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AAHS Class of '82 - Thirty Year Reunion

Ladies & Gentlemen ….. AAHS CLASS OF ’82 ……


It’s time for our 30 – Year Reunion!!!!


After receiving input from a fairly large number of our fellow grads, the following is what I have put together –


The reunion will take place on Friday, August 10th & Saturday, August 11th!

You can take part in one or the other, OR BOTH!!!! It’s up to you!


Friday, August 10<sup>th</sup> will be ‘Family Night with The Curve!’

Here’s the breakdown …. The Altoona Curve will be playing the Trenton Thunder (NY Yankees AA team) at 7pm.

We have 200 spots open for an ‘All You Can Eat Buffet Picnic!’

(I will include the menu at the bottom)

The cost for this event is $23 for Adults & $18 for Children 12 & under …

If we run OVER 200 people, there will be ‘Game Tickets’ available for $9 each (any age). You will be responsible for your own food & beverages if you either choose this option or we run out of space with the picnic.

The PICNIC is going to be ‘First Come, First Serve!’, based on when we receive your response!

If you JUST want to attend the game, and get your own food & drinks, you may choose the $9 option.

If we hit 200 and you have requested the picnic, I will contact you with the option of attending the game w/o the picnic. You will then receive a refund of any overcharges.

UNFORTUNATELY, the MAX number exists, and I apologize for that, but we may not even hit the 200#.

The ‘Picnic’ begins at 6pm and food will be served until 8pm … as I wrote above the GAME begins at 7pm. BEER is available on a CASH ONLY basis and is NOT included in the price!

Please also be aware that there WILL BE a fee for parking, depending on where you choose to park … so please bring some cash!

To sum up :

Picnic – Adults $23, Children (12 & under) $18

Game Ticket Only - $9 (regardless of age)


Saturday, August 11<sup>th</sup> is ‘The Class of ’82 Gathering!’

This will take place at ‘Baby Boomer’s Celebration Hall’ in Sinking Valley!

(address & menu will be at the end of this announcement)

This is an ‘Adult Only Event’ for ’82 Grads and their significant other.

{Note: IF you wish to bring an Adult Child of yours (over 21 years of age) as your ‘plus one’, that’s fine, but if you are married or in a relationship with a fellow Class of ’82 Grad, please don’t take advantage of this stipulation. THANK YOU!}

‘The Gathering’ will take place from 3pm to 7pm, with a buffet dinner, dessert, chips & dips, soda, cookies and AN OPEN BAR!!!!

The cost is $47 per person, and includes all tax and gratuity!

We will have music, dancing and, if the weather cooperates, areas to socialize outside. A ‘VEGETARIAN MEAL’ will be available, but I NEED to know in advance!!!! So please indicate this in some way … ONLY THE AMOUNT of vegetarian meals requested will be available.

The dress is casual, but PLEASE, no T-shirts. Shorts and a golf shirt (short sleeve or blouse), jeans or dockers with a button down shirt, sundresses if you choose …. Etc. No need for BALL GOWNS & TUXEDOS!!!! 8-)

In an effort to establish a PERMANENT FUND for future reunions, we will also have a couple of ‘fundraising efforts.’ We will be holding a ‘50/50 Drawing’, and will also have ‘Basket Raffle!’ Participation in the fundraising efforts is completely voluntary, but would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! If you are planning to participate, bring a little cash along!

I have already received some feedback from a few grads who will be bringing baskets, and if anyone else is willing to provide a basket (again) it would be most appreciated! We would like to have around 20 baskets. If you have any questions about providing a basket, you can contact me at the email address provided.

To sum up - $47 per person covers EVERYTHING (except the fundraising efforts)

3pm to 7pm!


We will also have a table set up to encourage the members of the Class of ’82 to join the AAHS Alumni Association.





If you any trouble figuring out how much you would owe, please contact me at the email address.


An example would be, if you will be attending the picnic with 2 other adults (that would be 3 total) and 1 child, and there will be 2 of you at ‘The Gathering’, your total would be $181. {3x$23=$69, 1x$18=$18, 2x$47=$94


If there are 2 of you JUST buying the game tickets and attending ‘The Gathering’ your total would be $112. {2x$9=$18, 2x$47=$94



PLEASE make a clear distinction with your remittance as to what parts of the reunion you are taking part in, and how many people will be attending!


