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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

Posted on: July 25, 2010 7:58 pm
Things were going so bad for the Angels that one scout who just finished touring the American League West said this weekend, "Oakland has a better chance of catching Texas than the Angels do."

Things were going so bad that even some Angels people were downplaying the possibility of a significant trade this week because, "We're not a Mark Teixeira away."

So, were they a Dan Haren away?

No, probably not. Even if you assume that the Angels have matched the Rangers' move for Cliff Lee -- they haven't, because Haren isn't as good as Lee -- the Angels still aren't as good as the Rangers.

So it's a bad trade, or a useless trade?

No, not at all, because Haren isn't a rental. He's signed through 2012, with an option for 2013, and he's the type of player the Angels have had trouble getting on either the free-agent or the trade market in recent years.

This is a team that wanted CC Sabathia, a team that wanted Roy Halladay, a team that talked about Jake Peavy, a team that tried to keep Teixeira after trading for him as a July 2008 rental.

This is a team that went to spring training this year with a decent five-man rotation but no ace -- and hasn't yet seen anyone step forward to become an ace.

The 29-year-old Haren could be that guy, even though he was having a subpar season with the Diamondbacks. He's not Lee and he's not Halladay, but he is a 200-inning a year workhorse who still has good enough stuff that he leads the National League in strikeouts.

He's been a consistent winner, including for three years in the American League West with the A's.

If the Angels beat the odds and get to the playoffs this year (it would probably take the Rangers falling apart for that to happen), then Haren gives them a much better chance at advancing than Joe Saunders would have. If they don't make it this year, then they still go into next season with the top of the rotation settled, with a healthy Kendry Morales back in their lineup -- and, who knows, maybe even Carl Crawford in their outfield.

This is as different as could be from the last big midseason Angels trade, the one for Teixeira in 2008. That year, the Angels were already far ahead in the AL West, and they dealt for Teixeira thinking he could put them on top in October (he didn't). This year, they're far behind, but Haren could have multiple chances to put them on top.

Sure, it's a little funny that the Angels -- so often criticized for failing to make a big July trade -- make one in a season that may be beyond saving. But because of what Haren could mean for their future, this one makes sense.

Does it make sense for the Diamondbacks? That's a lot harder to say, because it's always dangerous to just a prospect package on the day of a trade (especially when one of the key pieces is a player to be named).

But whether this was the right deal or not, trading Haren now makes perfect sense for a team that needs a makeover -- and needs to save money.

The $33 million or so remaining on Haren's contract shouldn't be that big a deal for an Angels team that fills the stadium every night. At $12.75 million each of the next two years, Haren is certainly cheaper than Sabathia or Halladay would have been, had the Angels succeeded in getting one of them.

Haren should help. Maybe they're still not good enough to catch the Rangers this year.

But at least they should be back to being the biggest threat to the Rangers -- this year, and into the future.


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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

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Haren helps, but maybe not enough for 2010

Love the cream, u beat me to it this guys hasn't heard of weaver haha. I like the sound of Crawford but the Yankees will probably offer him more money than any one else and he will sign. Especially if the devils son is his agent (boras) I dont know if he is. 

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