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THAT'S why you don't have the pre-game handshake.

Posted on: September 4, 2009 12:12 pm
Imagine walking up to your opponent pre-game and thinking in your head, "Boy, I am gonna slobberknock the crap out of this fool." Meeting him face to face and sharing a handshake makes the thought of taking him down that much more pleasurable.

September 3, 2009s pathetic display of sportsmanship on both players involved in the "Blount's Bronco Beat-down" is exactly what Mike Gundy was afraid of. How dare we (the fans), TV analysts, and sports casters dare to even begin to insult Coach Gundy for an honest opinion, which turned out to be true for two teams on the first day of the season.

18-22 years old, for the most part, are not going to be able to control their anger and emotions being told to wash the dishes. take out the trash, deal with a girl/boyfriend, etc. very well, much less after a big let down in a big you should've won. The days of "class" are behind us. Teams want to win and win bad. With the installment of the BCS system, players and coaches know how important every game, every interview, ever photo op, every quote will effect them and their school on many levels. Not only was Oregon's and Boise's public imaged scarred, but now recruiting will be effected.

There's in a new rivalry in college football, a new hatred between two schools. Oregon's and Boise's pathetic display of player control/ management, will severely effect both both programs.

I regret witnessing the meltdown of two players which will now effect two universities for a long time to come. That's why the pre-game handshake is a bad idea. With national title hopes so fragile these days, any added tension, and stress on players is a moronic.

Shame on the two players involved, the fans of Boise St. and the NCAA. Classless football is here to stay.

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 4:13 pm

THAT'S why you don't have the pre-game handshake.

I don't know who want to change the tradition of the captains meeting in the center of the field representing both teams and on behalf of their team. This has been the tradition since this sport has been played.

Boxing has a hand shake prior to the combatants going at each other.

Football and basketball and baseball do not have this tradition. Once the game is over, unless you know someone on the other team you simply walk off.

Most professional and amateur championship games when completed the losing team congratulate the winning team and shake their hand.

Being political correct is becoming a joke, some things should be left as they are. I suppose that if a player objected to shaking another players hand he would be branded a poor sport or a raciest at the worst.

If you don’t have any thing to do go make all the students in your college shake hands upon entering the college each morning. You can’t do that can you because someone would sue for infringing on their rights.

This is a sport, you don’t have to get along with the players you are playing against nor should you be required to shake their hands prior to a football game.

Those that are friends and have known each other from high school, camps or visitations to other schools will seek each other out and shake their hands after the game. They might even go to lunch, dinner or to each other’s home for bonding or just to hang out.

You have made a bad rule that you will continue to make athletes do, just because you think it is a good idea.

I hope you come to your senses and disband this stupid rule and allow the game to remain as it has over the years.

This change has nothing to do with the outcome of the game or  will it improve the game.

If Boise is not gonna punish their player for his involvement in the ruckus then I think Oregon should rescind the punishment of their player. I personally think an entire season is far to severe for a mistake that was in the heat of the battle. We all make mistakes when in certain situations and this situation was a volatile one that was caused by someone touching this player and then saying only the two of the know what.

This does not in any way excuse the player for sucker punching the other player, he was definitely in the wrong for hitting this other fellow. No matter the situation you should never hit another. 


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