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MLB realignment

All the talk about moving either Houston or Arizona to the AL is simply just dumb. Everyone knows that expansion has been Bud Selig's baby (having added Colorado,Florida,Arizona and Tampa..all have either won or been to a World Series). This is the simplest way to solve this problem. You add a team in Portland and Las Vegas to the AL. You have 2 more natural rivalries (Seattle/Portland and Vegas/Arizona) and you create 4, 4 team division just like in football and hockey....and we know how well it has worked there.

realignment would look something like this

NL West- Dodgers,Giants,Padres,Colorado
NL North- Chicago,Milwaukee,St Louis,Cincy
NL South- Arizona,Houston,Atlanta,Florida
NL East-  Philly,Mets,Pittsburgh,Washington

AL West- Angels,A's Seattle,Portland
AL North- Minnesota,Chicago,Detroit,Cleveland
AL South-Vegas,Texas,Tampa,Kansas City
AL East-  Yankees,Sox,Baltimore,Toronto

Not quite optimum but better than moving people around and then taking the luster off of Selig's other baby...interleague play. Plus Selig can then go ahead with expanding the playoffs.... but to do that he will need to scale back to 154 regular season games for sure.

Imagine if you will...a playoff like this:

and the winners take on Atlanta and Philly in round 2


and the winners take on the Yanks and Sox

could work favorably for everyone involved IMO
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Posted on: November 29, 2009 12:31 pm

Dodgers forecast - 2010

Ok, so we are 79 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting. That's the good news. The bad news? We are 79 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting and we have an owner going thru a VERY messy divorce. Do the words San Diego Padres mean anything to any of you?

The Dodgers made the most of the season that they were dealt. Do I think that we would have done more if Manny had not taken a 50 game vacation? Probably not much more. Not with the pitching we have. Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp vaulted themselves in the national spotlight and figure to do more in 2010. Clayton Kershaw is well on his way to becoming an ace, but he is not there yet. Chad Billingsley still could become an ace but not sure if he will EVER get there.

All that being said... here is one man's humble opinion on what the Dodgers need to do to at worst go beyond just being a division winner.

1. I say go all in and make the deal for Roy Halladay. I think if you include BOTH Billingsley and Russ Martin with 2 high level prospects, that deal gets done. 

2. If we lose out on Halladay, then make a play for John Lackey. He probably will cost less than Doc to sign long term.

3. Resign Vicente Padilla. I think he needed the change of scenery and he pitched very well down the stretch for us. I could easily see 12 or 13 wins from him as a #4.

4. If the Yankees let him go, sign Chien Ming Wang. Of course only if the trade is NOT made for Halladay. Torre loves him and the feeling is mutual. Make the contact contingient on numbers of starts, innings and such and no more than about 5 million total for 1 year to see what he does.

By doing that we have a rotation that will look one of 2 ways

Plan A would be Halladay,Kershaw, Kuroda, Padilla and Wang
Plan B would be Lackey, Billingsley, Kershaw, Kuroda, Padilla

either set of 5 looks good.

In the bullpen, we need to make sure Sherrill comes back and we will fill spots depending on deals that get made. McDonald, Elbert and Troncoso could all be chips for deals to be made, so we may have spots to fill then.

Ok, now on to the offense....

1. If the deal for Halladay does NOT get made, we MUST make a play for Adrian Gonzalez. I understand that any deal for A Gone will include James Loney but we need more power in the lineup and A Gone does not equal a HUGE drop in defense from Loney.

2. If the deal for Halladay does happen, you play Name That Molina... and I say Jose is the better option. Cheaper and younger.

3. The Royals have inquired about AJ Ellis and Cory Withrow and are willing to send Alberto Callaspo this way. Even if it means sending another low level prospect with them, get that deal done. Callaspo is young and can get on base and is going to be paid about 10% of what Hudson, Belliard, Scutaro or DeRosa will command. Makes financial sense.

