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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

Posted on: July 31, 2011 9:57 am
Edited on: July 31, 2011 10:30 am
The Braves have acquired center fielder Michael Bourn from the Astros.

After starting out looking for a big outfield bat (the Braves were one of the teams most interested in Carlos Beltran), the Braves shifted their focus some after putting two center fielders (Jordan Schafer, Nate McLouth) on the disabled list. Bourn, regarded by some as the fastest player in baseball, should help.

In return for the 28-year-old Bourn, who leads the National League with 39 steals, the Astros get Schafer and three minor-league pitchers, Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens and Juan Abreu. Thus, the Braves were able to add an outfielder without surrendering any of their top pitching prospects (as they would have had to do to get Beltran, Hunter Pence or Carlos Quentin). The Astros also included cash to pay part of Bourn's $4.4 million contract.

Bourn will be under Braves control through next year, when he can become a free agent.

Schafer, still just 24 years old, was once considered one of the Braves' top prospects, but he has mostly struggled in the big leagues, with a .223 career batting average and .613 OPS. The Braves put him on the DL this week with a chip fracture in his left middle finger.

"Michael Bourn is a perfect fit for our club, which focuses on speed and defense to match up with our strong pitching," Braves general manager Frank Wren said in a statement.

The Astros have traded away Pence and Bourn, after trading Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman last July. They could still move pitchers Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers, although interest in the two was described as light as recently as Saturday night. New owner Jim Crane, who has yet to officially take over from Drayton McLane, plans to cut the major-league payroll to about $60 million next year (from $70 million at the beginning of this year), and hopes to totally rebuild the organization.

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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

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Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

We will see tonight if Bourn can light up this offense.  For him to be successful, he needs to 1) be willing to bunt his way on 2) go deep into the count, 3) get the green light from the manager to steal at any time including 3rd base.  4) Cover center field without mistakes. 

Doesn't sound like too much but the key is getting on base.  You can't steal 1st and without him on base those behind him can't score.  If he does get on base that means more fastballs for Prado and Prado is going to have to make the pitchers pay.

I saw a lineup someone posted and I think it would look more like this?


Freddy has shown he is ready to put McCann in the 3 hole and Jones in the 4 hole.  Freeman is to consistent to drop below the 5 hole and Uggla is comfortable in the 6 hole.  Although you could flip Freeman and Uggla around when facing a lefty. 

Now one final question.  I love Heyward, I think he has a lot of up side but I'd trade him and one of our quality pitchers for either Adam Jones of Baltimore or Mike Stanton of Florida.  Giving us a strong Right Handed bat in the line up.  Now that would make have to make a Philly fan quake a little.

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Posted on: August 1, 2011 10:45 am

Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

T-minus two months until a new beginning for this franchise. Fire everybody and start all over. Get rid of the red jersies. Punch Ed Wade in the face and put Mills back on the bench.

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Posted on: August 1, 2011 10:07 am

Braves get Michael Bourn from Astros

I think both of these teams got the guy they needed and both will benefit tremendously from it.  There is no way the Phils move Rollins out of the leadoff spot, which is probably what they would have done if they aquired Bourn.  The Phils needed a right handed bat with power and they got the best guy available (yes, this includes Beltran, a switch hitter).  The Braves needed some speed and with the type of park they play in, they needed a guy who can cover ground, and Bourn can certainly do that.  Both team improved and only the next few months will tell which one reaps the most benefit. 

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