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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

Posted on: November 1, 2010 10:30 pm
ARLINGTON, Texas -- As it turns out, a team from San Francisco is allowed to win the World Series.

And as it turns out, you can win a World Series with a team built almost entirely on pitching.

It can be done. The Giants just proved it.

And if you're asking how in the world they became champions with that lineup, you're asking the wrong question. They became champions because of that rotation.

They shut down the Rangers one more time Monday night in Game 5, with Tim Lincecum outdueling Cliff Lee in a 3-1 game. The Giants, as usual, won with just enough offense, with a three-run Edgar Renteria home run in the seventh inning breaking up a scoreless game.

They won the World Series, four games to one, and in two of those wins, the Rangers never scored. In the five games combined, the Rangers had just 12 runs, after scoring 59 in 11 games to eliminate the Rays and the Yankees.

Lincecum wasn't able to match rotation mates Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner by throwing the Giants' third shutout of the World Series, but he allowed just Nelson Cruz's solo home run in the seventh.

In their 15 postseason games, against the Braves, Phillies and Rangers, the Giants allowed just 41 runs, not even three a game on average. The starting rotation pitched a total of 97 2/3 innings in the postseason, allowing just 24 earned runs for a 2.21 ERA.

The bullpen was almost as good. Closer Brian Wilson didn't allow an earned run the entire postseason.

Because of the pitching, the Giants were able to win five postseason games where they scored three runs or fewer. They were able to win with a lineup that didn't come close to matching up in firepower with the one the Rangers put on the field each day.

In the clinching game, the Giants won with Cody Ross batting cleanup and Juan Uribe hitting fifth. Ross was a late-season waiver acquisition, and when the playoffs began he and Uribe hit near the bottom of the Giants order.

Doesn't matter. They won, as Giants teams hadn't been able to win in three previous World Series trips since the franchise moved to San Francisco in 1958.

Giants fans remember Bobby Richardson's catch in 1962, and the earthquake that allowed the A's to use just two starting pitchers in 1989, and Game 6 against the Angels in 2002.

But now they'll also remember Lincecum and Cain, Bumgarner and Wilson, Renteria and Ross and Buster Posey.

They'll never forget the 2010 Giants, the team that proved it could be done.


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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series

Uh, did you not see the 9 to 0 drubbing game two?

Nope, I didn't .  The Giants and Rangers didn't sound like an appealing World Series matchup, so I didn't watch it.  But one or two powerhoused games does not mean you destroyed every team they faced.  It's two games.

Dominating is pounding.

Uh... no it's not.  Last time I checked, 2-1, 3-1, 3-0 victories are not pounding the hell out of a team.  That's dominating, but dominating pitching-wise, not offensively.  The Giants peaked at the right time, their pitching got locked in, and this is the result: a championship.  Be happy and celebrate the championship, but don't make it sound like the Giants are the greatest team ever.

 You tip your cap? How bout your team bow down to a staff that's greater than all

Why should we?  Tipping your cap and applauding is how you show respect in baseball.  The Giants don't deserve to have teams bow down to them.  They're good, but they aren't gods.  They're staff was better than everyone else in the postseasonand there's no one, unless they're stupid, that can argue that.  Holding teams to under 3 runs a game is great.  The Giants didn't even have the title in their hands and it sounds like people are already getting big heads.

Oh, and for that backhanded compliment dutchboy, you're welcome.  You earned it.

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It can be done -- Giants win the World Series


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