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Brewers pondering Fielder future

Posted on: December 9, 2010 3:02 am
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The Brewers have hardly been overwhelmed by what they've been offered for Prince Fielder at the Winter Meetings.

But that doesn't mean Fielder won't be traded this winter.

If anything, the team may be more inclined to trade away the star first baseman, because as the money flows to free agent after free agent, it becomes more and more obvious that the Brewers have little chance of retaining Fielder when he becomes a free agent at the end of 2011.

What the Brewers need to weigh now -- and what they have already spent many hours discussing -- is whether it's better to take what they can get for Fielder this winter (even if it's less than they'd like), or whether to begin the year with Fielder on the roster, hope to contend, and then trade him at midseason (for what likely would be an even lower return) if they don't contend.

The answer could well be tied to the Brewers' pursuit of pitching. Milwaukee has already traded for Shaun Marcum, and the Brewers have also worked to try to sign free agent Carl Pavano. It seems, though, that Pavano is likely to sign elsewhere.

The Fielder decision is a tough one for Brewers management, and it's one they've wrestled with since the middle of last season (if not before that). But it's a decision they continue to talk about.

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Brewers pondering Fielder future

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Brewers pondering Fielder future

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Brewers pondering Fielder future

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Brewers pondering Fielder future

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Brewers pondering Fielder future

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Brewers pondering Fielder future

I think Fielder's looming Free Agency has more to do with less than expected value offers than his weight.

But...the same weight problems ran his father Cecil out of MLB-and to Japan. They say if you don't learn from history you are destined to repeat it. Eventually, it's sayanara, Prince.

There are lots of teams that will sign Fielder, and how he performs this season will determine how much they are willing to pay. If the Brewers are convinced he won't sign with them, they need to try to get something for him while they can. Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Toronto would be interested I'm sure, as would be others.

As a Reds fan, I do recognize this; until a team consistently pitches well, the offense doesn't make much difference. IMO, The Brewers need to pitch better, MORE than they need an overweight 1b they can't sign.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 5:07 pm

Brewers pondering Fielder future

Prince is a great player would hate for him to not be a brewer. He does want a big deal. Having been to see the brewers play at home the fans clearly love braun and its his team.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 3:55 pm

Brewers pondering Fielder future

If the shift works, who cares if it is because he can or cannot hit. If he is hitting less sucessfully with a shift that is all that matters. What is killing this guy is that he is a major league punk with a thug attitude. This is major league baseball that has soiled its reputation with roids but has kept itself in greater distance from the other two big sports when it comes to punks & crime. This punk htinks he is going to rewrite baseball tradition and tell any pitcher if they get within 16" of him he will waddle out to the mound and attempt to kick their butt. This is the same guy that wants to rewrite how we get to act like someone who has just hit the first HR of all time and perform like a circus clown and not get buzzed becaused he will waddle out to the mound, remember.
This is the same guy that must spend his offseason working out with Pablo Sandoval, he does not have enough respect for the game nor the money they he will demand to get his fat butt in the gym.
Less of a major league punk would make both the Brewers get more in return and his ultimate $$ contract. This a-hole should even at his young age sign as long a contract as possible because he still has the mystic of maybe he won;t act like Tupac with the next club. If he signs a short term deal he may never get as much money. Once his attitude shows up at another dugouot he loses about 3-5 million.

Another chance this punk has is he could go to Kansas City and just make billions playing meaningless games the rest of his career as he has done so far. That way we will never know if he has any real talent or if he is just another overswinging meat head.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 2:47 pm

Brewers pondering Fielder future

Speaking of the Angels...since they are doing their annual "let's talk and no sign" speak, what they need to do is the following: sign Beltre and Soriano. They are getting Morales back in 2011. Trade for Grienke and Fielder. Now look at their lineup: Aybar, Hendrick (platoon Izturis), Morales, Hunter, Fielder (DH), Beltre, Abreu, Rivera and Napoli (platoon Mathis). Starting rotation: Weaver, Haran, Greinke, Santana, Kazmir. Closers: Soriano, Rodney.

I could live with that...

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