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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

Posted on: October 30, 2009 5:21 pm
Edited on: October 30, 2009 5:52 pm
PHILADELPHIA -- The stat guys won't like this.

Heck, I'm not a stat guy, and I don't like it.

I don't see any reason that Derek Jeter should have been bunting with runners on first and second and nobody out in the seventh inning of Game 2 -- let alone trying to bunt with two strikes.

After the game, Jeter described the two-strike bunt attempt (his own decision, by the way) as "stupid." But today he insisted it was only stupid because he bunted foul, for a strikeout.

"It's kind of like stealing third with two out," Jeter said. "Afterwards, the idea was stupid."

But why try to bunt in the first place. Jeter is one of the great postseason players in baseball history. He's one of the hotter Yankee hitters in this postseason. The Yankees led the game 3-1 at the time. Why not give Jeter a chance to drive in the run and turn it into a big inning?

Jeter still believes in the bunt.

"That's how you win," he said. "You win by moving guys over, and getting them in. I've always done that."

Jeter seemed amused by the number of questions about the bunt.

"Imagine if we'd lost," he said.


Jeter was less amused by Jimmy Rollins' shot at the Yankee Stadium fans. The Phillies shortstop said Thursday night that the New York fans were "tame and civilized," and that the World Series would really begin when it moved to Citizens Bank Park.

"He's entitled to his opinion," Jeter said. "I enjoy the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium."

One Phillies player said Friday that many of the Phils had the same reaction as Rollins. They were looking forward to playing in a World Series at Yankee Stadium, and were underwhelmed by the atmosphere.


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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

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Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

There can be no question that playing small ball adds immesurably to a team's offense. When you bunt, hit to the opposite field, play hit-and-run, or  double steal, it confuses an opposing team, compels them to re-adjust their pitching style,  and can generate a surprising amount of runs. If the Yanks do it, the Phillys will have no choice but to throw out the scouting report.


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I agree with Jeter

Not with the part about "that's how you win", but the part about "it's like trying to steal third with two outs." That was a bone-headed move. Bunting with runners on 1st and 2nd is a smart move, unless the batter has 2 strikes on him. Then it becomes little-leagueish and something Jeter of all people, should have known better than to try. I like Jeter, but in this case, I think he made the wrong decision, and I think he agrees in retrospect.

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Posted on: October 31, 2009 9:09 pm

Jeter on bunt: 'That's how you win'

Im a philly fan and I agree. Small wins tight games as much as the long ball.

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