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NCAAF Bowl System

Posted on: November 21, 2008 4:58 pm

Depending your team's placement in the polls this time of year, you might be in favor of the BCS system or you prefer a playoff-type system. While many of us seem to post that we would like to rid ourselves of the BCS mess (unless you were USC and tOSU the past few years), we all know its not a likely scenario due to the money involved, and the claims that football season can not be extended any longer than it already is. But is there another solution?

Most teams in the Bowl Subdivision play 3-4 non-conference games per year, and many of these games are against cupcake teams to get their record up. Add in the fact that most conferences have 2-3 teams at the "rebuilding" stage, and a college team is likely to play about half of their season against easy opponents. What if, however, you removed the non-conference from the schedule, or at least limited it. If all teams began the season with one non-conference team, then proceeded to play their conference schedules, they would be at 8-9 games when the conference season was complete and they had competed in their conference championship game. Would that not leave a full month and 4 games on the schedule to be used in any manner possible?

If a 4-week playoff system was devised, it could accomodate 16 teams in each bracket. Therefore, you could take the 11 conference winners, and select 5 at-large teams (selected from the non-conference champions) to compete in a seeded double-elimination playoff system, starting in early December. When the final 2 teams were set through the bracket, they would become the championship game teams. For those knocked out in week 2 or 3 through double elimination, those teams could play bowl games at the lesser bowls. This could also work through all 6-win teams in D1, by having multiple brackets consisting of 16-teams. This would then create a "tournament" feel, while also allowing for competition amongst same-level teams in all 4 brackets.

This would also prevent the current bowl duds that result below the top 5 bowls. Due to numerous conference arrangements, and changes in conference dominance from year-to-year, projections for bowls this year consist of Top 30 teams competing against teams ranked 50-60 because of their conference guarantees (Air Force v. Rice, Ball St. v. Illinois, and Boise State v. BC - are you serious?). Leveling the playing field would provide more competitive bowls and rewarding those teams who performed during the year. Ultimately you would have 4 16-team playoffs ending on New Years, and the rest of the bowls could select from teams who have proven themselves through these tournaments. The bowls would have arrangements to these mini-tournaments (the Top 5 bowls would play the top 10 teams from the upper division tourney during the final week).


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Posted on: December 2, 2008 5:55 pm

NCAAF Bowl System

Doesn't matter cause it won't happen. Argue all you want, tell   all you have clout, just run your damn mouth and it won't change in Div 1. Huge waste of time and oxygen folks Haven't you learned yet?

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Posted on: December 1, 2008 3:04 pm

NCAAF Bowl System

I think a reasonable solution to the bowl problem is as follows. Have a 64 team playoff where the conference champs are included. Cut the regular season to 9 Games  for every team. Then seed them according to their record. Have the four regional winners play in the each other in the BCS Bowls and the two winners play in the National Championship Game. That would remove all the doubt as to who the champ would be. The other divisions of college football and College Basketball crown a champion this way and the FBS schools should to.

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Posted on: November 29, 2008 8:36 pm

NCAAF Bowl System

Where I agree with you about the amount of effort it takes to be a student athlete.  I couldn't disagree with your argument more. 

These are very talented individauls that receive the following:

paid tuition, housing, books, food etc.  Worth about $60,000+

tutors, trainers, and lets not forget the amazing experience of being on a team that travels around the nation and gets to play football.

I am not going to argue that they don't work hard and spend a lot of their collegiate careers busy with football.

However am I supposed to feel sorry for them because they spend time training, and playing games?  It is their choice to play football, no one is forcing them to receive a free education at a quality university that some of them couldn't even enroll in due to their academic abilities.  I look at all the students in school.  Don't they have the same studies(a lot of them take more hours based on tougher degrees), most of them get the luxury of paying for school.  A lot of them work 20-40hrs per week to pay for part of their expenses, knowing full well that they will be paying back student loans for a decade after.

Don't whine to me that they are students and that they have so much to do.  It is not a good excuse for not changing the system.  It is a copout.  It is the reason the presidents give so they can keep the money rolling into their university/conference rather than others/smaller ones. 

Lets also compare other sports.  Basketball, they play games on many different days of the week, often on tuesday and saturday.  These guys travel on monday and return to class wednesday morning, they play tournaments during finals and Christmas break.  Their spring break is consumed by conference championships and preparing for the NCAA tourney.  Are they not students?  Do these student athletes not have class?  Football players miss less class due to their sport than any other sport. 

Hands down it is not academics, or stress, or anything else.

I could support two reasons for them not to change. 

1. Money

2. Physical wear and tear on the athletes bodies.  This however could be changed by removing 1-2 of the cupcake games from the schedule and simply limiting the playoff to 6 or 8 teams.  That means 3 games for a true champion.  If we take out 2 games of the season(example for Texas would be Rice and Florida Atlantic) and add the bowl they go to anyway there is no change in the amount of games played.

Stop the excuses, either admit it is 100% about the money or change it.

Go Ball State

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Posted on: November 29, 2008 7:57 pm

NCAAF Bowl System


I agree with you, and well said!

