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Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

Posted on: July 26, 2011 2:26 pm
Edited on: July 26, 2011 2:30 pm
It's still not clear whether the Cardinals will trade Colby Rasmus. But there's no doubt that the Cardinals are very willing to talk about Colby Rasmus.

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Sunday, Rasmus has drawn interest from the White Sox. According to sources, they're not alone.

The Giants and Nationals are both watching Rasmus during this week's series against the Astros, and the Cards made sure to put Rasmus in the lineup Monday night (he even had a good game).

For the Giants, Rasmus appears to be strictly a backup plan. Carlos Beltran remains the Giants' top target.

The Nationals could be a more interesting team to watch, because they have long been searching for a center fielder and Rasmus fits the prototype favored by Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo. Also, the Nats have pitching that they could trade (starters Jason Marquis and John Lannan have been mentioned by other teams as being available, as well as reliever Tyler Clippard).

For the Cardinals to trade Rasmus, they would likely need to get immediate pitching help in return. The bullpen continues to be a problem (the Cards have 19 blown saves, tied for second in the majors). Either a starter or a reliever (or relievers) could help, because the Cards could move Kyle McClellan from the rotation to the bullpen.

Rasmus has talent, but he hasn't exactly fit in with manager Tony La Russa. Scouts watching the Cardinals last weekend took notice when La Russa allowed reliever Jason Motte to bat in a situation where he could have used Rasmus as a pinch hitter, then put Rasmus in the game as strictly a defensive replacement.

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Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

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Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

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Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

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Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

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Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

The Giants are showing interest in rasmus?  The logic here escapes rationale.  The Giants are a team that are staying on top with their best catcher out and a average Lincecum at this point.  Beltran for a bat makes more sense but what happened to the farm system?  Imagine being a kid in single A ball and seeing that Rasmus could come over for an addition, not a true starter.  I am sure he would be looked at as a starter in name only because there are plenty of Bats that would preceed him.  The equation for success is based in part on the relationship between manager and player?  Hey if Rasmus can be a starter, does La Russa really care about anything else or should he?  Looking for pitching from a team that has it or isn't winning.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 12:32 am

Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

Please Sabean........just move on to the next opportunity. Rasmus is about the worst fielding centerfielder on the planet. Baseballs frequently miss his mitt, roll through his legs, roll  under his glove, fly over his head, and the return is minimal power and mediocre average. Plus he's a useless mouth piece of a primadonna. On a positive note, Colby did recently forget to squeeze his mitt for a double in which the Giants are eternally grateful for the 2-1 victory,  however now is not the time to be reminded of Dave Kingman and Glenallen Hill in the outfield.      

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 9:03 pm

Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

i think alot of the people posting are forgetting the biggest hurdle in rasmus staying a cardinal - he refuses to work with larussa and mcguire on his hitting, only taking advice and practice from his dad, who has baby'd him his whole career from toddlers playing t-ball all the way to the majors. And you know he has filled poor little colby with all of these illusions of granduer, telling him he is the best and has the most talent. lets see real quick, the last time rasmus had a complete season where he was good was A or AA ball. his refusal to work with coaching staff is what is delaying his progression. he takes BP in his backyard at his house so only his dad can pitch to him and tell him what to do. CUT THE CORD, or this guy will remain a whiny baby. to think, some people don't realize why the other cardinals dont like him in the clubhouse, when it is plain as day, rasmus is a clubhouse virus that the strong mgmt style of larussa has kept in check but his patience is wearing thin

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 7:37 pm

Rasmus could interest Nats, Giants

St. Louis should have traded Rasmus to the A's in the offseason. Now they won't get much in return. Oakland always has an abundance of quality pitching.

If the Cardinals offered Rasmus to the A's for "cheap" I'm not sure it's a good idea for Oakland to take him.

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