PLEASE mail your CHECK or MONEY ORDER made out to:

‘AAHS Class of 1982 Reunion’



AAHS Class of ’82 Reunion

PO Box 111

Davidsville, PA 15928


Deadline is June 30<sup>th</sup>, although this is not necessarily a HARD DEADLINE. But you’re taking a chance after that date …..


Refunds for cancellations will be provided if notified BEFORE July 14<sup>th</sup>.

Special Circumstances will be considered after that date.


ANY questions at all, please contact me at



George Conrad



Menu for Picnic:

BBQ Ribs



Hot Dogs

Potato Salad



Soda (remember, cost of beer is NOT included!)


The Curve game will be played at -

‘Peoples Natural Gas Field at Blair County Ballpark’

1000 Park Avenue

Altoona, PA 16602

(just off of the intersection of I-99 and Frankstown Rd)

If you are taking part in the picnic, plan to arrive at the ballpark no later than 5:45pm as the food will be put out promptly at 6pm and be available until 8pm. Picnic is ‘Rain or Shine!’

For those just attending the game, it is scheduled to start at 7pm.


Menu for ‘The Gathering’

Open Bar (Beer, Wine and Mixed Drinks. If you wish to bring something SPECIFIC, please present it to the Bar Staff upon entering the venue.)

Chips, Pretzels & Cookies will be available before the buffet and throughout the afternoon as long as they last!

Chicken Breast

Penne Pasta with Marinara


All the normal sides

Cake for Dessert

NOTIFY me with your remittance if you require a ‘vegetarian meal.’


‘The Class of ’82 Gathering’ will take place at –

Baby Boomer’s Celebration Hall

248 Stoney Point

Altoona, PA 16601


Depending on which direction you are coming from, turn toward Sinking Valley onto ‘Kettle Road’ at the intersection ‘East Pleasant Valley Blvd’ & ‘Kettle St’ … there WILL be a sign!

Drive 6.2 miles … this is a bit of a windy road, so please give yourself 15 minutes for this part of the drive …

Baby Boomer’s is on the right side of the road coming from this direction … there is a large sign on the right and a small sign on the left … the turn WILL be clearly marked!!

If you need different directions, or get lost, please contact –

Lynn Brown at 814-944-8952



FINALLY … I am attempting to set up a tour of the new Junior High School for those of you who have moved away (or even locals who have never seen it all) for Friday afternoon before the game. There is no charge for this tour, but we do NEED a minimum of 20 people to set up the tour. No time has been set for this, as I want to see what the interest level is before finalizing. Please note your interest with your response …..



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Time and Place

Statement time ....
There is a time and place for everything ....
I have a lot of fun on Facebook, reuniting with long lost family and old friends. It's very interesting, AND nice to see what folks are now up to and read about their kids.
Since joining FB ... I have been a part of creating 'The Shindig Committee', which brought together a lot of people who haven't seen each other for many years, and we have had a blast with that. I reunited with my half-sister and our family is feeling complete. I am now 'FB Friends' with other family members whom I lost contact with as we were raising families and working and no longer had the time to dedicate to each other. AND .... I have made NEW FRIENDS! Some were complete strangers from different parts of the country who share a faith or an interest with me, and some were people who I went to school with, but in such a big school as AAHS, I never really got to know. I have also been a part of quite a few prayer groups that have touched my heart in a profound way.
And for those who knew me growing up, I'm a pretty easy target to bust chops on. I was definitely 'out there' with my personality and was definitely not shy about my pursuits in athletics. And I am a REALLY GOOD SPORT about all of that .... 8-). I KNOW that I was a little 'over the top' at times when I was young, and I can make fun of myself and take good natured ribbing .... not a problem.
When it comes to my friends or family posting things about their kids and their accomplishments, I only respond with encouragement and good words to their posts. IF I feel the need to bust the parents chops, I would write my own thing on their wall .... not add it to the string on their original post. Those posts about their kids are for their families & friends are meant as an encouragement to their kids, and often the child it is about is going to read that post.
No hard feelings, but when I post something about my kids, it's for encouragement or to give them due respect for accomplishing something. My son has had some ups & downs since graduating from high school, and when he chooses to do something to move on with an 'adult life', such as going to Culinary School, I am going to encourage him in this very public way. I'm proud of him for not giving up and continuing to attempt to find his path in life. And when I post something about my daughters playing sports, it's about THEM .... NOT about me. Neither showed the interest at the age of 6, and I chose not to PUSH them into it .... they began to play sports a little later than a lot of kids. They asked me to help them ... and I dedicate A LOT of time to practicing with them on our own. THEY do the work, however. We even did our own 'Fall Clinic' for softball, and invited the other girls from the area to join in ..... they got a lot out of this .... and yes, I coached it, but again THEY are the ones doing the work.
ANYTHING that my daughters accomplish in sports are from their own efforts, and we have a lot of catching up to do. WE ALL work at this.
Sooooo .... if you want to bust my chops, GO FOR IT!!! It's often funny and I'm all good with it!!! I will laugh and bust your chops back. I might even throw some of my stats back at you .... not to brag, just in fun .... but remember, YOU opened THAT DOOR, LOL!
But please do it in a separate post on my wall, and NOT as a comment onto one of my posts about my girls. My daughters deserve more respect than that. And quite frankly .... so do I.
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Male Breast Cancer (not just a lady's disease)

