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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

Posted on: May 7, 2011 10:58 pm
This was the day Andre Ethier was sure to keep the streak going.

"I'll just pencil him in for a hit," Chris Young had said, knowing all too well the success Ethier has had against him.

But Young didn't start for the Mets Saturday, scratched just before gametime because he had trouble getting loose.

And Ethier didn't get a hit.

His hitting streak is over at 30 games, like so many streaks before his. The last four hitting streaks to last 30 games -- Willy Tavarez in 2006, Moises Alou in 2007, Ryan Zimmerman in 2009 and now Ethier -- all ended without getting to 31.

In fact, for whatever reason, 30 has been by far the preferred ending spot for longish hitting streaks.

Of the 20 streaks that lasted 29 games or more, 11 ended at exactly 30 games, as opposed to just one streak ending at 29 games, two at 31 and one at 32.

Who knows why that is?

At least we can blame Young's inability to get loose for the end of Ethier's streak. The two met regularly in the National League West when Young pitched for the Padres, and Ethier went 12-for-29 (.414) against him, with six home runs and two doubles.

Maybe this time Young would have stopped him. We'll never know.

We do know that fill-in starter Dillon Gee stopped him, with help from relievers Michael O'Connor and Tim Byrdak. Ethier walked, flied to left and flied to center against Gee, grounded out against O'Connor and struck out against Byrdak.

And so this streak is over, one game shy of equaling Willie Davis for the longest streak in Dodger franchise history, 14 games shy of Pete Rose's National League record, and 26 games short of Joe DiMaggio's record.

Ethier did go six games farther than his manager ever had. Don Mattingly's longest hitting streak ended at 24 games in 1986.

Mattingly also had streaks of 20 games, 19 games and 17 games (twice).

"I told everyone that every time I'd get to 20, Joe DiMaggio would come in and say something and I'd go 0-for-4," Mattingly joked Friday. "So Ethier's all right."

DiMaggio didn't come by, but Chris Young couldn't get loose.

And Ethier's streak is over.


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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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At 30 games, Ethier's streak is history

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