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Brewers finally show some optimism about Fielder

Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:46 am
DALLAS -- Could Prince be the one who stays?

Remember, the assumption all along was that Albert Pujols was the guy who wasn't going anywhere, the guy who was destined to re-sign with the Cardinals. And perhaps he still will.

Prince Fielder was the guy on his way out the door, the guy who was going to get big offers that the Brewers were not going to match. And perhaps that's still true.

But Sunday, even as Pujols' future was in a little more doubt, with reports that the Marlins plan to strongly pursue him after signing Jose Reyes, there was a hint of optimism from Brewers people about their chances at keeping Fielder.

None of them were out and out predicting that Fielder will stay. They acknowledged that a huge offer elsewhere could be too much for them to match.

But the same guys who have been saying for months that it was the longest of longshots were now insisting it could happen, for two reasons.

One, the early market for Fielder doesn't seem to have exploded. Teams are interested, including the Mariners, the Nationals and possibly the Rangers or Cubs. But the indications so far have been that the market may not go crazy.

Second, Brewers people never discount the competitiveness and aggressiveness of owner Mark Attanasio. And Attanasio seems to be indicating that he wants to make a real effort to keep his star first baseman.

None of that means that Fielder will be back in Milwaukee. But for the first time in quite a while, it actually seems possible.


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Posted on: December 6, 2011 9:40 am

Brewers finally show some optimism about Fielder

id give him 6 yrs and 120 million.  i think that is fair. braun got 5 and 105 and has been in the league less years.  i think anyone who says prince is over weight or his weight is going to be a problem past 5 years.  i dont believe so.  he's made tremendous strides to get his body weight down.  he looks much slimmer than what he used to look. And 1B isnt the most demanding job on the field on your body!  

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 9:08 am

Brewers finally show some optimism about Fielder

You are right on here... love prince but at what cost.

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:50 pm

Brewers finally show some optimism about Fielder

i am a huge brewer fan... i hope attanasio doesnt break the bank trying to keep prince in miiwaukee... at most id give prince is 5 years. he needs to go to a AL team in order to dh... with that body i dont think he can hold up for 7 to 8 years playing first everyday... besides we all know that pitching is king in baseball. spend your money now on a risky 1st baseman (my opinion the easist spot to fill) and pay the price later... dont get me wrong. prince has probably the second most power in baseball after batista in toronto but hes not worth the money and headache down the road... milwaukee would be better off going after a combo of aramis rameriz and carlos pena/kotchman for a couple years. just my thoughts. 

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 9:17 am

Brewers finally show some optimism about Fielder

      Not sure what it would take in terms of dollars or contract length (Milwaukee fans can enlighten me here) to keep Fielder on the Brew Crew but I hope they can swing a deal.  Milwaukee has a fine team and Fielder seems like a great fit and capable of being a franchise player, along with Braun.

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 1:21 am

Brewers finally show some optimism about Fielder

Stay, Prince. Don't be like everyone else and bolt for more money that you'll never even spend. The Brewers are a solid young team built for a few more runs at the title.

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