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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

Posted on: May 27, 2011 6:26 pm
Edited on: May 27, 2011 6:51 pm
NEW YORK -- The owner ripped his players. Then the owner said he was "bleeding cash."

Oh, and then the owner announced that he'd found someone to buy part of the team, someone who would give him some much-needed cash (but not enough cash to make all that much of a difference). And another player got hurt.

You could say it was a crazy week for the Mets, but when they showed up for work Friday, it felt like just another day, just another week.

And maybe that's exactly what makes the Mets what they are. The craziness has become so common that it doesn't even feel like craziness anymore.

The bad news has been so expected that a bit of good news becomes something to joke about.

"We finally got a good report," general manager Sandy Alderson said about pitcher R.A. Dickey. "We must have changed doctors."

The good report? It was that Dickey only has a partial tear of the plantar fascia in his right foot. It was that Dickey may not miss a start (although maybe he will).

"I was expecting something more dire," Alderson said.

Oh, and in the meantime, David Wright and Ike Davis are still on the disabled list, with no return date certain. And in the meantime, the Mets have been outhomered 9-1 in the nine games since Wright went out.

And fans have basically stopped showing up.

Alderson is learning. Just as Jerry Manuel learned.

It was two years ago that Manuel, then the Mets manager, said of a Gary Sheffield injury: "They're calling it cramps -- surgery on Tuesday."

Alderson is learning that weeks like this just aren't out of the ordinary here.

"Everybody says, 'This is New York -- it's different,'" he said. "I would admit, 'This is New York -- it's different.'"

This isn't Oakland. This isn't San Diego.

At his previous stops, Alderson's week would have been different.

"There would have been a little beach time in there," he said with a grin.

Instead, he's still fielding questions about what owner Fred Wilpon said to The New Yorker.
The players are fielding questions, too. A crowd gathered around Carlos Beltran in the Mets clubhouse Friday, even though Beltran had already answered his own Wilpon questions in Chicago.

"What happened, that's in the past," Beltran told the crowd.

He understands already. This is the Mets. This is New York.

It's always like this.

"I just try to keep my head and think about the game," he said. "Of course, there are distractions. But all we can do is concentrate on what's important."

But what is important for the Mets? Is it surviving this season? Is it trading away their players? Is it surviving the crisis of the day?

"We're in the entertainment business," Alderson said. "Coverage is good."

By that standard, then, this was a good week at Citi Field.

Another good week.


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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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If 'coverage is good,' then the Mets are winners

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