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The summer of 1-0 (again)

Posted on: June 14, 2011 11:51 am
Edited on: June 14, 2011 1:12 pm
Two more 1-0 games Monday night.

At Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium, of all places.

And yes, there have been a lot of them this season, just as there were last year.

That's 20 already in 2011, compared to 19 through June 13 last year (although the season did start a few days earlier this year). Doing some quick research through's fantastic play index, I found that there were 62 1-0 games last year.

How does that compare? Well, it's pretty dramatic. Here are the number of 1-0 games per year, beginning with the first year after the two strike-shortened seasons:

1996: 26
1997: 29
1998: 32
1999: 27
2000: 29
2001: 36
2002: 42
2003: 31
2004: 35
2005: 40
2006: 39
2007: 34
2008: 38
2009: 36
2010: 62
2011 (through June 13): 20, which puts us on pace for about 50-55.

Monday's 1-0 Indians win was the first-ever 1-0 game at the new Yankee Stadium. Monday's 1-0 Cubs win over the Brewers was the second 1-0 game this year at Wrigley, where the Cubs didn't play a single 1-0 game (win or lose) in 2008 or 2009 (or between 1993 and 1997).

What does it mean? Just that offense is down. But we knew that already.

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

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The summer of 1-0 (again)

Well, I would agree that offence is down for the season. However, there are those that say it had more to do with the particularly cold April and May we had this year. I would be interested to see the stats for the month of June compared to the last few Junes - I think you'll see that it is rebounding nicely now that the batters' hands aren't blue. Seems to me that two weekends ago the average number of runs per game was over 12. Can someone find the June stats?

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