Posted on: May 5, 2009 10:59 am

rough game

The thrill of front row seats at any event is always amazing.  that being said the game i saw last night was nothing for cardinal fans to cheer about.  the baseball highlight of the night was a grand slam for hometown boy Ryan Howard.  the Cardinals had a good offensive performance out of Joe Thurston with three doubles and the Cardinals only RBI.  The bullpen also looked pretty good surreneding zero runs and striking out 7.  so a few positives come out of a rough loss.
the story of the game, however, was Rick Ankiel's collision with the wall in left field.  It was horrible to see and of course they dont show the replay at the game so most fans had no idea how he was doing. Upon hearing this morning that all tests had come back negative and that he could return as early as the end of the weak i was completely relieved.  that looked like it could have been horrible and career ending. Not sure how the situation unfolded in the field, but Ankiel hit the wall pretty much in the middle of left field.  i am sure the ball was tailing in that direction, but from my seat it looked like Duncan could have had a better play on the ball if he would have gotten a good read.  Then again, Ankiel probably called him off because he knew better. 
on a down side niether my brothers nor myself captured any foul balls although we were in a primo location.  in fact, my brother's friend(a cordial invite after my other brother could not make it) caught one ball durring BP and another foul ball durring the game.  i actually thought that he would be nice, return the favor for the ticket, and give my 14-year-old brother one of the balls.  nope.  he didnt have a clue.  i would like to think that, at 19 years old, i would have done the right thing, but who knows.  BOO for my brothers friend.
Also, there were a number of fans in the bleecher seats snapping photos of the saga in left field.  While the Cardinals gathered around their fallen teammate, fans were taking advantage of the situation and getting some pics.  poor form STL fans.  in a city that is usually known for its good sports fans and sportsmanship that was definately a down point for me. 
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