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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

Posted on: May 27, 2011 10:05 am
Edited on: May 27, 2011 11:09 am
It's been a quiet start to the season for Felix Hernandez. Even the talk that he'll be traded seems to have died down, either because of the Mariners' continued strong denials, his own declarations of how happy he is in Seattle or the team's decent start to the season.

Meanwhile, as of now Hernandez isn't even in the top 10 in the American League ERA race. He leads the league in strikeouts and he's third in innings pitched, but if the Cy Young vote were held today, he'd barely receive a vote.

And none of that means he won't repeat his title.

Through 11 starts, Hernandez actually has better numbers than he did at this point last year. He's 5-4 with a 3.01 ERA, as compared to 2-4 with a 3.50 ERA through his first 11 starts of 2010.

Last year, the Mariners were held to one run or none in three of his first four losses. This year, they've been held to no runs, one run and two runs in three of his first four losses.

And that means this Saturday's start against the Yankees is King Felix's biggest of the year so far.

The strongest voices against Hernandez in last year's Cy debate weren't the ones complaining about his so-so 13-12 record. Rather, they were the ones complaining that he didn't pitch in important games, and pitched in the weak-hitting American League West.

The strongest counter-argument was Hernandez's record against the Yankees. He won all three of his starts against New York, allowing just one run on 16 hits in 26 innings.

As Felix defenders have said all along, the bigger the stage, the better he pitched.

The stage isn't huge this weekend, but the Yankees are the highest-scoring team in the American League. The Mariners are playing so well (and the division is so weak) that they're just 1 1/2 games out of first place.

It's a late-night Saturday start, but it's still the Yankees, and it still would be a great place for Hernandez to launch his reelection campaign.

On to 3 to Watch:

1. Every day, it seems, I talk to another baseball person who mentions how unimpressive the Indians were in spring training, and how shocking it is that they still have the best record in baseball. But they do, and they even survived Grady Sizemore's latest trip to the disabled list, with Sizemore expected to return this weekend. Still, the doubters are going to doubt, and wonder if this is the week the Indians' collapse begins. Coming off two straight home losses to the Red Sox, they now get Tampa Bay's two best starters, beginning with David Price in Indians at Rays, Friday night (7:10 ET) at Tropicana Field. Josh Tomlin, who is 6-1 and has held opponents to a .182 batting average, starts for the Indians.

2. Even with Buster Posey, the Giants have scored the fewest runs in the National League. Even with Buster Posey, the Giants' margin of error has been slim, their first-place record built largely on a 14-5 record in one-run games. Now the Giants don't have Posey, and they go on the road to face a Brewers team that is finally healthy and has won six straight and 13 of 16. The good news for the Giants: They open the series with Tim Lincecum on the mound, in Giants at Brewers, Friday night (8:10 ET) at Miller Park. The bad news: The Brewers starter is Shawn Marcum, who has won his last six decisions.

3. Hernandez hasn't even been the most-talked-about starter in his own rotation, which he shares with 22-year-old Michael Pineda. Pineda looks great, and his start against the Yankees on Friday is worth watching, too. But Felix is still the King, and that puts Yankees at Mariners, Saturday night (10:10 ET) at Safeco Field on this list.


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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

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3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

to even think felixs is a king is a joke the jays light him up the best pitchers come from the al east halladay marcum  beckeet sabithia lester  romero these pitchers dont get the rec because they all played there marcum and halladay fight for cy  in the nl this year in the al weaver wins in a lousy al west as usual

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 9:04 pm

3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

Hy LUMPoco, his name is Mr. Hernandez, not Mr. Rodriguez.  He was 3-0 with a 0.35 ERA versus the Yankees last year.  Are you dumb, or just stupid?  Tim L. is a great young pitcher who doesn't need your moronic comments and uninformed insults of another Cy Young award winner to support Tim's resume.

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 8:54 pm

3 to Watch: The King defends his crown edition

I would expect someone who doesnt see Felix that much to think he only does good against "lesser" teams. But for a fan of the A's you've seen more then enough to know how dominate he is. Felix dominates bad and good teams last year he was 3-0 vs Yankees and only gave up 1 whole run. He also pitched two complete games against them and by my knowledge they werent a BAD team!!

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