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Mistakes, mistakes

Posted on: August 20, 2008 3:51 pm

We rip others for their mistakes, so we'd better be willing to take the blame for ours. And as two readers noticed, I had at least a couple in the last couple of weeks.

Here goes:

From Steve, who noticed that I typed "no-nothings" when I meant to type "know-nothings": "It really bothers me as a former journalist and a current teacher that they're seems two be know copy editing being done anymore. Unless of course you're no-nothing comment was tongue-in-cheek, as was this e-mail?"

You know, I'd love to blame the copy editors. And I'd love to say that I was being clever. On this one, I have to admit I was just being careless. We'll try to do better next time.

From Dave: "You said that (Orioles 2007 first-round pick) Matt Wieters is at Double-A Erie. The Orioles' Double-A affiliate is in Bowie, not Erie. Same last two letters, same league, but not the same team."

And no chance this was tongue-in-cheek, either. Just another careless mistake. Can't blame the copy desk here, either, but I will blame my fingers. I covered the Tigers so long that when I type "Double-A," my fingers then type "Erie" without even asking me. You laugh, but it took me years before I stopped typing "Sparky Anderson" after "manager."

From Jay: "You leave the D and get a national blog and all you have been doing is ripping the Tigers apart. Coward!"

How did this one get in here? Not my mistake at all. Not only that, but if you ask the Tigers, I ripped them pretty good in 2002. And in 2003. And in 2004. And in a whole bunch of other years. Not that they didn't deserve it.

From Amy: "Why was Gary Sheffield not allowed to say in spring training that his shoulder was still weak and he needed more rehab time?"

Not my mistake, either. I'll blame this one on Sheffield, because he's allowed to say anything he wants. And what he said in spring training was that his shoulder felt fine, which may or may not have been true. But anyway, this wasn't a mistake. At least not by me.

From Mark: "Any scout who says the following is either plain ignorant or fooling himself, given the quality of the Cubs: 'This league is awful. Toronto would win the National League. The Yankees would win the National League.' "

Not a mistake at all. The Cubs have a fine team, but the National League is awful. Besides, the Cubs were 6-9 in their 15 interleague games. Six and nine! That's a .400 winning percentage. That's worse than any AL team besides Kansas City. So it was a mistake. What the scout should have said was that the Royals would win the National League.



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Mistakes, mistakes

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Mistakes, mistakes

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Mistakes, mistakes

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Mistakes, mistakes

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Mistakes, mistakes

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Mistakes, mistakes

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