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No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

Posted on: July 27, 2011 4:38 pm
Yes, the Phillies made an effort for Carlos Beltran, before backing down and allowing him to go to the Giants. Yes, the Phillies talked to the Astros about Hunter Pence, although it appears now that nothing will happen, and the Astros will look to deal Pence in the winter, instead.

And as usual, the Phillies' biggest acquisition this month might well be a pitcher.

The Phillies remain among the teams most interested in Padres relievers Heath Bell and Mike Adams, although like others they continue to complain about the high prices. The Phils have looked at the Orioles and other teams, as well, in hopes of finding bullpen help.

I know, the Phillies bullpen has been among the most successful in the game this year. Their three blown saves are the fewest in the majors, and only one of the three came in the ninth inning. And after playing much of the year with three closers (Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson and Jose Contreras) on the disabled list, the Phillies now have Madson and Lidge back on the active roster.

Fine. But fast-forward to October, because the Phillies are all about October.

Do you feel comfortable with Michael Stutes and Antonio Bastardo pitching late in games in the playoffs? Are you sure about Madson as your playoff closer? Will Lidge be healthy and strong enough to help?

People who talk to the Phillies say they're asking all of those questions themselves, and that the answer can be seen in their efforts on the trade market.

The Phillies will likely still look to acquire a right-handed hitter, but it may well be more of a platoon bat off the bench. That could change, obviously, depending on who is available, and it would be interesting to see if the Phillies went after Carlos Quentin, if the White Sox really make him available.

The Phillies didn't get Beltran, and they almost certainly won't get Pence. Don't be surprised if they end up with a reliever.

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No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

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No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

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No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

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No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 5:54 pm

No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

No Beltran, no Pence, no Worries.  It would have been nice to add a righthanded bat, and Amauro may still, but even if they don't they are still the best team in baseball.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 5:49 pm

No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

Agreed: No sense in coughing up Worley or one of the two top minor league pitchers--Cosart or Colvin--for a half-year of Beltran who's a better left-handed hitter and injury-prone heading for 35.  I was really worried we were about to see Blanton injured for the year, Oswalt come back half-strong, and Worley traded away.  Yikes. 

If the Phils can get Pence w/o losing Worley and one of the minor league arms, it's worth it to have a solid RH bat with consistency and years to play whose contract is intact for another year.  After this year, you're likely looking at a pretty different Phillies, with an older Rollins out of contract (maybe gone?), Ibanez likely gone, Lidge likely gone (unless he re-signs cheap and plays set-up man), a questonably healthy Utley, and a questionably healthy Polanco who's not getting any younger.  If Omaro wants to make the best use of his HOF pitchers, his skills will be most sorely tested this winter. 

But he can start with a decent RH bat now--and why does CBS say it won't be Pence?

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 5:23 pm

No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

 Quentin is a great option, if possible.
Agreed, if the price is right. Phils don't need to mortgage the future this season to win it all (again). 

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 4:54 pm

No Beltran, no Pence, but Phils want relievers

I wouldn't mind seeing Adams come over as he can be used in multiple roles, but enough with the relievers, Ruben.  To answer the question, yes, I absolutely do feel comfortable with Stutes, Bastardo, and Madson at the end of games.  Just because they're young doesn't mean they won't continue to be effective.  By the same token, should the Braves be looking to replace Venters and Kimbrel?  If Lidge gives anything useful at all, the 'pen is set.  Would Bell slot in as closer?  In that case, how do we know he wouldn't crumble in game 7 of the NLCS, given he's never been there either? 
Just leave well enough alone.  Get the RH bat the team so desperately needs.  Don't mind losing Beltran, as his RH stats this season aren't great anyway and he'd just be a rental for a ridiculous cost.  No Pence?  Disappointed, but fine.  Quentin is a great option, if possible.  But they'll have to add SOMEONE who can provide at least a threat off the bench from the right side .

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