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Overtime - Week 2 Top 25 Picks

We start Week 2 of the college football season and the biggest game of the year (or should it be most over hyped game of the year) is upon us - USC at Ohio State. Most of the top schools play cupcakes again and we won't actually tell how good Florida or Texas really are this week. Another great game on the schedule this week is Notre Dame at Michigan...we should be able to tell a lot from both programs by the end of the weekend.

Note: All times are Eastern and TV schedule is based off schedule

Saturday, September 12
Troy at No. 1 Florida - 12:21 pm (ESPN360)
This is just another preseason game for the Gators - Troy shouldn't give them anything to worry about and Tebow & Co. will continue to be No. 1 in the polls with no true test.
Florida over Troy - 56-3

No. 2 Texas at Wyoming - 3:30 pm
Another game that won't cause any problems for the dominate Longhorns. Colt should continue to pad his numbers via a BS opponent.
Texas over Wyoming - 52-10

No. 3 USC at No. 8 Ohio St. - 8 pm (ESPN/ESPN 360)
This game has all the makings to be a classic, but if its anything like last year's game, it could also become one of the most over-hyped games of the year. I know USC is starting a true freshman at the Shoe, but behind a veteran offensive line, Barkley should be asked to hand off a lot and you might not see a lot of deep passes from the frosh either. Ohio St. might have been looking ahead to this game last week against Navy, but if they play anywhere near as bad, it will be another long day for the Buckeyes. Look for it to be interesting into the half with Pryor making a few plays with his feet that will drive SC fans crazy. However, this is Pete Carroll and he is one of the best at making adjustments so look for the defense to clamp down on Pryor and force him to throw.
USC big over Ohio St. - 36-10

Florida Int'l at No. 4 Alabama - 7 pm (ESPN 360)
Another BS game for a SEC team.
Alabama over FIU - 49-0

Houston at No. 5 Oklahoma St. - 3:30 pm
Oklahoma St. looked great at times against the Bulldogs last week, but the Georgia defense did have a few nice stops against the Cowboys. I don't see Houston being able to stop the offensive power of Bryant, Robinson and Hunter.
Oklahoma St. over Houston - 42-7

Syracuse at No. 7 Penn St. - 12 pm (Big 10 Network)
Syracuse could have started the season off with a nice win against Minnesota last week in overtime, but an interception in the end zone killed any chance of winning. Penn St. will roll over the 'Cuse, but look for it to be close through the first quarter, after the Nitty Lions get warmed up its all over.
Penn St. over Syracuse - 38-14

No. 9 BYU at Tulane - 3:30 pm - (ESPN2/ESPN 360)
BYU is coming off a big emotional win against OU last week, but most solid second-tier teams could have picked off the Sooners after Bradford went out of the game and it doesn't help that TE Gresham was out too. BYU should win easily against the Wave but look for it to be close in the first half.
BYU over Tulane - 44-13

E. Washington at No. 10 Cal - 5:30 pm
Cal won't have a problem with Eastern Washington.
Cal over EWU - 52-0

Vandy at No. 11 LSU - 7 pm (ESPNU)
LSU won last week against Washington, but the Huskies gave them everything they had. LSU looked sloppy at times, especially on defense but I don't see that happening this week against in-conference Vandy.
LSU over Vandy - 31-10

Miami (OH) at No. 12 Boise St. - 8 pm (ESPN 360)
Another blah game for the WAC Champs - no wonder they go undefeated every year - lame ass schedule.
Boise St. over Miami (OH) - 44-3

Idaho St. at No. 13 OU - 7 pm
OU will bounce back after a horrible lost to BYU last week. The bigger lost is TE Gresham (season) and QB Bradford (2-4 weeks). It will be interesting to see how the Sooners respond and with games against Idaho St. and Tulsa before the Miami (FL) showdown, let's hope Stoops & Co. can find some offense.
OU over Idaho St. - 30-3

Marshall at No. 14 VT - 1:30 pm (ESPN 360)
VT will bounce back in this game after the tough loss to Alabama last weekend. Marshall shouldn't pose much of a threat to the Hokies - as long as they aren't still emotionally down from last week - VT all the way.
VT over Marshall - 35-10

No. 16 TCU at Virgina - 3:30 pm (ESPNU)
Virgina loss to a D-IAA team last week - that's pathetic! TCU should destroy the Cavs.
TCU over Virgina - 42-0

No. 17 Utah at San Jose St. - 10:30 pm (ESPNU)
San Jose St. keep the USC scoreless through one quarter, but once the Trojans warmed up, game over. The Utes should have no problem against the Spartans as they continue to search for an offense.
Utah over San Jose St. - 38-17

No. 18 Notre Dame at Michigan - 3:30 pm (ABC)
This is my Upset Game of the Week. I think if this game is played at Notre Dame, they win...but since its not, they lose. Michigan looked surprising good last week - granted against Western Michigan - but I expected a closer game. Notre Dame still has a lot of questions to answer and this could prove their week to respond. I just see this coming down to one big play in the final moments and I'd take Rich Rod over Charlie Weis any day!
Michigan over Notre Dame - 24-21

No. 19 North Carolina at UConn - 12 pm (ESPNU)
This is going to be a close game, especially now with 2 NC players out with the swine flu. UConn always seems to do well, but it just can't keep on a winning track for very long. Surprised as I am to say - between two basketball schools and a Duke fan - I'll take the Tar Heels.
NC over UConn - 28-14

South Carolina at No. 21 Georgia - 7 pm (ESPN2/ESPN 360)
South Carolina looked horrible last Thursday night against NC St. Georgia had signs of life against the Cowboys - I look for Georgia to throw against a lackluster Gamecocks secondary, even with Cox sick, the Bulldogs still have the better team, at least on paper.
Georgia over South Carolina - 24-17

Arkansas St. at No. 22 Nebraska - 2 pm
Nebraska will win!
Nebraska over Arkansas St. - 36-0

SE Missouri St. at No. 23 Cincinnati - 7:30 pm (ESPN 360)
Seriously, Southeastern Missouri St.? It sounds like a school out of "Waterboy."
Cincinnati over SEM St. - 42-3

No. 24 Kansas at UTEP - 7:30 pm
I like Coach Price at UTEP, but Kansas has way too many athletes for UTEP to compete for 60 minutes.
Kansas over UTEP - 34-7

Bowling Green at No. 25 Missouri - 7 pm
Missouri destroyed Illinois last weekend when I thought Juice Williams would actually show up and the Illini would finally get their win...didn't happen. Bowling Green won't be able to stay with the high power offense that Missouri once again has, even without the 2 Chases.
Missouri over BG - 28-3

Extra Game Pick
UCLA at Tennessee - 4 pm (ESPN/ESPN 360)
Okay, so I picked this game for several reasons - first its UCLA and I'm a Trojan fan and secondly, Coach Kiffin (Jr.) is the head coach of the Vols and lastly, I just love the song "Rocky Top!" Seriously, I didn't see UCLA play last weekend but did see the highlights and though it was against San Diego St. the Bruins did look pretty good. As for the Vols, I know they played a far inferior team, but they surprised me big time. I'll take Vols QB Eric Crompton and Safety Eric Berry over the Bruins...
Vols over the Bruins - 33-17

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