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'That's pretty accurate'

Posted on: February 9, 2009 3:16 pm

So now you're sorry?

That's OK, Alex, because I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry that your admission/apology, delivered today to ESPN's Peter Gammons, isn't going to save you. I'm sorry that it wasn't even all that convincing.

"That's pretty accurate," A-Rod said at one point during the interview.

Pretty accurate, huh? Yeah, at least until any more evidence comes out. After all, isn't it convenient that Rodriguez now says he stopped taking steroids in spring training 2003? Presumably, that's a few days after the failed test that Sports Illustrated revealed on Saturday.

So that's the strategy now. Admit to what they've already caught you on, say you're sorry, say that you did it because "it was the culture" and because you cared so much. And then strongly deny anything else.

Is it possible that Rodriguez is now telling the truth? Sure, it's possible. But let's remember this is the same guy who told Katie Couric that he wasn't even tempted to use steroids.

Rodriguez says he felt "a tremendous pressure" to play well in Texas, and that's why he started using. He doesn't really explain why he stopped, except for saying "I realized that I don't need any of it."

So he felt tremendous pressure while playing in Texas, but apparently not while playing for the Yankees. He felt like he needed help after a near-MVP season in Seattle in 2000, but realized after another near-MVP season that he didn't need it.


Is it the truth? I barely care anymore.

There are those who will celebrate Rodriguez for admitting to something. They'll point to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, the twin pillars of denial. They'll remind us that Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte were helped by their admissions.

OK, fine, so A-Rod is ahead of Bonds and Clemens.

That's hardly the point. What matters is that as long as Alex Rodriguez plays, he'll be linked to steroids. What matters is that whatever records A-Rod goes on to set, steroids will have played a part in them.

Saturday, when the A-Rod steroid report first appeared on the Sports Illustrated website, I wrote that A-Rod will never get away from this, and that not even an admission would help.

It's two days later, the admission has come, and I don't feel a bit different.

So you're sorry, Alex? Good, because I'm sorry, too.

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'That's pretty accurate'

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'That's pretty accurate'

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'That's pretty accurate'

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'That's pretty accurate'

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'That's pretty accurate'

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'That's pretty accurate'

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'That's pretty accurate'

listen i am sick of thgis shit by baseball writers  first of lets get facts right guys who took steriods are not cheaterts because you self righteous jerks say so. steriods was not banned by baseball  at the time  just like in football guys used until they banned it  but guys still cheat today in the nfl where is the outrage there.  we have no idea what guys in the 40, 50 ,60, used but i will bet you dollars to donuts guys were doing them in the 70 just wasnot reported  like it is now CVome on even mantle and company all admit to use of barbituates, ampethamines and stuff to keep them going. That cheating those our upper s to help you get going and be thee pain . So come with all this bullshit peop,le nio matter what job in life are always going to look for an edge.

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Posted on: February 12, 2009 10:45 am

Give money back...

I believe that if A-Roid was truly remorseful and loved baseball as much as he says he does, he would donate all his salary from 01-03 to MLB for stricter testing policies or steriod awareness programs for the youth.  If that doesn't float his boat, I suggest he give that money to the building of the Yankee's new stadium.  Maybe then our federal tax dollars won't have to go to the building of a stadium that a vast majority of America's will never see or care to see.  A-Roid made over $27 million a year from 04-08 so I don't believe giving that money back will put him on the streets.  Saying your sorry is the easiest thing to do...SHOWING your sorry take a real man with integrity.  Giving that money for good causes would show his integrity and love for the game.  Anything other then that is proof that he enjoys getting paid tons of cash in spite of the tough time for our country.

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Posted on: February 11, 2009 10:57 pm

'That's pretty accurate'

Yeah kudos to Bonds over Arod....please..... Arod donates millions to Miami hospital along with the Boys club donations. Only donations that Bonds has made is to his dealer. Give me a break, if you don't like Arod say it but please do not put Arod and Bonds in the same boat. At least he half admitted to taking roids, Bonds denies it and is going down for it. Track pictures threw his career, I have been lifting since I was 15 and have definitely put on size by damn Joe Weider powders don't do it as fast as Bonds did. Can't wait until the remainder of those that failed the test are released so we can pick on more people.

On the other thoughts on the whole thing is........they still have to hit the ball. Roids does nothing to give you better eyes or reaction time. It may give you a little bat speed, but you still must make contact. Take it for what it is but I everyone is guilty except for Ripken and Jeter.


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