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Tigers try again for Jimenez

Posted on: July 29, 2011 10:30 am
Edited on: July 29, 2011 12:31 pm
With their once-lengthy list of starting pitching targets shrinking, the Tigers are making another longshot run at top choice Ubaldo Jimenez.

The Tigers were considered to be basically out of the Ubaldo derby, because the Rockies valued other teams' prospects more highly.

But the Tigers are increasingly desperate to improve their rotation, fueling one more run at Jimenez, sources confirmed to Friday morning.

It still seems unlikely that the Tigers could actually get Jimenez. According to one source with knowledge of the talks, a Tiger package would need to start with Jacob Turner and/or Rick Porcello. Turner is the Tigers' top prospect, and has been declared near-untouchable in trade talks. Porcello is their 22-year-old third starter, and while Jimenez would be an upgrade, the Tigers would still have a hole in their rotation.

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski has been willing to move "untouchable" prospects in the past, if he likes the return enough. Both Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller were considered untouchable when Dombrowski put them together in a package for Miguel Cabrera at the winter meetings in 2007.

And the Tigers really are desperate for a pitcher. So far this season, they have a 41-23 record when they start Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer or Porcello, a 10-11 record with fourth starter Brad Penny, and a 4-16 record with any of the various pitchers they have used as fifth starters.

The Yankees and Red Sox are better positioned than the Tigers to get Jimenez, because of the value the Rockies put on their prospects. But it's possible that neither of the two American League East powers would budge on the players the Rockies covet, and perhaps that could put the Tigers in position to land Jimenez.

The Rockies continue to say that they won't trade Jimenez at all if they don't get the package they're looking for. The Indians, Reds, Rangers and Blue Jays have all been involved in Jimenez talks.

The Tigers remain interested in Hiroki Kuroda, and to some extent in Jeremy Guthrie and Aaron Harang. There was talk in baseball that they might go after Jason Marquis of the Nationals (one source suggested that the Nats like young Tiger reliever Ryan Perry), but that seems to be a lesser possibility at this point.

The Tigers also plan to have a scout watching Erik Bedard when he comes off the disabled list to start for the Mariners Friday night, but a move for Bedard is also considered unlikely.

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

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Tigers try again for Jimenez

If either Turner or Porcello is involved in the trade, I'd be totally against it.  Jimenez had two good seasons, a great season, and is now having a down season with his velocity decreasing.  I would package Andy Oliver, Ryan Perry, and Casper Wells together and that should get it done.  Oliver would start next year, Perry would make their roster as a long reliever, and Wells would probably start in a depleted Rockies outfield.  Out of the three, Wells would be the hardest to see go because at 6'2, 220 lbs, he has decent speed and power and can hit for average.  Just no Turner or Porcello..

Since: Jun 25, 2009
Posted on: July 29, 2011 8:23 pm

Tigers try again for Jimenez

As an enemy fan of the Tigers, please, please get Ubaldo Jiminez for Rick Porcello and Jacob Turner. Defnitely Turner. Jiminez's velocity is down in 2011, and his ERA is nearly double. It would be a big enough move to finally win the Central division, but not enough to win the ALCS. And the mortgaging of the future makes my Twins brain get all happy.

You don't know what you're talking about.  Ubaldo's stats this year ON THE ROAD and away from Coors field are great !!  Batters are only hitting .178 and his era is only 2.80.  His whip away from home is exactly ONE...  and he's given up one hr on the road all year long.  He struggles at home, Coors field is ridiculous to pitch in at times for pitchers. 

I'd trade Jacob Turner in a heartbeat for him.  I'd trade Porcello for him.  But NOT BOTH..... trading both defeats the purpose.  It means a better top 3 but still holes at 4 and 5.... The Tigers won't do that. 

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