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BB's, K's and a W

Posted on: May 1, 2009 12:41 pm
Before i get on my rant i have a few disclaimers:
i dont like to use capital letters
my spelling isnt too bad, so dont judge me for my spelling mistakes. chances are you will get the point. anyway, people who comment on grammer and spelling in reply to blogs and posts are the people who dont have anything intelligent to say.
finally, i LISTEN to most cardinal games.  i prefer the radio play-by-play guys and the follow up show much more than the TV broadcast so my blog may be a little skewed that way and will probably include many "shannonisms"

Yesterday afternoon i wrote a post about how i couldnt be anything but happy about the Cardinals month of April.  for the most part this still holds true.  but last night scared me.  certain things started to creap up and i am praying that it was not foreshadowing.  first things first: injuries.  we are getting hit in some tough spots.  first glaus and now greene and ryan.  not that the guys at third base have been doing a bad job, but they are no Troy Glaus. it is always good to see a young guy come up and make his mlb debut, but not at the cost of loosing two ss's.  kudos to tyler green for getting your first hit, but i want my starting ss back.  its amazing that we have 6+ OF's and none of them get hurt, but we loose 2 ss's and a 3b.

Secondly, i dont want to hear anyone else bitch about Khalil Greene, or Spicoli as i like to call him.  lots of people are disapointed that he isnt hitting at well as he did in spring training(because OBVIOUSLY everyone else does) and i have even heard people question his glove. hold the phone.  in my opinion it is classic STL treatment.  We get a solid, not superstar, player that doesnt hit a ton of home runs, hits a high 200 BA, but not 300, and is a good defensive player and we expect him to be the second comming of Albert Pujols. Next thing you know the fans are calling for his head on a platter. i have seen it a dozen times. dont get me wrong, i blame the cardinals owners partially for always getting these types of players and never getting us a real superstar in the offseason.  but for pete's sake, cut the kid some slack.

Finally, about last nights game. It was fun to see a suspensful game that kept me watching, though it was hard to watch.  if it wasnt the fact tha the Nationals embarrass them it was the fact that we werent kicking this team all over the field. in the end we found a way to win, which is always the main goal because they all look the same in the book.  i just that it shouldnt have taken a 4 run late inning and 11 free passes handed out. 

Outside of that i am still happy with the redbirds, hell they have one of the best records in baseball, they are fairly under the radar, and they have a lot of talent.  our starting pitching has been amazing, lets just see if that lasts. 
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