The information that I am sharing is in no way intended to take anything away from the concern we all should have about breast cancer in women. Nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the US every year, and, of these, the mortality rate will reach somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000!!! We all, men and women, need to continue to show our love and support, share our prayers and show encouragement to every single lady in our lives. We need to encourage ALL women to be educated and to go through all the checkups and tests that are available. Love your wife, your mother, sisters, daughters, friends and relatives enough to be ‘on the team’!!!

BUT, MEN ….. WE NEED TO WAKE UP! Although many more women will be diagnosed, it is important to know that over 2,000 men will be diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer this year! The mortality rate is similar to that in women, however it can be much less! Our major problem as men is pride. We brush this under the table, choosing to NEVER talk about this because breast cancer is ‘A LADY’S DISEASE’. Our own vanity is killing us. Most times men are not diagnosed until they are in stage 3 or 4 cancer because we ignore the symptoms. Because any cancer in theses stages can metastasize and spread through your lymph nodes to other parts of your body, you will stand less of a chance for a recovery. Early detection in men offers an EXCELLENT chance for a full recovery.

I am certainly no expert, only recently jumping onto this soapbox, but my internet research has uncovered a few things to share. Men who develop an enlargement in their breast tissue have a higher rate of developing cancer. We all make jokes about ‘man boobs’, but Gynecomastia can be caused by hormonal imbalances, obesity, habitual marijuana use, liver disease or as a side effect to some medications. My research turns up conflicting reports about whether or not Gynecomastia increases the risk of developing breast cancer, but WHY TAKE that chance? If you have this condition, get yourself checked out … frequently. Another condition that cause enlargement in men is called Klinefelter Syndrome. This is a rare genetic problem in which a man has an extra X chromosome and DOES indicate an increased risk. Other risk factors include cirrhosis of the liver (alcoholism), having a family history of an alteration of the BRCA2 gene and prolonged exposure to radiation. This is but a small sampling of possible causes … I urge you to educate yourselves as to other possible causes.

Finally, do not allow ‘embarrassment’ to kill you! Peter Criss, the original drummer in one of my favorite rocks bands, KISS, is a male breast cancer survivor, and he is ‘out there’ and trying to educate the public! What saved Peter Criss? EARLY DETECTION! He noticed something and got it checked out, he did not wait, he was not embarrassed … and he IS alive and well. Richard Roundtree (the original ‘Shaft!’) is another celeb who was saved by early detection. And before anyone jumps to conclusions … no, I do not have breast cancer, but someone who I love does. Thanking God every minute that my loved one is a stubborn man! He noticed a lump and got it checked out. His doctor told him that he was too young (66?!?! TOO YOUNG?) to be overly concerned about this, but he insisted on having the lump removed and tested. The results came back as stage 1 cancer. Again thanking God, his prognosis for a full recovery is excellent … but ONLY because of early detection!

Please … ladies love your husbands enough, and all of us love our fathers, brothers, sons, friends and relatives enough to share this with them. Breast cancer is NOT just a ‘lady’s disease’! Encourage them … love them … support them …..

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2/13/10; What Now? (Post Super Bowl Rut)

We are now one week removed from Super Bowl XLIV. What now?

