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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

Posted on: June 15, 2011 9:15 pm
Edited on: June 15, 2011 11:00 pm
NEW YORK -- Jackie Moore remembers the day Brian Gordon told him he wanted to pitch.

"He came to me and said he felt his career had stalemated," Moore said Wednesday. "I agreed to give him a shot on the mound.

"And now he's going to be pitching in Yankee Stadium."

He's going to start for the Yankees on Thursday afternoon against the Rangers, making his first big-league start at age 32, five years after he told his Triple-A manager he wanted to give up playing the outfield.

And Moore, Gordon's manager at Triple-A Round Rock in 2006 (as an outfielder) and 2007 (as a pitcher), will be in the other dugout as the Rangers' bench coach.

"I hope we win 1-0," Moore said.

Gordon, signed by the Yankees just this week, has played 1,206 games in the minor leagues, 168 as a pitcher and the rest as an outfielder. He has pitched in three major-league games, all as a reliever, all as a September call-up with the Rangers.

C.J. Wilson remembers him.

Wilson, the Rangers' starter Thursday, was a 15-game winner and an American League champion last year. He's 7-3, and on the way to becoming perhaps the most sought-after free-agent pitcher this coming winter.

But he shared a bullpen with Gordon for a few weeks three years back, and Gordon made an impression. Tuesday night, Wilson looked up and saw the news that Brian Gordon had signed with the Yankees.

"I said, 'Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!,'" Wilson said Wednesday. "[He's] a really hard worker. I remember being a fan of his. He's a good dude."

A good dude with a great story.

Gordon pitched and played the outfield in high school in Texas, but the Diamondbacks made him a seventh-round draft pick as an outfielder in 1997. He wasn't a terrible hitter (.275 in 10 seasons), but he went through three organizations and couldn't get past Triple-A.

So in 2007, he went to Moore, his manager at Round Rock (in the Astros organization), and asked for a chance to pitch.

He went to the Rangers, and then to the Phillies. He was in his second season with Philadelphia's Triple-A Lehigh Valley affiliate when he opted out of his contract this week to sign with the Yankees.

And now he's starting, in the spot left vacant when Bartolo Colon went on the disabled list. Moore, that manager he approached and asked for a chance to pitch, will be watching.

"It's a feel-good story for baseball," Moore said. "Stay with it, get a break, and all of a sudden you're pitching at Yankee Stadium."


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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

An outfielder for AAA Round Rock at the time and working with my 12 son on hitting (I think he had 15 HR’s that season). Here’s what
struck me: He’s kind, polite, great with kids and funny with a relentless work ethic and even after 10+ years in the minors he just exuded a love of the game. If you’ve met him, you can’t help but root for him.

Good luck Brian!

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

Nice story, Knobler.

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Gordon? Gordon! Awesome!

It's never over till it's over

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