Posted on: June 17, 2009 5:32 pm

This Pirate Ball Jabronie

Anyone read this guys shit? I mean, ya gotta be socrates to understand where hes goin half the time and a extra stregnth NO Doz wouldnt help either. He recently posted that i was No OFG, well let me and my fans tell you mr. Pirateball that I took many years fightin the hard fight in the minors, gettin banged up losing seasons, not being invited back to leagues cause i was Simple Jack Fantasy FULL RETARD. I worked my way to where I am over years on this horrible site. I have strategies that are older than the pirates losing seasons streak. I have visable public history spelling out my rise thru the ranks to level three while also maintaing my Superstar level on the boards and in the community. I am Certainly OFG-SUS, the term was invented FOR me. Post away, it wont win you any chip PirateBall, You are still learning the ways of the OFG. One day we may see things from the same prospective but for now hand me my 9 iron and step aside.
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