4. Make a firm choice between Andrew Lambo and Xavier Paul and then use the other as a trade chip for Halladay or Gonzalez..PERIOD!
    BTW... i myself would choose Paul.

5. Look at the veterans still left around February 1st. Belliard might still be out there and would be a great utility guy even for the money he might still command.

so for the offense Plan A looks like this

Furcal,Ethier,Manny,Loney,Kemp,Blake,Molina, Callaspo

and plan B shapes up like this


Ok... 1 last thing that the Dodgers need to do. This is upstairs. We all know what is going on with the McCourts. Jackie says she has financial backing to buy the team from Frank. Rumor has it that her financial backing is MARK CUBAN!!! I, for one, love the idea of Cuban owning this team. He turned an almost completely dead Dallas Mavericks team into a consistent winner with a Steinbrenner like passion for spending money to win at all cost. Sometimes he was right, sometimes he was wrong...just like Steinbrenner. It is a good business deal for Cuban because he wont have to try to put butts in the seats... we already draw 3 million a year. But if he goes out and Gets Halladay or A Gone or god forbid BOTH.... he will make money hand over fist because there will not be an empty seat... all the way to the first week in November.

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All Star Teams 2009

Now we all know that the fans don't always get the All Star starters right, but in this case this season seems to be on the money as long as the stupid "We want Manny" people don't go nuts in the last couple weeks here. Plus it will be interesting to see if A Rod overtakes Longoria, cuz that flat out removes one reserve since A Rod wont get selected by Maddon IMO
Now since every team needs to have 1 rep selecting reserves and pitchers can sometimes get tricky... but this is my humble opinion:

American League Starters

C-    Mauer
1B-  Teixeira
2B-  Pedroia
SS-  The Captain
3B-  Longoria
OF-  Bay, Ichiro and Crawford (Hamilton will win the spot but wont play)

AL Reserves
C/IF - Inge : he is having a great season and could be the backup catcher for a inning or 2
1B -   Cabrera
1B -   Morneau
1B-    Pena : having a great season and again Maddon takes his guy
2B -   Kinsler
2B -   Hill
SS-    Bartlett: I choose him over Scutaro because Bartlett can play in the OF and with Hamilton out, Maddon picks his guy
3B-    Young
OF-    Jones (Orioles only rep), Hunter, Cruz (takes Hamilton's spot), Lind

AL Pitchers
Starters- Halladay, Grienke, Saunders, Slowey, Weaver, Buehrle, Wakefield and Verlander
Relievers- Papelbon, Fuentes, Bailey (Oakland's lone rep), Jenks

Now for the winning league.... the NL

 C-  Yadi Molina: leading the votes right now and he is actually doing well offensively and is the BEST defensive catcher in the game
1B-  Pujols: DUH
2B-  Utley
SS-  Han Ram
3B-  Wright
OF-  Ibanez, Beltran and Braun

NL Reserves

C-    McCann: although a case could be made for playing name that Molina with adding Benji to the team
1B-  Fielder, Howard and A Gon
2B-  Hudson
SS-   Tejada, Guzman
3B-  Zimmerman, Reynolds
OF- Carlos Lee, Soriano, Hawpe

NL Pitchers

Starters - Billingsley, Duke, Lincecum, Cain, Lowe, Marquis, Cueto, Santana
Reliever- Bell, Broxton, K-Rod, Hoffman

The teams this year with 1 rep are the Royals, Reds, Mariners, D Backs, Orioles, A's  and Padres

I guess we will see if I think as well as Joe Maddon or Uncle Charlie!!!

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How the Dodgers will win the West

Ok, so here we are 25 games in and the Dodgers are tied for the best record in baseball. That is with 3 injuries to an already shaky pitching staff and Manny getting off to slow start in week 1. The young guns ( Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin ) are ALL benefitting greatly from Manny being in the 3 spot in the lineup.
We do have to find a way to start winning more games on the road. A .500 road record does not a World Series contender make!

