Posted on: September 15, 2008 1:58 pm
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NFC East Breakdown

Ok. The last time I posted a thread, I didn't think anyone would bother to dig it out of the bottom of the threads. But they did. So, in creating this my first blog, I will consider that someone may see it, and comment. My last thred had a few visitors who found ecception to what I had to say, however they were civil in their remarks. HERE IS MY BREAKDOWN OF THE NFC "BEAST"

Lets start with the world champions!

Giants: Jints fans are very learned, and believe it or not "down to earth about thier club. Talking to a NY fan, one hears and feels the smuggness just oozing out of them. Why not NY teams have so many "everythings". The good old North Jersey, New York (Metro) and CT crowd can play that game. They play it well. They talk trades. they toss stats, they "think" every other team in the division is a "W" for them, even while calling for their coached head, and goinfg 6 and something ... dosn't matter who, dosn't matter when, WE ARE ALL 'W's" in their eyes.

Cowchips: The people I know in Texas (that are Dallas fans). Are very much like all the rest of the country with thier passion for the game and their team. ...I't basically Go 'Boyz ... and the the 'ell wit da rest Y'All. It's the Troy, Michael. Emmett, loving "bandwagoneers" that kill it for me. They lost their last game of the season last year, but that didn't stop=em from telling EVERBODY and ANYBODY how many Superbowl rings they have. Thse fans which I speak of are like ants at a picnic Heck even  the finest looking woman in the world wearing a #8 Jersey is desirable, but wjen she starts tossing stats and "superbowl" rings around, she becomes just another "SIX PACK"

Redskins: Not much gouing on in our nationa capitol these days ('cept for the usual). I mean since the death of the Hogs, and the birth of Danial Snyder, Washington is becoming the "LA" of the east. (no offense Bingo if you read this). Granted they sell out their stadium at a record pace and "will" there tickest to the next unlucky family member, but, where are you in the 4th quarted? You don't hear-em snot-in, or woofin, you very rerely see anyone own up to the fact that the forskins even excist. ... Hey Man Surf's Up!!

Eagles: Ahhhh the cradle of Liberty, birthplace of America, ... wait cowchip "wagoneers" have claimed all the patriotic stuff. The fans in Philadelphia, know what they like, and they Know what they don't like, they let you hear it either way. No rings to toss around, maybe we'll never see one, but it won't keep the Philly faithful away, although not complacent with "just misses" the Fans in Philly like the fact they can beat anyone, anyday,....unless it's an AFC team who is not as good on paper as we are.


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