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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

Posted on: October 12, 2010 1:17 am
ATLANTA -- In four games with the Braves, the Giants hit .212 as a team. They scored 11 runs. They struck out 43 times.

And they won.

More power to them, right?

Yeah, and good luck to them if they try to do that against the Phillies.

That's not to say the Giants have no chance in the National League Championship Series that will begin Saturday night in Philadelphia. No team in the league has someone who can match up as well with Roy Halladay as Tim Lincecum can, and no one has a second and third starter who can match up with Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels as well as Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez can.

"I think we have a whole pitching staff that can match up with anyone," second baseman Freddy Sanchez said. "We've just got to try to get our offense going a little."

Sanchez, who bats second for the Giants, hit .125 in the series against the Braves. So did Andres Torres, who leads off. Add in Juan Uribe, who hit .071, and you had more than a third of the lineup combining to go 5-for-46 with two runs scored and no runs driven in.

And they won, because their pitching was so good -- or because the Braves lineup was even worse.

The Giants understandably believe in their pitching. The Giants also, realistically, realize it's going to be near-impossible to beat the Phillies by averaging fewer than three runs a game.

"They've got a lineup that can really swing," Cody Ross said. "But we've got a really good pitching staff."

Because the Giants were able to finish the Division Series in four games, by beating the Braves 3-2 on Monday night, they also have that pitching staff set up the way they want it.

Lincecum, who won the last two NL Cy Young Awards, will be on a full week's rest for his matchup with Halladay, the likely Cy Young winner this year. Cain can go in Game 2, Sanchez sets up for Game 3 back in San Francisco and rookie Madison Bumgarner, who pitched so well in Monday's clincher, gets a home start in Game 4.

And the Giants will hope to get them a few runs. Very few, in all likelihood, but maybe just enough.

"That's how we've been playing all year," closer Brian Wilson said.

With Lincecum vs. Halladay, with Pat Burrell returning to Citizens Bank Park to try to deny the Phillies a third straight NL pennant, this is the NLCS matchup that neutrals had to be hoping for. It's a whole lot more compelling than Phillies vs. Braves would have been, given the gap between those two teams that became so obvious in six head-to-head matchups in the final weeks of the season.

Maybe the Phillies will prove that the gap between them and the Giants is just as wide. But maybe the Giants' pitching will shut down the Phillies' lineup the way it just shut down the Braves' (admittedly much weaker) lineup.

Maybe the Giants hitters will be able to get going just a little, as Sanchez hoped for.

The Giants believe it's possible.

"It's going to be a great series," Sanchez said.

It will be, if only the Giants can score a few runs.

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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

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Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

THE MOST IN YOUR FACE POST GOES TO YOU "PAST HIS PRIME UTLEY." WAKE UP, LINCECUM AND CAIN WERE IN TOWN AND WILL BE AGAIN. BTW, you think anyone who spends their time blogging is trying to bestow maturity. why don't you wake up and get a life. I do this stuff in between looking for jobs and it is my outlet. so Utley, just stay virtually hitless like you were vs. the Giants in the NLCS.  Btw, I love your quote, "this is October when the Phillies group shows up to play." Well, as a Giants fan, guess we can wait till '11. It's gonna be a long cold winter in a place that gets snow and dog killers. so, once again, shut the f$ck up East Coast because "THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS not only beat you but won The 2010 World Series." 

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Posted on: October 25, 2010 8:55 am

Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score

Ah yes, having made the second post after reading this newly inked blog, I can safely say that it was AWESOME to see so many homers so wrong.  Thirtysomething sweep prediction was the most bold of them all and the MOST WRONG.  Phils in 6, Phils in 5.....    I may print these out and save them in my scrapbook. 

Ultimately,  the post season, which is "our territory" as one fan posted, does not have anything to do with the regular season stats.  If it did, the Phils would still be playing. 

So, to all of you who discounted the notion of TEAM CHEMISTRY...  you may want to re=think your approach to the game.  As a loyal Giants fan of over 35 years, this has been the most gratifying season in quite some time. 

As I move my focus on to a very strong Rangers Giants series, I will slide a box of Kleenex over to you all and say "better luck next season."

I would honestly say "good series" if the Phils had actually played one.


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Posted on: October 25, 2010 8:46 am

Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score


YES, SERIOUSLY!  MUUUUUUCH BETTER!   That is all I really needed going in and I was so pleased to get so much more coming out of the series.  See my posts to Nova and NFCEASTFAN.  This replying is very gratifying I must add after all the years of losing that the Giants have managed.  The Phillies have a great core of guys and have been to the series two years previous...but....  CHEMISTRY is the difference...the thing that has your Phillies at home right now and the Giants waiting to play the Rangers.  Enjoy your offseason H20 and spring training H20.  Teams that are better on paper rarely seem to be that good on the field.  I didnt see a tee, but I did see Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels, LOSE!  Oswalt's was in relief and EXTRA SWEET.

Chemistry....check.  Heart....check.  World Series...check.

Enjoy the offseason.


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Posted on: October 25, 2010 8:39 am

Giants-Phillies will be good, if they can score


See my post to Nova.  Also I will not keep it to myself and will now let you have one of these.....    KABOOOOOOM!!  Giants are NL CHAMPS!!! 
Phils starting rotation may have been good but it was not good enough.  Post season matters most and regular season whatnot is just that. Relief pitching...hmmmm...  was good but...LOL...thank you Ryan Madsen.  The only thing that could have been better about Uribe's HR to WIN THE SERIES would have been if it had just barely bounced off of the top of the wall and over the fence.  THAT OFFENSE/DEFENSE/PITCHING you mentioned came through for the NL CHAMPS TOO!  LOL.  My favorite of your closed minded, homer happy, dense statements, is the "college lineup" (PLUS BURRELL) beat Halliday, Oswalt, and Hamels....YES!!!   

Like I told Nova, and I will tell you and others....  enjoy the offseason and that big helping of CROWS! 


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