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New players, same result for Red Sox

Posted on: August 21, 2009 11:58 pm
Edited on: August 22, 2009 1:11 am
BOSTON -- As David Ortiz said late Friday night, the Yankees who have now beaten the Red Sox five straight times aren't the same team that lost eight straight to Boston to start this season series.

"That's not the team we played two months ago," Ortiz said after the Yankees' 20-11 win.

He meant that as a compliment, and he's right.

But here's another thing: The Red Sox weren't the same team Friday that they were Thursday. And they won't be the same team Saturday that they were today.

That is not a compliment.

In the last Red Sox-Yankees series, John Smoltz started the opener for Boston, and he was gone from the Red Sox the very next day. In four days in New York, the Red Sox were forced into roster moves involving 10 players.

Brad Penny opened this weekend's series on Friday night, and he could be gone from the Red Sox rotation as soon as Saturday. Penny was awful, raising his second-half ERA to 7.82 and raising the chances that Tim Wakefield will replace him as Boston's fifth starter.

The Red Sox began Friday with two more roster moves, one of which was to add Michael Bowden to give their bullpen more protection. Bowden gave up seven runs in two innings Friday, so he was optioned out after the game and will be replaced by someone who can theoretically give the bullpen more protection Saturday.

Since the new pitcher will be added Saturday, that means the Red Sox will have added at least one new player for each of the last five games against the Yankees.

New players every day. Same result every day.

That's not good, is it?

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

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New players, same result for Red Sox

I honestly think boston,  like the Patriots have reached the end of their rope and need to rethink their whole roster. They have veterans who are beginning to show signs of age and decay. They made mistakes when they traded/let go via free agency, potent weapons like Manny and Damon (who has been one of the reasons why the Yanks have gouched them so badly in the last five games.) Younger and healthier pitching prospects are most definitely needed as well as hitters with more speed. Victor Martinez was a great pick up but he has actually done more harm than good do to the fact that he disturbs the hitting rotation. Overall, Boston needs their injured pitchers back but it will do them no good if they can't produce runs from the very beginning. Remember, the Yankees held Boston scoreless in the last series this year for I believe, over 24 innings! Thats almost three games without extra innings. And by the way, CC and Burnett are the next two Yankee pitchers they face. Both of whom, had 10 or more K's in their last outings against the BoSox.

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Posted on: August 22, 2009 10:13 am

New players, same result for Red Sox

The Sox are desparate everyday it seems there are new players and newly acquired players releasd yesterday it was Chris Duncan..did he even play a game.They do not have the starters needed to make a run and the constant shuffling of players has to hurt team chemistry.

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