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Instant Replay has no place in America's Pastime

Posted on: May 23, 2008 12:52 pm

     There has been a lot of talk about bringing instant replay to Major League Baseball.  Are the games too fast?  How often does an issue like the apparent HR this week come up?  How often does one call determine a games outcome?  Would it just be used to determine fair/foul calls or base running/double plays or all the way down to balls and strikes?

     I was taught in Little League that  Umpires are human and they make mistakes.  Sometimes they are mistakes that hurt you and sometimes they help you and when the Big Statistician in the Sky tallies his hash marks I would say the level of oficiating in MLB is extremely accurate.  Do we really need to remove the human element? 

     Following the NFL's lead is not in the best interest of baseball.  Pretty soon we would have no HR celebrations and Umpires would get fines for "ringing up" batters with too much enthusiasm.  Sure they make mistakes and that is what we all talk about the next day.   It's just not necessary to bring this to baseball.   Play Ball!!!

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