Twenty-five years ago at this time, I would be in a rut. I might be watching some NCAA College Basketball, I was REALLY into Duke back then. The NBA could hold my interest for half a game or so. If it was an Olympic year, like this year, I would catch some of that as well. I rarely watched hockey, heck, it was rarely on TV anyway. I would not be all that interested in The Daytona 500, although I would watch a few laps and try to catch the end of the race next week. Perhaps a little PGA golf would make its way onto my set. And even though the Pittsburgh Pirates were going through a downslide, I would be paying attention through my local sports page (The Altoona Mirror). There were periods when some of my friends would rent a court and we would play a little hoops, but as far as spectating, I guess my main interest at that time would have been catching AAHS boys and girls basketball games as they neared post-season play.
Post Super Bowl RUT? YES

Twenty years ago was even worse. College and NBA basketball held about the same place in my heart. There was more hockey on the tube and Mario Lemieux finally was getting some help. The winter of 1990 was a prelude to the back to back Stanley Cups the Pens would win the next two seasons and this was the first time I really paid any attention to the NHL's regular season. It would be another five years before I developed any interest in NASCAR beyond the 'catching a few laps' mode. And even though the Pirates were playoff favorites during this time, I paid little attention to the off season. Even local high school sports held little interest for me during this period.
Post Super Bowl RUT? YES

Ten years ago, I began to find sporting events that grabbed me during the winter lull. I had finally started getting into NASCAR racing and looked forward to Daytona nearly as much as the Super Bowl. I finally had the internet, so this time of the year was full of paying attention to everything that was going on in MLB leading up to Spring Training. I watched every Duke basketball game that was on the air, which led me into watching more games of many varied teams. The NHL was in its own lull for me personally, Mario nearing the end and Sydney Crosby not even on my radar yet. But, I would begin to chart the NFL draft within a week of the Super Bowl. I watched quite a bit of golf and had somehow morphed into this guy who loved watching the Winter Olympics. My kids were getting to that age, and I was spending time watching and coaching my son play basketball in addition to taking him to local games. Truly, my children filled the void for the most part.
Post Super Bowl RUT? Yeah, I guess I still had it

Now I find myself in 2010. I have absolutely no interest in the NBA at all. College basketball does not hold my interest for long either. As I age, I find the lack of discipline and teamwork to be a shameful development in the sport. I still enjoy watching high school basketball when there is no "I" in "TEAM". I am paying some attention to everything leading up to Daytona, but it does not hold a place in my life or heart that it once did. Golf has become boring if they are not playing in a Major Tournament, so this time of the year is bland. I am no longer that guy who charts the NFL draft constantly, I'll wait until a week or so before the draft.

So WHAT DOES hold a former sports junkie's attention as I face middle age?

I am VERY into The Winter Olympics. For some reason I find the winter portion of 'The Games' to be more interesting than the The Summer Games. I love watching hockey now, and not just the Pens. As I age I find this game to be refreshing, I guess it's the fact that even though there are 'superstars', no team is successful without involving the WHOLE TEAM. I am watching what is going on in baseball, every team. And yes, I am the eternal optimist, hoping and praying that this is the year the Pirates break through and win at least 82 games. And lest we forget recruiting for NCAA football!

The thing is ...... I am soon turning 46 years old. I am remarried with six children between us. I have my work, and dreams of starting my own business. I find myself starting to plan where I would like to live when all the kids are self sufficient (Myrtle Beach, here I come). My priorities have changed. I still love sports, but there is just so much more to life. It took me all of this time and one failed marriage to learn this. If it sounds pitiful or stupid that it took me so many years to get to this point, please do not judge me. I have friends, and know of many others, who are so locked into sports that it takes precedence over everything else. I look outside of my home here in Central PA and see a driveway that badly needs attention after three feet of snow has fallen while I have been at work all week. There is college and high school issues concerning the kids to deal with. And I still need find time to make sure that my wife knows that she is the most important person in my world.

2/13/2010, Post Super Bowl RUT? I love the NFL & The Super Bowl, but I know that there will be another year (God willing), and football will return. I don't even miss it. So ......

In a rut? Well, yea. Snow, snow, snow and work, work work will do that to a man. But not because of sports. Please take my advice, if you ever find yourself in a rut because your favorite sports season has just ended, open your eyes and look around. The worst 'RUT' one can ever find themselves in is the type that isolates your world .... and as great as sports are, there is so much more out there.

