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What a terrible story!

Posted on: July 31, 2010 12:47 am
First my thoughts and prays goes out to Lorenzen Wright's family and friends. Wow, is this the world we live in now were our sports hero's get murdered, go to jail, and go bankrupt. Please don't misunderstand me, I know Lo Wright was no criminal but a family man who always seemed to be helping out in Memphis. My thing is with athletes now , with all the glitz and glamour they get they now need to be treated like Actors and Actresses'. You don't ever hear about Tom Cruise getting ducked taped in his home and robbed or gettin stabbed or shot while he is home during a break from movies. These guys make so much money now that they need to have security around the clock like any other celebrity. The new world of TMZ that we live in that shows athletes now like movie stars is cool to a point. What their doing though is putting athletes out there now even more than before. Now I understand  there will be people who say "well you hang with dogs you're going to get fleas" but to that idea. You be the guy that has the millions and tries to stay close to you're hometown to help the area that you grew up in and try to be a role model. Well as you're trying to help you're city and you're going to go back into the tough areas that you grew up in you're going to come across these young wanna be gangsters who are prowling the street's for their next hustle. These sick individuels are just con men who prey on the weak and the good hearted. Lo Wright put himself out there in his city and got caught up with these criminals and he lost his life. These punks would never handle an issue with their fists their always packing guns because they're deep down cowards and know that any athlete would toss them around like a rag doll.

So now with all the tragedies of the recent years..Sean Taylor...Eddie Curry and Antwan Walker home invasion...and now Lorenzen Wright makes me think athletes need to maybe keep their hearts at home protected away from the streets. Like I said with proper security and if you want to help you're city send a check. Stay away guys because you're lives seem to on the line and with the way this economy is people are starving out there and are willing to do anything for cash.

R.I.P Lorenzen Wright and may God come down hard on you thugs that took away! The city of Memphis just lost one of it's biggest Hearts.
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