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College Basketball Rankings Week 5

Posted on: December 12, 2010 10:41 pm
Rankings for Week 5
 1. Duke                  (10-0)   - Duke doesn't make mistakes - and use every mistake the opponent makes.
 2. Kansas                (9-0)    +1 - Impressive win against Memphis, but 22 turnovers?  When they learn to take care of the ball, they will be unstoppable.
 3. Syracuse              (10-0)   +9 - Syracuse plays the tightest zone in the nation and are very strong getting to the basket.  Michigan State had no answer to them.
 4. Tennessee             (7-0)    +9 - Flat outplayed, outhustled, outdefended Pitt at their almost home.  They are probably the hardest playing team in the nation at the moment, add an impressive firepower from three and aggressiveness getting to the basket, and
 5. Ohio St.              (8-0)    -1 - The good news this week: Ohio State gets 40 from Sullinger against IUPUI - best for a freshman for OSU, ever.  Bad news this week: Ohio State needs 40 from Sullinger to put away IUPUI.  They will be sinking in my rankings as long as the soft schedule continues.
 6. Kentucky              (7-2)    +1 - Ran circles around the big, more experienced Notre Dame guys.  Indiana gave them a run but they couldn't win against this talented squad. 
 7. Kansas St.            (9-1)    -2 - Have not seen them yet - soft schedule drops them.
 8. Pittsburgh            (10-1)   -6 - Tennessee left them standing, literally.
 9. Illinois              (10-1)   - A team stacked with long, skilled scorers that are dangerous from anywhere on the floor, one of the longest, most talented benches in the nation.  They just need to learn how to defend the paint because right now grandfather snails can find big, gaping holes... and get rebounds, too.
10. Brigham Young         (10-0)   +4 - Nice win this week against Arizona. 
11. Connecticut           (8-0)    - - Sitting on their early-November laurels.
12. San Diego St.         (10-0)   +4 - Slowly compiling an impressive set of wins over good teams.
13. Louisville            (8-0)   New - The test against UNLV came out positive.  A bit sloppy and chaotic, but Pitino will clean them up before the season ends.
14. Nevada Las Vegas      (9-1)    -6 - Loses the battle of mirroring styles at Louisville in a close game, but this seems to be a road game hickup only. After all, UNLV returns ALL FIVE STARTERS!!!!
15. Georgetown            (9-1)    -5 - Lackluster performance at Temple.
16. Villanova             (8-1)    -1 - La Salle win is too close for comfort, no signature win yet.
17. Purdue                (9-1)    +1 - Just kinda hanging out at this spot.
18. Michigan St.          (7-3)   -12 - Looking like timid bunnies at Syracuse (one 'Cuse foul in first half? Really?) - then barely eek out a win against Oakland at home.  Izzo will get this team tournament ready by March - but as of right now, the Spartans need to work on aggressiveness - and turnovers.
19. Wisconsin             (8-2)   New - Quietly putting together a nice resume, dispatching Marguette this week.  Pomeroy rates them at 8... Leuer is coming through.
20. Missouri              (8-1)   New - They take a close one against Vandy at home in a very good game.
21. Texas A&M             (8-1)   New - Deafeats Washington - and all of a sudden that early win over surging Temple looks very good, and the loss to Boston College a lot less bad.
22. Temple                (7-2)   New - Flat outplay Georgetown at home, add another impressive win to the win over Maryland. Loss to Texas A&M looks a lot better, too.
23. Baylor                (6-0)    - When are they going to play SOMEONE?
24. Boston College        (8-2)   New - If I rank Texas A&M, I must rank Boston College, too.  They quietly are amassing a list of wins over good teams, last over Maryland in a squeaker.  I am willing to write off the early Yale loss to not being quite ready to play yet.
25. Notre Dame            (9-1)    - Stumbles against a talented Kentucky but rebounds against Gonzaga.

Next Ten:
26. Vanderbilt            (7-2)    -9 - I am impressed with Vandy but with all the teams wanting into my top 25 this week, I couldn't find a spot for a team that lost this week.
27. North Carolina        (7-3)    -3 - UNC is borderline and will probably fall in and out of my rankings, depending on what other teams do.
28. Minnesota             (9-1)    -7 - Same as above.
29. Memphis               (7-1)   -10 - Losing to Kansas is not a reason to fall out of the rankings, but they don't have a good win on the resume and too many other teams are wanting in.
30. Washington St.        (6-1)   New - Beats Gonzaga this week.  Only loss to Kansas State.
31. Texas                 (7-2)    -5 - Slow week drops them
32. Central Florida       (8-0)    -2 - For the first time in a long time, Memphis will have to fight for the C-USA championship.
33. Washington            (6-3)   -13 - Three losses to three good teams... but... I need to see a good win to keep them in the rankings.
34. Florida               (7-2)    -3 No signature win yet.
35. West Virginia         (6-2)    -6 I expect them to perform better during the season.

Others on watch list: Richmond, Arizona, Maryland, Oklahoma St., Cleveland St., Northwestern, Old Dominion, Cincinnati, Florida St., St. Mary's, Marquette, Gonzaga

New this week: Louisville, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas A&M, Temple, Boston College
Dropped out: Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Minnesota, Memphis, Washington, Arizona

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