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Giants win, despite the referees

Posted on: January 15, 2012 11:33 pm
The New York Football Giants are being forced to win games the hard way. Want a baseball analogy: its like when an umpire completely misses a call, and your team has to get 4 outs instead of three. It almost felt as if the NFL was telling the officials to miss a call here and there to get Green Bay back to the Super Bowl. Examples: 1. The Giants clearly stripped away a fumble in the first quarter. That ball was out before the player was down, but the call got overturned. The Packers kept the ball and eventually scored a touchdown. 2. On third down, DJ Ware ran just enough to get the first down. The spot was horrific and the Giants had to punt. 3. Late in the game, Osi Umenyiora is flagged for a late hit (? To the head) which makes it 1st and 10 instead of 4th and 10. Even in slow-motion it was a bang-bang play. Neither Umenyiora nor Tuck came close to Rodger's head. A brutal call. The Giants win ugly. It's what they've always done. Just like 4 years ago, it's starting to feel magical.
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