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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

Posted on: September 26, 2011 12:36 pm
Edited on: September 26, 2011 2:00 pm
I won't pretend to know what's going on in John Lackey's marriage, or in his obviously troubled mind.

But I will say this: Theo Epstein was wrong.

The Red Sox general manager insisted last week that his team is not a "soap opera." He was wrong.

The Red Sox most definitely are a soap opera, an increasingly bizarre soap opera, playing out alongside a bizarre wild-card race.

How does one affect the other?

That's just one more thing we don't know, and can't know.

We know that last week, a Yankee fan bragged on Facebook about serving Red Sox pitcher Erik Bedard with papers in a child support case, just hours before Bedard started a game against the Orioles.

We know that Sunday, Lackey said he received a text message just 30 minutes before taking the mound against the Yankees. The text was apparently related to a report that Lackey has filed for divorce from his wife Krista, who has been battling breast cancer.

The Lackey report showed up on, a website that normally deals with celebrity gossip -- and soap operas.

It made for a strange scene in the Red Sox clubhouse Sunday night, where most of the team was exhaling after a win that may have saved the Sox' season, while Lackey was steaming.

"Let's be honest one time," he snarled, in a question about three first-inning runs.

The honest truth about his pitching is that Lackey was good Sunday night, much better than he has been, good enough to help the Red Sox save their season.

The honest truth about Lackey's other issues is -- how do we know?

It sounds bad. Of course it does. And so many of us are inclined to believe it's bad, either because we find Lackey unnecessarily confrontational, or because we're mad about how bad he has been on the mound.

He's not exactly a sympathetic character, and wasn't, even before TMZ got involved.

How does one affect the other? Do his personal problems have anything to do with his pitching problems?

It can happen. I know that. I know that in years on the baseball beat, I've seen more than one player have a poor season that coincided with personal off-field issues.

In most of those cases, we never knew the full story, and didn't report the little that we did know. It wasn't done, and it still isn't done by most of the sports media.

We don't know the full story about John Lackey, not yet and maybe not ever. But in today's world, it does get reported, and in this world, Lackey and his team end up dealing with it.

The Red Sox have dealt with plenty in this strange month, from Bedard to Lackey to the report of a front-office "disconnect" that brought on Epstein's emphatic denial last week.

From all indications, he was right about the front office and manager Terry Francona. There doesn't seem to be a disconnect.

He was wrong about the soap opera.

This is a soap opera, and the next episode will play out Monday night in Baltimore.


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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

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Check that -- Red Sox are a soap opera

ALCS matchup - Texas vs. Detroit.  That will be great to watch.  Like the rest of the country not named NY or MA, we're all so f'ing sick of Red Sox/Yankees. 

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