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The latest on Michael Young

Posted on: February 19, 2011 11:58 am
Edited on: February 19, 2011 4:25 pm
SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Michael Young is here. Michael Young says he's ready for what he calls his "favorite time of the year."

Is Michael Young happy?

That's a lot harder to say.

Young spoke for about 25 minutes this afternoon, after arriving at Rangers camp a day before the team begins full-squad spring training workouts. He revealed that he has had what he called "very candid and truthful" conversations with team president Nolan Ryan, made it clear that his relationship with general manager Jon Daniels has not been repaired, called his situation "less than ideal" and then said he's prepared for spring training to begin.

"One thing I'll never do is disrupt my teammates' preparation for the season," Young said. "Once we step foot in spring training, it's not about me anymore. It's about the team."

But it's what Young didn't say that was just as revealing.

He wouldn't say whether he would still prefer to be traded.

Young expressed disappointment that his initial trade request became public, and said that he wants to keep all further conversations with the team confidential. Young said that he believed his position had been misrepresented, and that he had never changed his mind about his willingness to accept a role as a designated hitter and super-utility player, after the Rangers signed Adrian Beltre to take his job at third base.

It's not clear how hard the Rangers have tried to trade Young, but it is highly unlikely that he'll be dealt before opening day, given the Rangers' desire that any deal doesn't weaken their team for 2011.

Asked if Young will be in the opening day lineup, Daniels quickly said: "That's my expectation."

"Mine, too," Ryan added.

Will he be happy with a role that includes time at first base, second base and third base, but where his primary job is as the Rangers' DH?

Good question.

Ryan said that in his conversations with Young, one thing the player went back to is that "he does not feel he's at the point in his career that he wants to be a DH."

Young has three years and $48 million remaining on his contract, and executives involved in talks with the Rangers have suggested that Texas would likely need to pay half of that money in order to make a deal. Even then, the executives suggested, the Rangers wouldn't get value for value, and thus would hurt their chances of winning this year.

Manager Ron Washington said again today that while he'll use Young as a DH and around the infield, as of now he has no plans to use him in the outfield. Young did say that he was open to playing the outfield.

Washington also said he saw no problem getting Young enough at-bats.

"I can't sit here and give you percentages," Washington said. "But Michael will play."

In his remarks today, Young expressed his love for Washington, and for his teammates. He didn't say much at all about Daniels, except to say that the two haven't talked and that Young has no plans for that to change.

"It is not on my priority list at all," he said.

Daniels declined to respond, other than to say: "To some degree, my integrity has been called into question, and I don't take that lightly. We're going to let it pass, wear it, so to speak."

As far as Washington is concerned, though, the more important thing is that, at least for now, he can think about putting Young in his everyday lineup.

"The bottom line is he's here," Washington said. "He's going to help us win. That's what it's all about."


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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

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The latest on Michael Young

"once we step foot in spring training, it's not about me anymore. It's about the team."  Well, today is the day, so we shall see. 

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The latest on Michael Young

Knobler writes that Texas knows or feels they won't recieve "value for value" in any trade for Young, thus hurting their chances of winning this year. I understand eating 24 million for a guy that will no longer be playing for you would be a tough pill to swallow, but it's also 24 million on the other side saved by not paying a DH/superutility player 24 freaking million to play in the field part time and swing a bat. The real thing thats going to hurt Texas' chances of winning this year are A). not completing a deal of any sort to try to replace Cliff Lee and B). the fact that Oakland got better.

I know the Rangers were allegedly in on Greinke. But it didn't happen. Previous to that, the Brewers also nabbed Shawn Marcum. And the Cubbies added Matt Garza. Etc. and etc. If the Rangers feel a consortium of Feldman-Hunter-Wilson-Lewis-Holland

et. al can get it done, so be it. I know it wasn't for lack of trying. And if you can get an Adrien Beltre at a good market price, fine. But Mitch Moreland at first? Let Michael Young at least start full-time on that corner if he is willing. It's a slap in the face to a guy who has been there forever, through good and bad. The Rangers aren't doing right by this guy. Texas should be good for 85-90 wins regardless. If a guy like Fausto Carmona gets off to a good start, I'd take a good hard look at him at the deadline if I were Nolan Ryan/Jon Daniels.

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