A few things that Torre and his staff can do , IMO, to solidfy this team and allow them to run away and hide in the NL West.

1. James McDonald needs to go back to AAA and learn how to regain his control. It is obvious from his ERA of over 8 that he is not ready to be a starter in the majors ...YET

2. Make Jeff Weaver the #5 guy for the forseeable future. Yes I know, we all remember how bad he looked down the stretch in 2004, but he got his stuff right I think will be a serviceable option when a 5th starter is needed and otherwise can throw good innings out of the bullpen.

3. Move Russell Martin DOWN in the lineup. I would say bat him 7th, right in front of Blake. He is a contact hitter and therefore he either will be getting on base or moving a runner over for Blake to knock in.


4. Move Matt Kemp UP in the lineup. I am thinking 5th so you have a right, left, right, left, right from 3-7 with Manny, Ethier, Kemp, Loney and Martin. It will cause teams to need to use their situational pitchers in the bully more often.

5. Prepare Juan Pierre for a move at the deadline to get a veteran pitcher to add to the rotation for the stretch run. I love Pierre. Always have. But he just won't play everyday in LA now. Send him to Seattle for an Erik Bedard or Jared Washburn for the stretch run .

Bottom line is we are scoring runs at will and even when the bats are cold, we are finding ways to win close games. That is how championships are won my friends!
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GM for a day PART DEUX

OK... so the Peavy thing is not going to happen

There are really 2 schools of thought for how the Dodgers should spend the money they have available.
I personally like either one
A new interesting twist for the back end of the rotation, do you make a play for Unit or Pedro?? Either would be ok for less than 8 million.

Ok.. here is scenario #1
Sign Manny, Burnett, Crede or Blalock, Unit or Pedro and Furcal

I like this one for the name recognition and the bats in the lineup.

Scenario #2 goes like this
Sign CC, Dunn or Ibanez, Crede or Blalock, Looper, Unit or Pedro and Furcal

Scenario #2 would cost approximately $3 million more but still be within budget. It does not have the name value of scenario #1 but will ultimately give the same results.

Danny Ardoin is a great young backup... no need to spend money on Tek or Pudge or LoDuca.
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GM for a day

So many people ( myself included) have already started theorizing about what their favorite teams need to do to improve in 2009.
I have many theories... but they all start with one thing... GIVE MANNY THE MONEY!!!!!!
The Dodgers have no choice but to back up the Brinks truck for Manny. 4 yrs and 100 million should do the trick

Other things that could...or should be done.
-Resign Rafael Furcal...period. Whether he ends up at SS again or moves to CF, like I suggest, he NEEDS to be on this club next year. But he needs to take back end money to do it. Say 3 years, 36 million but 5-7  million this season to prove he is healthy.
-I am liking the rumblings I am hearing about the Dodgers possibly making a play for Jason Varitek. In no way does that mean Russell Martin is on the market. You simply move him to 3B and let him catch once a week to give Tek a break. Plus signing Tek would give Manny another reason to come back to that is just a bonus.
-Only give up Matt Kemp if Manny is resigned and, even then, only for Peavy or Halliday.... PERIOD!
- Trade Juan Pierre to the White Sox for prospects
- Pay for Andruw Jones to go back to Atlanta
- Make a play for AJ Burnett, even though I think he ends up in NYC. Also make play for Garland, Looper, Dempster and the Unit...maybe take a flyer on Mark Prior. He is a So Cal boy and if he can find his way back to health, might be a good presense in the bully like Chan Ho Park was in 2008. My educated guess is that 1 of those 4 will sign in LA and if you add Peavy or Halliday... starting pitching will NOT be an issue.
- Going back to the Kemp issue... another possibility could be Kemp for Brandon Phillips straight up.
- oh yeah, huge thing .....RESIGN Joe Beimel!!!!!
- sign Edgar Renteria
OK... lets assume Kemp is gone with Billingsley for Peavy... resign Manny, Furcal, Beimel.. sign Varitek and Renteria,this is how the team would look

