Posted on: August 12, 2009 9:08 pm

My take on the youkilis-porcello brawl.

I love baseball brawls. It takes a slow game and gets everyones heart racing. I dont exactly know whether Porcello hit Youk on purpose, but I dont really care. It happens in baseball. These hitters are out of their minds, they all lean over the plate with a giant arm pad on, and when a pitch comes inside they lose their minds.

My favorite thing about this particular brawl was how absolutely stupid Youkilis made himself look. Youk gets plunked by a 20 year old who could pass on shaving for the next 3 years and still not have the goatee that Youkilis has, and then charges at him like a mad man. Not only does the odd-stanced slugger from boston overreact and charge the mound, he then throws his helmet at a kid who is barely 2 years removed from high school. So theres 2 checks in the stupid column for Youkilis.

So then Porcello backs off the mound while Youkilis charges, and just before Youkilis reaches Porcello he throws the helmet and gets Porky off balance so he can move in for the takedown. Well Porcello may be 10 years younger and at least 20 pounds lighter, but appeared to have much better balance than Youkilis as he got the bald head rammed into his chest and held his ground. They back up a few steps and Porcello says "ok big guy here we go" and followed up with a nice little judo hip toss. Check 3 in the make myself look idiotic column for Youkilis. I have no favorites in this battle, Im looking at this from the outside in, I am not a fan of either of these teams. I really pledge no alegiance to any particular baseball team. But thats neither here nor there.

I watched this fight and said "oh crap" for Porcello as the big angry Youk charged him. Then Youk chucked the helmet and lost brownie points in my book, especially since Porcello seemed to be pleading with him that it wasnt intentional, and wanted no part in fighting him. But Youkilis didnt care, he was still very mad from the night before when Edwin Jackson plunked him, and Youkilis muttered under his breath, but would not dare charge the mound as he would likely get beat up.  Or maybe he's still mad at Joba for throwing 2 balls at his head way back when, another instance in which Youk chirped but didnt dare charge the much bigger pitcher than Porcello.

But a 20 year old rail thin kid? Definitely time to charge. Oh crap, that didnt work out to well either as Porcello reversed the takedown attempt of Youkilis and put him on his face. Cheers to Porcello,  even though hes still not of age to legally have a drink, but you are never too young to disarm an angry old guy whos trying to pick on the new kid on the block.

I always respected Youkilis as a ball player, and had him on my fantasy team. But he definitely lost alot of respect from me after this.

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