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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

Posted on: July 24, 2011 1:22 pm
Edited on: July 24, 2011 3:53 pm
With the Carlos Beltran derby heading into the final days, there were suggestions Sunday that the Phillies' interest has cooled, that the Rangers' interest has picked up and that the Giants are still heavily involved.

Meanwhile, the Mets continue to hold out hope that one team or another will agree to surrender its top prospect in return for Beltran, who is the best hitter on the free-agent market but is also strictly a rental player.

Beltran must approve any trade, and as many others have reported, his preference is to stay in the National League. But one person close to him said Sunday that it's possible that Beltran would approve a deal to the Rangers.

Texas fits some of Beltran's stated criteria, since the Rangers are likely to be in the playoffs and have a real chance of getting to the World Series. Also, the Rangers could offer Beltran regular playing time in the outfield, either by playing Beltran in center field or (more likely) by moving Josh Hamilton back to center.

Earlier this month, the Rangers seemed most focused on adding pitching, either in the rotation or the bullpen. They talked to the Rockies about Ubaldo Jimenez, and discussed relievers with the Padres.

But the Rangers sent a scout in to see Beltran at the end of the Mets' homestand last week, and by Sunday one rival official was suggesting that the Rangers could even be the favorite, because they had more prospects available and also could take on more of Beltran's salary.

The Braves, Red Sox, Pirates and even the Reds have been mentioned in connection with Beltran.

Because Beltran is easily the biggest impact hitter on the market, the Mets can justify asking for the world. What works against them actually getting it is that both the Giants and the Rangers (and the Phillies, for that matter) will very likely make the playoffs with or without a Beltran trade.

For those teams, the question is how much better Beltran would make them in October, and how much that's worth in terms of giving up top prospects.

The Mets are said by sources to have asked for pitcher Zack Wheeler from the Giants. According to Jon Heyman of, they asked for first Domonic Brown and then Jarred Cosart from the Phillies. It's no surprise that the Phils said no on both. There were also reports that the Mets had asked for Mike Minor from the Braves, and again it's no surprise that the Braves said no.


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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

Let the Rangers have him and his huge salary. They'll be back in bankruptcy court again before long. May as well go all in Florida Marlin style, then sell the ranch in November to pay all the creditors.

I was at the Rangers ballpark last night. There were a LOT of empty seats. And I mean a LOT. For a team just in the World Series, they sure aren't selling tickets very well.
Well, considering they just signed a 4 BILLION dollar contract with Fox Sports, I doubt they go bankrupt, AND, not sure which stadium you were at. It is a sellout almost every single night. They are 4th in attendance for AL, and we obvioiusly know they won't overtake the 2 teams from the NE.

Doesnt matter, I dont see Beltran going to Texas for several reasons, some of which I already eluded to.
The final one is he has stated he doesnt want to play in the AL and he has a no trade clause. He sure has hell doesnt need anymore money, and I also think Jon Daniels decides to spend his money an utlitily infielder/3rd baseman and Long Relievers, or even an STOPPER they can sign long term and turn Feliz into a starter next year. 

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

Beltran can not be offered arbitration at years end therefore team that has him gets nothing if he signs else where

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

no way the mets let him walk & not  receive any compensation.
Maybe because if he walks they get compensated?  He'll be a class B free agent at a minimum, maybe an A if he stays on the field the rest of the year and performs.

That means they either get a first round pick and a sandwich pick, or a sandwich pick.  Depending on where Beltran grades out, they get one or two of the top 40 prospects or so prospects in the draft for letting him walk. 

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Beltran derby into final days, Rangers interested

I agree the Braves need Beltran badily as he would really be a solid bat between Prado, Chipper and McCann. In fact, he'd have so much impact that the Braves should offensively be light years better than the Phils when you throw Freeman and Gonzolez into the equation.

But the Phillies would need him just as much as that right handed bat that protects Utley, Howard and Ibanez. Anybody notice without Worth protecting Howard that he's on a pace to have a career low in home runs? And he's yet to hit a homer off a lefty this year.

Lidge just returned and can very well be as effective as Heath Bell. But unless the Phils pull in a legitimate right handed bat, they may very well get knocked out in the 1st round as I've seen them go weeks, no months without hitting the ball as a team. Beltran would solidify a team that's collectively batting .249 together. And if 15 homers and 63 rbis are impressive playing at Citifield, you can add another 5 homers and 20 rbis and Citizen Bank to those numbers.

Oh yeah, Beltran would get some protection from Victorino and Ibanez batting behind him. Right now, it's usually a turd by the name of Jason Bay that's covering Beltran's back. That's Jason Bay, our man with 30 rbis and 12 extra base hits who's protecting Beltran, who's 9th in OBP. and 8th in SLG. Beltran in the Phils line-up would be in the top 3 of every offensive catagory.

Lastly, I'm a die hard Met fan who wouldn't want to see Beltran in a Philly uniform for no price, including their over-hyped rookie Dominic Brown. The Phils don't want a rental for Brown, and I wouldn't hand them the World Series for anything. Now if they'd like to take Jason Bay and his dumb contract for Brown, that's something I'd consider.

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