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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

Posted on: June 13, 2011 8:51 pm
Edited on: June 14, 2011 9:30 am
NEW YORK -- You get to 3,000 hits because you're very good but also because you're very durable.

You get there by being consistent but also by staying healthy. By staying off the disabled list.

So how crazy is it that Derek Jeter, six hits away from 3,000, is facing the possibility of his first DL visit in eight years?

Jeter left the Yankees' 1-0 Monday night loss to the Indians in the fifth inning. The initial announcement was that he had a "sore right calf," but it was soon clear that this was more serious than that. The later announcement was that Jeter has a Grade 1 strain, the lowest on the scale, but it's hard to know whether that told the story either.

"He's not one to come out of a game if it isn't something serious," teammate Mark Teixeira said. "We knew it wasn't something minor. He pretty much plays through everything."

Especially this week. Especially with three games remaining in this Yankee homestand, three games with a chance to become the first Yankee with 3,000 hits and to do it at Yankee Stadium.

Maybe that still happens, but it's hard to see any way now that it happens this week.

The Yankees made no immediate decision about whether to put Jeter on the DL, where he hasn't been since early in the 2003 season (after he dislocated his left shoulder on that play at third base in Toronto). They didn't give any official indication at all of how much time Jeter would miss or whether he would miss any time.

But they also didn't play this down as nothing.

"Obviously, he looked pretty sore," manager Joe Girardi said. "Obviously, we're worried about it. Yeah, I'm worried about it."

Jeter had singled in his first at-bat Monday against Carlos Carrasco, leaving the chase for 3,000 at a manageable six with three games (plus eight innings) remaining on the homestand. The Rangers come to town for a series that begins Tuesday night, and the last time Jeter saw Texas, he had seven hits in three games.

Besides, Jeter had the rest of Monday's game to go. He batted again in the second inning, grounding into a force play.

And then he came to the plate in the fifth.

Jeter flied out to right, and out of the box it looked possible that something was wrong. He ran to first but then limped to the dugout and immediately went down the stairs towards the training room. By game's end, he was off to the hospital for an MRI on the calf.

We don't know yet when he'll play again. If he goes on the DL, he'll miss the Texas series, the trip to Chicago and Cincinnati and the first series back against the Rockies, at a minimum.

If he doesn't go on the DL, the chase for 3,000 will continue as soon as he can play again.

He's going to get there. He'll get there because he's been so good -- and so durable -- throughout his 17 big-league seasons.

But for now, the chase is on hold.

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

You are mostly correct regarding Roberto Clemente. The Dodgers did not trade him. His MLB career began with the Brooklyn Dodgers organization in 1954. The Dodgers had 3 ALL Star outfielders in 1953 and couldn't find a spot for him in their MLB lineup.  He barely played with Montreal. The Dodgers did not want anybody to see how talented he was. I hardly call this developing him.The Pirates chose him in the Rule 5 draft and his MLB career began in 1955 and lasted until his death December 31, 1972. His 3000th hit was also his last MLB hit. It occurred in his last regular seasomn at bat on September 30, 1972.

Don't call somebody out for not getting their facts straight and then blunder them yourself. 

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Jeter hurts calf, 3,000-hit watch on hold

Jeter's the man. I just can't believe they're waiting for him to get to 3000 before whomever it is that saw that 2003 list releases the steroid info :(

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