CF Furcal
SS Renteria
LF Manny
1B Loney
RF Ethier
3B Martin
C Varitek
2B DeWitt

Reserves: Repko, Young, Ozuna, Ardoin and a couple spring surprises
Rotation: Peavy,Johnson,Kuroda,Kershaw,Looper
Bullpen: Wade, Prior, Beimel, McDonald, Elbert, Broxton

And there are your 2009 NL WEST CHAMPS!!!!!
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Posted on: October 16, 2008 9:52 pm

Dodgers 2008 Year in Review/ 2009 Year in Preview

Well a whirlwind 2.5 months has ended for the Dodgers and definitely not the way we fans wanted it to. The Dodgers completely lost themselves after Matt Stairs hit the cover off the ball in game 4 of the NLCS.  Many questions now stare GM Ned Colletti and owner Frank McCourt square in the face...

Question #1 - Do you give Manny the money??
Answer -- UMM YES.... The Dodgers really have no choice but to do it. There has not been this much buzz in Chavez Ravine since 1988. McMoneybags needs to go ahead and pony up the dough. This leads to.....

Question #2 - What other holes do the Dodgers have for 2009 and how can they be fixed?
Answer -  In my humble opinion, the Dodgers will lose Lowe, Penny, Furcal and Nomar to free agency. I also feel that Kent will retire. If the Dodger brass were smart, they would pay Andruw Jones to stay home. I think that they need to resign Casey Blake to maybe a 2 year deal if they can get him to take it. Also a big order of business is to resign Joe Beimel. Anytime you have a lefty out of the pen like that, you keep him.
Will they have the money to get Manny and say someone like CC Sabathia? Probably not. My solution to that is in the long run actually better.
SIgn Manny, Blake and Beimel. Then make offers to Orlando Hudson  (in case Blake wants more than we want to give), Braden Looper, Ryan Dempster, John Garland and John Lackey. In an earlier blog I stated sign Manny and K-Rod, but I just don't think we can afford both. This is a better and much more cost efficient option.

Oh... and a message to Ned Colletti, RESIGN ANGEL BERROA and just plug him in at SS and in the #8 spot in the lineup. Furcal can make the great plays, but has ALWAYS had a tendency to get wild sometimes as shown last night. Berroa is a vacuum at SS and will give you .250 to .260 from the 8 hole for about 14 million per year less than Furcal.

Pierre is asking for a trade. Do that. He will fetch us a prospect or two and free us of another 9.5 million to spend elsewhere

With the ideas I put out there this is what the Dodgers could potentially look like in 2009 ..lets assume Blake is not signed

Starting Lineup:
2B Hudson, C Martin, LF Manny, RF Ethier, 1B Loney, CF Kemp, 3B Dewitt, SS Berroa

C Ardoin, IF Ozuna, OF Repko, IF Hu and we will see after spring about the other 2 spots on the bench

Billingsley, Lackey, Kershaw, Kuroda, Looper ( plus if Schmidt is healthy , that is going to be a plus)

Wade, McDonald, Kuo, Beimel, Broxton, Saito

Obviously a spot opens if Saito decides not to come back....

All I know is that we made HUGE strides with a team that was filled with injuries all year long and Colletti and McMoneybags need to fill the holes and help the Dodgers become the class of the West again and not just win the division by defualt.

Random Thoughts:
- The Blues are still looking fantastic... I know it is early, but they SURE look like a team who WANTS to win
- KSU needs a win this weekend in Boulder or they will fall short of a bowl game. Prince is gone at season's end either way
- Rays win the World Series in 6 games
- Can someone please tell me what is going to happen with the outdoor hockey game on New Years Day in Chicago if it is not cold enough for it to really look like a hockey game??
- WIth the Cowboys in disarray, can the Rams take advantage and beat an NFC East team 2 weeks in a row?
- Do any college hoops fan notice that the Big XII is going to have a HUGE drop off this season??

More after the weekend...

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