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Sportstalk Radio

Mike & Mike ..... Colin Cowherd ..... Jim Rome ...... Scott Van Pelt ........

I am the true demographic of daytime sports talk radio .... as are those like me. WE are the people who are stuck in some sort of vehicle working each and every day. WE listen as much as possible as we drive from one location to the next, interupted when we arrive at our destination and leave said vehicle while we make a delivery, a sales call or stop to see a patient. WE are the folks, who because of those interuptions, only get to hear a percentage of these shows, yet we STILL are the ones who know enough to crush a '5-Hour Energy' when our day bogs down ..... we ALWAYS click on the 'radio microphone' at the top right hand corner of the '' and then type in either 'c-o-l-i-n' or 'r-o-m-e' to get "SPECIAL DEALS" ...... we check out '' to save on postage, click on '' to do self-service legal work, put Tabasco on pizza (it makes NY style newyorkier) and we understand what the phrase "maintenance for our man-suit" means. MOST of us are NEVER able to make a call to shared our take and we rarely find ourselves in a position to contribute with an email. But day after day, week after week and year after year, WE are still there ..... listening ..... telling only ourselves what we would say if only we could get on the air with Greeny, Golic, Colin, Romey or SVP.

Over the next few entries to this blog, I am going to delve more deeply into this subject, share my feelings towards each of the shows and the talent therein. Here's hoping someone out there is checking out my blog and joins in.

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Vick, SMU and Volleyball

Pondering the most recent items that I consider BIG DEALS .......

Michael Vick wins 'courage' award? I started shaking my head before I read ANY of the info on this one. From what I understand, Vick has not even been a good clubhouse guy, and beside the game against Atlanta, he hasn't played all that great. I could go on about how 'real courage' is taking care of your ailing 87-year old mother fulltime while dealing with the recent news that one of your children has MS, like my friend Karen. But really, how many NFL players deal with something like that? Realistically, Donovan McNabb is a much more deserving recipient, coming back over and over from injury and then dealing with his coach sending in some dummy on half the third-down plays to run 'The Wildcat'.

SMU: From childhood through my mid-twenties I was definitely such a Penn State 'HOMER' that I did not root for any other college teams (except USC, loved that big white horse). As a 45-year old adult, I am so blessed to be able to remember some of the great college players and great moments that I have witnessed. Johnny Rodgers of Nebraska and Greg Pruitt of Oklahoma making such moves that everyone else seemed to be playing in mud, Joe Montana leading Notre Dame to a come from behind victory in The Cotton Bowl, Flutie's Hail-Mary pass Vs Miami and Dan Marino carving up defenses for Pitt just to name a very few. One of the best memories was watching SMU's Pony Express of Craig James and Eric Dickerson run all over the place. Soon thereafter, SMU suffered the NCAA's first 'Death Penalty'. That being said, it was heartening to see what SMU did to Nevada in The Hawai'i Bowl, completing a sporting resurrection. Congrats to June Jones and all SMU fans! If Jones sticks around, the Mustang program should keep improving. I was a little busy preparing for Christmas morning during the telecast, but I did at one point hear the announcers say something about the good recruiting class that would be arriving before next season. Continued good luck to SMU and their fans!

Did anyone not affiliated (or a fan of) Penn State or Texas witness the Women's NCAA Volleyball championship match? I have to admit that I am not a frequent spectator of volleyball, except for my daughters' games, but I do watch the Lady Lions when they go far in the tournament, which has been quite frequently these past years. I watched the last two years as they dismantled the opposition in what looked like romps, and then again in the semis this year. However, this year's championship tilt was a match for the ages. Texas jumped out to a 2-0 set lead behind the awesome play of Destinee Hooker. This girl came from everywhere and was dominating the match. Penn State was definitely off their game, but dug down deep behind superstar Megan Hodge who, despite playing one of her worst matches in this, her last game as a collegiate , reached a level of leadership that few of her age could define, let alone demonstrate. Fellow Senior, Alisha Glass, came up with some nice play and Freshman , Darcy Dorton, stepped up big as the Penn State ladies made a historic comeback to secure their third straight National Championship and keep their streak of 102 straight victories intact. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!! You've made us so proud!

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or