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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

Posted on: August 19, 2011 11:48 am
Edited on: August 19, 2011 1:37 pm
We joke about the Cubs and the World Series.

Jim Hendry knew it was no joke. He knew that his job was to end the drought, just as it was Dusty Baker's job, and Lou Piniella's job, and Sammy Sosa's job.

At times, he'd even admit that if his Cubs didn't end the drought soon, ownership would have every right to find someone else to do it.

The drought continues, and now the Cubs will find someone else.

Friday's announcement that the Cubs have fired Hendry as general manager should come as no surprise, despite a few suggestions this summer that the Ricketts family liked Hendry. It shouldn't surprise us, and it can't surprise Hendry.

He had nine years to end a 103-year drought, and he couldn't do it.

In his first full season, the Cubs came within a game of getting to the World Series. In 2007, they won the National League Central. In 2008, they won 97 games and entered the playoffs as one of the World Series favorites.

They went through an ownership change that paralyzed the organization, but that's not enough of an excuse. He had plenty of money to spend, and in too many cases, he spent it poorly.

As he said Friday, "I got more than my fair chance."

It's time for someone else to try.

Who will that be?

The Cubs announced that Randy Bush, Hendry's assistant, will fill in as the interim GM. But theyre expected to hire someone else for the full-time job.

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said that he will begin the search immediately, and said he wants to find someone who is strong in player development, has an analytical background and comes from a winning culture.

There has been speculation in baseball that Pat Gillick could be headed to Chicago, but Gillick's friends say he wouldn't want to be a general manager again. Gillick apparently would be open to a job as club president, but Ricketts said Friday: "The new general manager will report directly to me."

Other names that are sure to come up are White Sox assistant Rick Hahn, who interviewed last year for the Mets job; Dodgers GM Ned Colletti, who grew up in the Chicago area and got his start in baseball many years ago with the Cubs; Yankees GM Brian Cashman, whose contract runs out at the end of the year (but is considered unlikely to leave); possibly Rays general manager Andrew Friedman, who has been more prominently mentioned in Houston; former Astros GM Gerry Hunsicker, working as an advisor with the Rays (and could also be a possibility in Houston); Rangers assistant Thad Levine; Blue Jays assistant Tony LaCava; and A's assistant David Forst.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski, a Chicago native, could well have been on the list, except that he just signed a four-year extension to remain in Detroit.

By this winter, there will likely be other GM openings, as well. Andy MacPhail is thought to be on his way out with the Orioles (either by his choice, ownership's or both), and it's expected that incoming Astros owner Jim Crane will replace Ed Wade. It's also possible that there could be a change in Seattle, where Jack Zduriencik's team is having another disappointing season.

Pirates GM Neal Huntington is also in the final year of his contract, and while he is expected to stay, the team's recent slump has caused some people to wonder what will happen.

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

It`s been Club Med  on the North side for YEARS!!!!  This man signed Milton Bradley for 3 years!!! Are you nuts!!  When you see guys like Soriano and Ramirez time and time again not hustle for years. It`s because on the Cubs you don`t have to hustle.  WHY?-- Because It`s CLUB MED.  Can you see if Zambrano was a every day player? He would of made Bradley look like a pussy cat!!  Next to get the ax--Quade.

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It's about winning it all, and Hendry didn't

Cubdave........... I agree completely.... Aramis has not been the problem over the past few years. He has been a very good clutch hitter. Zambrano is the one that's obviously got to go. Soriano too! I am 43 years old and have been die hard cubs since I grew up watching them on WGN since the early 80"s. God rest your soul Harry Caray!!!! Hopefully after we get Pujols next year we can find another couple good starters and might make the playoffs again.

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