. Moss 2.5
F. Davis 2.75
WASH D 2.5
My gameday prediction- Washington 24, Arizona 13

Green Bay at Carolina
So now we see the other side of that defensive debacle last week.  If Kevin Kolb can get WR's and TE's that aren't named Fitzgerald with no one within 20 yards of them..is there any limit to what Aaron Rodgers can do?  This will be an ugly game for Panthers fans.  If Rodgers doens't have 400 yards and 4 TD's it'll be becuase the Mike McCarthy called off the dogs in the second half.  Look for Starks to conitnue to distance himself from Ryan Grant as the torch is clearly being handed off here.  The only downside I see in fantasy land is that Crosby will be lucky to kick one FG as the Panthers defense gets shredded
Rodgers- 4+
Jennings- 4+
Finley- 3.5
Starks- 2.5
Grant- 1.5
Driver- 2
Nelson- 1.5
Cobb- 2.0
Crosby- 2.5
GB Def- 4
Cam Newton, my isn't he all the rage after week one??  Well here's a reality check for ya'..the Cardinals dealt their best defensive player in the off season, and didn't do much of anything to fill that hole.  Well that hole is exactly where Steve Smith lines up.  Now is Steve Smith a great NFL reciever?  Absolutely.  Is he good enough to carry a rookie QB agianst a team loaded with defensive all pros?  Not even close.  Between the blitz schemes that come from all angles in Green Bay and the rock solid coverage skills of Al Harris and Charles Woodsen, not to mention Atari Bigby, Nick Collins and AJ Hawk are pretty decent coverage guys as well, this defense should own Cam Newton and every single one of the Panthers offensive players.  Including DWILL.
Cam Newton- 1
DWILL- 1.5
S. Smith- 1
Olsen/Shockey- 1.5
Mare- 1
CAR D-  what's less than 0??
My gameday prediction-  Green Bay 45, Carolina 7

**Afternoon games***

Cincinnatti at Denver
So it looks like Andy Dalton is a go for this game.  Between that factoid and Chump Bailey being on defense, that doesn't sound good for AJ Green's chances.  Now granted, AJ Green was just as much teh benefactor of crappy defense on that one play, as the likes of Steve Smith and Early Doucet were, but his chances of success go way up with Gradkowski as opppossed to the limp wristed Andy Dalton.  But Cincy is committed to this kid and he's going to play so I wouldn't bother with AJ Green this week.  Cedric Benson is probably the lone birght spot fantasy wise this week, and even he had to have a garbage time TD to make his week 1 worth a damn.  Denver has a few plamkers in the front seven with Dummervil, Williams, Miller and Bunkley, and Benson no longer has the burst to get through them, nor the moves to elude them.  This will be along game for Cincy fans.  If by some miracle Gradkowski plays instead of Dalton, give him a 1.75 and bump everyone else up by half a star.
Dalton- 0.5
Green- 0.5
Greshem- 2
Nugent- 1.5
Bungals D- 1.75
Well the boo birds and Teebow fans were out in force monday night, and thanks to YellowFuzzy, I had a great seat and it was music to my ears!!  But John Fox is no retard, he's not going to be listening to the fans, and he has no ties whatsoever to Tim Teebow the way Josh McDee's did.  Teebow will not be seeing the field until the Broncos are officially out of the playoff race.  That being said, that doens't mean that Orton is a good choice as a fantasy QB, this week or any other week.  If you were one of the many banking on Peyton Manning this year and had to scramble to find a couple QB's to play matchups with, this is probably the week you'd want Orton I guess.  Cincy isn't very good defensively agisnt the pass and Lloyd should find plenty of space.   The down side is that Denver really should be able to control this game the way John Fox likes to control a game, by running the ball.  Shots will be taken downfield occasionally and that should be enough to warrant a start by Lloyd, but keep the expectation limited.  Moreno is already in the trainer's room with yet another hamstring injury, making McGahhe the only Rb worth a start in Denver this week.  Moreno is likely to play, but I'm sure it will be limited.
Orton 2.25
Lloyd 2
McGahee 2.5
Moreno 1
Decker 1
Royal .5
Prater 3
Denver D- 3
My gameday prediction- Denver 20, Cincy 10