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Posted on: November 28, 2008 9:31 pm

NCAAF Bowl System

Before everyone continues to complain about the need for a playoff, lets weigh the pros and cons. But not for you the fans, but for the players that would be forced to participate. You’re a fan; you get to watch their games on Saturday and then go back to your daily lives. These are students and then athletes, and most importantly young kids!<o:p></o:p>

Has anyone even considered the thoughts of the players? Let’s see first off, these are teenagers and 20 year olds. They are above all students first, brothers, sons, and some cases fathers second, then athletes. Student-athletes. <o:p></o:p>

To implement a playoff system, first students would need at least a week off for finals being that finals and school by itself is a heavy load, they are students first. Second, has anyone considered that Players already sacrifice all but about 5 weeks of their lives to football? From August- December and for the late bowl games January, these student athletes never get time off from football to be with their families. Even during bye weeks they are on campus going to class and practicing the same as if they had a game on Saturday with the only difference being they get to watch a few games on Saturday instead of play.<o:p></o:p>

Let’s think about what a typical D1 football player’s life is like. <o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

January - April--off season training, lifting, and dedication to not only their bodies but the books as well as spring practices and a spring game for the fans<o:p></o:p>

May-July--continual training and lifting as well as more time spent on campus due to mandatory summer school. (a week  or two off that they must pay out of pocket to travel during because they can’t work)<o:p></o:p>

August-September-- training camp and school<o:p></o:p>

September-January--games, practices, travel, and school<o:p></o:p>

So how does the playoff picture sound? It’s great for everyone but the players in my opinion. Talk to D1 football players, other than the select few, when December comes they are ready for it to be over, because the majority are just as they are called, student athletes. Students that participate in a extracurricular activity while receiving an education.<o:p></o:p>


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Posted on: November 27, 2008 1:40 pm

NCAAF Bowl System

The only ones that care about the financial gain are the schools and investors the guys on the field are there because they love the game and want to win the national championship and it does not matter what school your talking about if it's Penn State, Oklahoma, Ball State, or Navy they all want the same thing a winning season with a shot  at the championship.
I personally like the idea of some type of play off structure and can not stand all these polls especially any one of the ones  determined  by a computer. Computer polls are faulty unreliable options because any type of data can be fed into a computer at human discretion and are also vulnerable to hacking, meaning the right person with the wrong motives could put Oxford University of the United Kingdom as the number in the rankings. My other problem with computers deciding who gets what rankings is I've never seen a computer take a sack, run a kick back, kick a field goal or make any type of play for that matter, and you know why I've never seen this? Because, computers sit on a desk and receive input from humans they do not play football.
Coaches polls throw them out the window too. Why? Because there could be bias we are all human even coaches even if a coach isn't inclined to vote for his own team it would most likely be the team leading his conference. Want Proof? The beginning of this season all polls including the coaches, indicated that the wanted a big twelve vs. sec title game and baring miracle upsets this coming week end that's whats going to happen because a big ten team lost one conference game. Even though the majority of the top ten teams have one loss Penn State has been virtually eliminated from title contention due to polls that have nothing to do with ON FIELD FOOTBALL ABILITIES NOR RECORDS.

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 10:01 pm

NCAAF Bowl System

That would be awesome...

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 9:54 am

NCAAF Bowl System

I fully favor a playoff system.  For full disclosure purposes, I'm a PSU grad.  I think your analysis would run into too much friction, primarily from those with a financial incentive to keep the current system including every university with a football program.  Every school gets money for each game the football team plays.  As it stands, there are 11-12 games played by each team, each year, typically 6 home and 6 away.  Under your playoff system, each school would only play 8-9 games.  This would take money out of the schools (especially for the home games).  While these schools will have the opportunity to make the playoffs, those that do not make the playoffs would lose all of the revenue from the additional games (even the 64 team playoff scenario that you suggested would leave 55 teams that do not make the playoffs).  And even the teams that do make the playoffs, most would only play one and they're out.  Moreover, that playoff system would completely alter all the bowl games (remember, most bowl invitations are based on where you finish in your conference).  I do not like the current system and fully support changing it but you will have to convince a lot of individuals, corporations and universities that giving up their current financial windfall is for the good of all. 

College football, however, does need a playoff system and something could be created that didn't take money away from the schools but was still fair.  Perhaps, the schools could even adopt a small playoff system (at least to start).  So the winner of the Rose Bowl would play the winner of the Fiesta Bowl.  The winner of the Sugar Bowl could play the winner of the Orange Bowl.  Then the winner of those two contests could play for the national championship game.  This would only add two additional games so it would not extend the season by much.  There would be more money to go around because there would be two more games and we would have a legit playoff system and an undisputed national champion.

What do you think?

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 9:20 am

NCAAF Bowl System

I agree with you, but I think this season definitely proves it is more about the haves getting the money than about a true national champion. I am not crazy enough to guarantee that Utah or Boise State would walk away with the championship, but the problem is we will never know whether they deserve to or not. Add in the fact that Alabama could possible lose to Florida this coming weekend, and you would have a gaggle of 1-loss teams with polls determining who should play for the national championship while Utah and Boise State play in a lesser bowl with no potential to break in. The bigger issue is, who would be better out of Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Alabama, Florida, USC? Im an Air Force (and MWC fan), but I would love to see who really is the best out of all the aforementioned teams. Unfortunately, the experts will give us two choices, and that is unfortunate.

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Posted on: November 22, 2008 11:28 pm
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