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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

Posted on: June 18, 2008 2:01 pm
Edited on: June 18, 2008 2:02 pm

Everyone knows how the trade went; Edinson Volquez packed his bags for Cincinnati and is dominating the National League Majors. Josh Hamilton went to Texas, where he currently leads the American League in Homeruns (19), RBI (74), and is 6th in batting average (.315). Both were always highly touted prospects, Hamilton overcoming his own problems and quickly bursting onto the scene in 2008 as a top major league talent with a bat in his hands.

Everyone knows the hitting triple-crown is something we don't see too often. Ted Williams did it twice along with Rogers Hornsby, Ty Cobb did it with 9 homeruns while leading the league in steals too, and other great names like Mantle, Foxx, Yastrzemski, Robinson, Lajoie, Gehrig, Duffy, Klein, and Medwick did it, and of course Tip O'Neill. Is it at all possible that we see Hamilton's name on that list by the end of this season?

I absolutely think it's possible, especially with him hitting in Arlington in half his games. With his talent, his age, and the lineup around him, there is a good possibility that he ends up on top of the league in homers, runs batted in, and batting average. There is, however, one interesting obstacle that he may have to overcome that could make a very interesting case.  

Josh Hamilton watches his AL leading 19th homerun.

  Not many people know the story of the 1910 Chalmers Award (MVP of the time) given to the batting leader in the league, along with a car. The race came down to Ty Cobb and Nap Lajoie. The controversy goes that Cobb had a high enough average to win the award and took the final few games off, where as the St. Louis Browns, who hated Cobb (along with the rest of the league), conspired to get Lajoie the batting title, and allowed him to go 8-for-8 in a season-ending doubleheader, 6 of which were bunt singles not for sacrifices. In the end, to be fair, both players were awarded a car, even though as it later turned out, both batting averages were tainted that year (Cobb had a base hit counted twice).

As I look at the standings, there is an obstacle that Hamilton would have to overcome, and his name is Milton Bradley. Yes, Bradley is leading the AL in batting average at .330, and is having a fantastic season. Let's just get to a hypothetical situation that I can forsee.

Come September 28th, the Rangers are at Angel Stadium in the final game of the season. They are out of playoff contention, no deals have been made to move Bradley, and both are in the lineup, and hypothetically Bradley has an average of .327, Hamilton has an average of .326, and is leading the league in homers and RBI.

Could, or would it be at all possible that to witness history and help a teammate attain an achievement that hasn't been reached since 1967, that Milton Bradley lets himself lose the batting title to Josh Hamilton, and we see a conspiracy on the level of the 1910 Chalmers Award?


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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility


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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

If interested, Dan Patrick (not one of my favorites) had a great interview with Josh Hamilton yesterday on his radio show.  He spoke a lot of working through his demons, the Rangers, and of his 20+ tats.  I imagine the interview is podcast somewhere.

If he drives in 175 runners he'll owe a lot to Ian Kinsler too.

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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

Volquez is a beast.  should win the ROY and CYA, and maybe MVP if his ERA stays ridiculously low.  Hamilton is good, but most of his numbers are from his park and lineup. 

Edinson Volquez is AWESOME. however SO IS Josh Hamilton. I like Both to win their triple crowns, Hamilton the traditional one, and volquez the one mentioned above, ROY, CYA, & MVP. That said, the more and more I read about Hamilton, the more I love him.

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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

I would love to see it! I think Josh is a GREAT story and wish him nothing but good things! That said The Triple Crown is an unbelievable accomplishment in and of itself and when you add in the way the game is played today with sooo many pitchers to face in the course of a season I just can't see it happening. So many stars have to align! Injury as well and a few games lost to heal! Now ask me if I hope he does it!! YOU BET I DO!!!......................Casey..................Nice post BigPappi!!!

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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

Interesting piece of history.  However, I don't think Bradley loses it on purpose.  Milton Bradley does not appear to be a player with whom anything but all out effort is associated.  I don't even think he would sit to allow Josh Hamilton to try and win on his own merits.  I mean, the dude wanted to stay in the game after pulling up lame.  The dude tried to confront a journalist.  Tell me these are the characteristics of a passive player?  I think not.

It would be interesting journalism should that scenario occur.  I could imagine the coverage on FOX Baseball (no wait, please no McCarver).

But what of this hypothetical twist to your hypothetical scenario:  Hamilton is in the starting lineup, Bradley sits.  Hamilton goes 2-3 to up his average to .328, and is pulled to ensure the title.  Bradley sits, holding at .327.  But the game goes extras, and Bradley is needed.  Game winning RBI double from Bradley puts him two ten-thousandths of a point ahead of Hamilton.

Not that it will happen, but it could...

Also, I'd like to know if there are any bonus clauses in Bradley's contract for winning any type of individual award (i.e. batting crown).  If so, there will be no doubt about what he'd do.

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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

In a word.


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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

That Chalmers award is a classic story. Has there ever been a more hated man in sports than Cobb?John Rocker maybe?

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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

Berkman is a good candidate considering he's historically a better hitter after the all-star break. 

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Josh Hamilton and the Triple Crown Possibility

Perhaps even more likely to win the triple crown is Lance Berkman, assuming Chipper Jones isn't going to hit 400 the rest of the season. Berkman is currently 2nd in Avg at .362, 3rd in HR at 20, and 4th in RBI at 58. Lets not forget that Berkman also has a track record to go with those numbers, while Hamilton is still a relatively unknown. If I had to put my money on either one, I'm going with Berkman as it's going to be tough for Hamilton to win that batting title.

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