Houston at Miami
So it appears the Derrick Ward will miss th game, and Foster will be back.  But just being back doesn't mean he'll get all the touches. You can't bench him if he plays, but you can't expect a whole lot either.  And along those same lines, you can't expect much from Tate if Foster plays either.  But if Foster ends up missing the game, Tate is a must start.  this team is simply too good at running the ball to not play whoever is getting the majority of carries here.  Hopefully a solid decision is made well before Sunday morning as to Fosters status in this one.  As always, Andre Johnson is a must start, and given tha the patriots racke dup 500+ yards on these Dolphins, chances are pretty good that Johnson has a good game.  But don't expect massive, out of this world numbers.  The Patriots throw it everywhere, the Dolphins never knew what was coming or where it was coming from..this week the Dolphins know damned good and well the passing game runs through Andre Johnson and pretty much only Andre Johsnon, allowing them to concentrate on stopping just one guy instead of four or five like last week.  DOn't expect a repeat of that dominating defense from last week either.  This team isn't throwing stuff agianst the wall to see if it sticks like Indy was.
Schuab- 2.75
Foster- 2.5
Tate- 1.5 (if Foster doens't play, give Tate a 3)
Andre- 3
Daniels- 1
Rackers 3
Texans D 2
Henne probably won't toss another 400 yard game in his carreer.  Unless Sporano had some sudden change of heart in his offensive philosphy over the summer.  I'm thinking that's simply what they thought would work vs the Patriots given the presence of Wilfork and Haynesworth on the inside vs Reggie Bush as the only Rb they had.   Look for more of a return to last year's numbers for Henne this week.  marshall will probably sitll get his 7-10 catches and Bush will touch the ball roughly 15-20 times, but niether will have great yardage totals.  one of them will get a score though.  Daniel Thomas looks to be a go for his NFL debut as well
Henne- 1.75
R. Bush- 2
D. Thomas-.75
Marshall- 2.25
Hartline- 1
Carpenter- 2
'Phins D- 1.5
My gameday prediction -Texans 23, 'Phins 20

S.D. SuperChargers at New England
Rivers was held to mostly check downs and intermediate stuff vs the Vikings last week, but if the Patriots dont' figure out what went wrong in their secondary last week, look for a huge game from Vincent Jackson and company this weeknd.  I like Rivers for 350+ and at least 3 TD's this week, and none of them to Tolbert.  Gates, Jackson, and even Malcom Floyd are plus starts this week.  Ryan mathews just simply doens't get the touches, and when he does, they aren't the right ones to make a difference for your team, and that's not about to change this week either.  HTe loss of Kaeding will mean little to this team as they rarely are trying 50+ FG's and most guys off the street can hit a 30 yarder, Novak will be fine so long as they don't expect him to be SeBass
Rivers- 4+
Tolbert- 2.75
Mathews- 1.5
Jackson- 4+
Gates- 3.5
Floyd- 2.75
Novak- 2
SD D- 1.75
Brady topped 500 yard last week.  There won't be a repeat of that.  The Chargers defense is good neought o put up a much better fight than the Phins did, but Brady will still have a good game and is always a must start.  the issues for this team form a Fantasy perspective start after Brady though.  Branch appears to still be the main wideout here, and Welker sitll seems to be teh go to chain mover in the slot.  The TE's are the red zone threats, but there's two of them so either one is is a risky start.  there's not always going to be 50 passes to go around here.  Ocho Cinco can be safely dropped IMHO.  Even if he ever does get the offense down pat, Brady is still going to be more comfortable throwing to Branch, Welker, and the TE's then he ever will with Ocho.  But the one area that concerns me is the way the running game might be handled.  Woodhead got the lions share of touches in the blowout, BJGE really only hd that one TD to his credit the rest of the night wasn't really worht mentioning.  And we've got two second round draft picks waiting in the wings.  Now both of these guys were injured to some degree in the preseason and were likely held out as a precaution even though they were active.  I fI may steal a segment from Mike and Mike on ESPN radio, here's my prediction sure to go wrong,..this week we see the emergence of Ridley as the RB to own in New England, and the beginning of the downfall of the Law Firm.  Woodhead might still lead the RB's in touches, but I have a feeling Ridley will get on the field and will perform well enough the BJGE stays on the bench most of the game.
Brady 3.5
Branch 2.75
Welker 3
Hernandez/Gronkowski- 2.75
Woodhead 2.25
BJGE 1.5
Ridley 1.5
Ocho- 0
Gostkowski 3
NE D- 2
My gameday prediction- SD 38, NE 35

