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My ballot for the people's poll (1/16)

Posted on: January 16, 2011 11:11 pm

This week ballot is really hard to vote this week so here it is

1. Kansas (LW 3) - Kansas has more top 100 wins than Ohio State and Syracuse.

2. Ohio State (LW 2) - Didn't look good vs Michigan and Penn State.

3. Syracuse (LW 4) - Good win over Cincinnati now heads on the road vs Pittsburgh.

4. San Diego State (LW 5) - Went to the pit and won this team is very hot right now.

5. Duke (LW 1) - Took their 1st loss to Florida State and didn't look all that good vs Virginia.

6. Pittsburgh (LW 6) - Showdown at home vs Syracuse.

7. Villanova (LW 7) - Came back and beat Maryland now comes Connecticut.

8. Connecticut (LW 9) - Connecticut and Villanova a top 10 battle.

9. Kentucky (LW 11) - Blew out Auburn and LSU now heads on the road vs Alabama and South Carolina.

10. Texas A&M (LW 12) - Beat Missouri Texas A&M is playing very good basketball.

11. Texas (LW 11) - Took care of Oklahoma.

12. BYU (LW 15)

13. Missouri (LW 14) - I Know they loss to Texas A&M but they was no team should jump Missouri they are lucky I move them I should drop them.

14. Purdue (LW 8) - Not a good week for Purdue.

15. Wisconsin (LW 16) - same reason like Missouri.

16. Saint Mary's (LW 23) - The best team out of the west coast conference.

17. Notre Dame (LW 10) - Got handed by St. John's.

18. Minnesota (LW NR) - Upset Purdue and took care of Iowa.

19. Washington (LW 17) - Loss on the road vs Stanford.

20. Michigan State (LW NR) - Nice win over Wisconsin but went to overtime vs Northwestern.

21. Cincinnati (LW 20) - Loss to Syracuse ain't a bad loss.

22. Colorado (LW NR) - Beat Missouri, Kansas State and Oklahoma State.

23. West Virginia (LW NR) - Upset Purdue looking like a NCAA tournament team.

24. Louisville (LW 25) - Loss early this week to Villanova but came back down 18 with 5 mins in the 2nd half vs Marquete.

25. Georgia (LW 24) - Lost to Vanderbilt on wed and manhandle Ole Miss.

Drop Out: #18 Illinois, #19 Central Florida, #21 Temple, #22 Oklahoma State.

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