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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

Posted on: April 27, 2011 7:47 pm
Edited on: April 27, 2011 9:11 pm
We want this all to end. We want Frank McCourt to go away.

And we wanted to think that baseball's decision last week to basically take control of the Dodgers was, as's Scott Miller put it, "a beautiful sight for Dodgers fans."

Then McCourt opened his mouth. And that, I'm telling you, is only a beautiful sight for lawyers.

Some things McCourt said Wednesday seemed (to a non-lawyer, anyway) to make sense. Some things seemed (as usual) nutty.

But the worst part of McCourt's press conference/conference call was what it means:

This Dodger saga isn't over. There's a chance it's not even close to being over.

And that's bad news for all of us (except, maybe, for McCourt's lawyers).

For now, McCourt and Major League Baseball are feuding by press conference and press release.

He says commissioner Bud Selig turned down his proposed new television deal with Fox. Baseball says it only delayed a decision until it can investigate the Dodgers and their finances.

He says Tom Schieffer is coming in as a "receiver," and that MLB is trying to "seize" his franchise. Baseball says Schieffer is a "monitor," and says there has been "no seizure."

"There is chaos that's been created by this appointment," McCourt said.

I think we can all agree -- on the first three words.

There's chaos here. That's for sure.

At the same time that baseball was releasing the statement saying "no seizure," Schieffer was at a press conference in Los Angeles, saying that what Selig had done was "take control" of the franchise, and that "I am his representative."

The Dodgers are a mess. They were a mess when Frank and Jamie McCourt were together, and they've been a bigger mess since they decided to divorce. They've been a mess ever since Selig and baseball's other owners decided to invite the McCourts into their little group.

And now we know this mess isn't going away anytime soon.

"Nobody handed the Dodgers to me, and nobody is going to take it away," McCourt said, in a sentence that may be as factually misleading as it is grammatically incorrect.

McCourt's immediate problem, even more than Schieffer's presence in his town (and presumably in his front office), is that as long as Selig holds up the new television contract, the Dodgers don't have access to all that much-needed cash.

McCourt kept insisting that he's being treated different from other owners, and he kept mentioned that the Dodgers have complied with all MLB rules, and also that they haven't taken any money from baseball's emergency fund.

He didn't mention the Mets by name. He didn't need to.

For all Selig's insistence last week that the Dodgers and Mets were "clearly not similar . . . in a myriad of ways," even many people in baseball believe that the biggest difference is that Selig likes Fred Wilpon, the Mets' principal owner, and detests McCourt.

It was telling that Selig didn't show up for McCourt's meeting with other MLB officials on Wednesday in New York, and even more telling that McCourt answered a question about the Mets by saying, "I suspect that commissioner Selig calls the other 29 owners back."

Selig wants McCourt out. That's obvious.

So do a whole bunch of others, including (we'd suspect) nearly every Dodgers fan.

We want Frank McCourt to go away. We want this all to end.

And he still wants to plead his case.

It's chaos, that's for sure. And it's not done yet.

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

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One thing we can all agree on: It's chaos

I want McCourt to go away as bad as any Dodger fan, but for Selig to call Scheiffer a "monitor" and not a "receivor" (or something similar) seems more than a little misleading.  A "monitor" would do just that, "monitor" the situation.  Scheiffer, however, has been given much more power than that, the power to approve or reject any transaction with an aggregate value of $5,000 or more...which in a business like baseball is almost every transaction of any type.  If it was my $430 million invested in the team I don't think I'd give it up without a fight either.  Again, that said, I certainly hope McCourt does end up selling the team to more capable owners and soon.

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