****SUnday Night****

Philly at Atlanta
Mike Vick is regressing form what we saw last year.  he's still having problems reading blitzes and making the correct adjustments.  And he's begining to fall back into the habit of breaking the pocket and running instead of keeping his eyes down the field.  And because of this, his accuracy is sufferring.  This offense is still explosive, but only if Vick can find a way to handle the blitzes.  And until he does, expect teams to keep them coming.  McCoy had an excellent week and I expect that to continue, anyone worried that Ronnie Brown was signed to be a goal line back were realling kidding themselves.  He's simply there to give McCoy a breather and add some veteran experiance to the group.  Sounds as though they want to get Maclin the ball more, that can only be a good thing for the entire team, DJAX included.  expect Celek to continue to be overlooked all year long.
Vick- 2.75
McCoy 3
DJAX- 2.5
Maclin- 2.5
Celek- 0
Henery- 3
Eagles D- 2.25
Mike Smith sold everyone on this fancy new offense he was planning on bringing to the table this year.  Boy were we suckers??  They say its because Chicago played a cover two shell and forced everything to be checked down.  I say BS, if you've got Roddy White, Matt Ryan and two other burners on your team, you find a way to beat a cover two and you use it.   If you don't, well as we saw last week, you lose.  I expect them to correct that mistake this week, and as long as the O-line can hold up to the exotic blitzes of the Eagles, Matty Ice should find White and Jones and maybe even Douglas for some big gainers.  Yes the Eagles have Awesomewaa and Samuels and Rodgers Cromartie, but they can all be beaten..just stay away from Awesomewaa.  From what I saw, the eagles aren't shadowing WR's with any conrers and rather are simply lining up and playing CB "x" vs WR "x", meaning that no one WR can be counted out due to the awesmewaa factor.  There will be a lot of shifts and moving the WR's aroudn to generate favorable matchups away from his side of the feild.  Turner always solid will find some running lanes by attacking rookie MLB Mathews.  Gonzo may also be in line for quite few looks when those WR's do happen to get well covered.
Ryan- 2.75
Turner- 2.75
White- 2.5
J. Jones- 1.75
Gonzo- 2
Bryant- 3
Falcons D- 2.25
My gameday prediction-Eagles 27, Falcons 30


St. Louis at N.Y. Giants
Sam Bradford appears to be a full go for this one. But I wouldn't suggest starting him vs the GMen.  their pressure defense is rarely a good thing for fantasy Qb's.  Steven Jackson is more or less out for this game.  That's not official yet, but it sure sounds that way.  Cadillac Williams will be the bell cow for the Rams this weekend.  He makes for a good pickup if you dont' have to drop anyone too important to get it done.  SJAX will be back for week 3 so keep that in mind when deciding on whether to grab him or not.  I expect the main benefactor of Amendola's injury to be Lance Kendricks.  I hear a few analysts saying that Bradford may not have any confidence in him after the two drops last week.  But what does a good QB do when receivers drop a pass or two?  They go right back to them and get them back in the game.  Bradford is a good QB and I expect that to be the case here.
Bradford- 2
Caddy- 2
MSW- 1.5
B Gibson- 1.5
Kendricks- 2.25
Salas- 1.5
J Brown- 2
StL. D- 1.75
Eli Manning looked pretty pathetic last week if you ask me.  He'll be playing with a little something extra to prove Monday night.  Nicks is nursing an injury, but is expected to play.  They even went out and signed the best slot reciever ever in Brandon Stokley.  Of course, he's no longer the best current one, but he did revolutionize the position and is easily the best option they'll have for that spot.  Ahmed Bradshaw was used, and abbused, as the shrot yardage back last week.  I wouldn't expect much more than one more chance at that gig with a proven big batterring ram like Brandon Jacobs sitting on the sidelines.  Manningham was a big disappointment last week, look for that to change as well.
Manning- 2.5
Bradshaw- 2.75
Jacobs- 1.75
Nicks- 3
Manningham- 2
Stokley- 1
Tynes- 2.5
Giants D- 3
My gameday prediction-Giants 34, Rams 13

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