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The NL Central has become injury central

Posted on: June 20, 2011 2:25 pm
Edited on: June 20, 2011 2:49 pm
I'm guessing Jonny Gomes won't be dancing around or singing. I'm guessing Ryan Braun won't be, either.

But when I talked to one Reds person a few minutes after we found out that Albert Pujols will miss the next month with a broken wrist, his reaction was exactly what you'd expect.

"You hate to see anyone get hurt," he said. "But this is great news for us."

Pujols' injury is horrible news for the Cardinals, and bad news for baseball in general -- no Pujols in the All-Star Game, for one thing -- but it's great news for the Reds and for the Brewers . . . if they can stay healthy themselves.

Seriously, has any division race in baseball been as dominated by injuries this year as the National League Central?

The Cardinals have been without Adam Wainwright all year, without Matt Holliday for two tough stretches, without other lesser-known but key pieces like David Freese and Nick Punto, and now without Albert.

The Reds were without two of their five starters (Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey) for the first month of the season, and now they're without Bailey again. Key reliever Aroldis Chapman has spent the last month on the DL, as well, although his injury is much less serious than his continuing control problems. And Scott Rolen has already been on the DL once, and plays with significant enough pain that he's always a threat to go back there.

The Brewers missed Zack Greinke for the first month, and Corey Hart and Jonathan Lucroy for most of the first month. And Shaun Marcum left his last start early with a hip problem. And key reliever Takashi Saito appeared in just two games before going on the DL, where he remains.

Every year in spring training, someone reminds us that it's often not the best team that wins, but the healthiest. Every year, some very talented team doesn't make the playoffs, and injuries are one of the biggest reasons (2010 Red Sox).

But what happens when an entire division gets hurt?

We'll see this year, in the NL Central.


As it turns out, C. Trent Rosecrans of our Eye on Baseball team was in the Reds clubhouse Sunday when Pujols was hurt, and he can confirm that neither Gomes nor any of the other Reds were singing about it.

"The only thing I heard was someone talking about being upset that he was hurt," Rosecrans said.

You might remember the minor stir in spring training, when Gomes was reported to be happily singing about Wainwright's injury (a report that Gomes stridently denied).

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

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The NL Central has become injury central

Phillies fans need a reality check - I'm pretty sure EVERY team will lose 2 starting pitches for at least 15 day stretch on DL.

Losing your best pitcher for the year and losing the best player in baseball for a couple months is going to be hard for the Cards to overcome.  The injury Pujols has to overcome is going to be very difficult to bounce back quickly from. Just ask Derrick Lee.  He never recovered from a similar collision that broke his wrist several years ago. I hope that isn't the case with Pujols. I'm certainly not a Cards fan, but I hate to see anyone get hurt.

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 7:49 pm

The NL Central has become injury central

I heard there's a movement to lessen the chance of collisions at first base.  Major League baseball is going to go with the orange base in foul territory next to the regular base.  This will all but eliminate this type of dangerous contact. Albert is going to lose millions of dollars because of this senseless injury.  It's not fair to baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Now pitchers are going to start throwing inside and jamming him.  Something has to be done.

Please...It's part of the the crybaby crap for SFG would ya???  Real STL fans don't whine!  He wasn't doing all that much this season anyway.  Can't wait till we get rid of the traitor!

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